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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Video: Former Westfield Resident Alleges Police Misconduct

     The following video is of Westfield TV36 footage aired publicly.  At the March 19, 2013 Westfield Town Council meeting, former resident Erin Kelly approached the microphone to address the Town Council on the issue of police misconduct.  After explaining to Mayor Skibitsky that the Westfield Police Department would not entertain her complaint, Skibitsky and Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea facilitate a meeting on the spot with Police Chief David Wayman.  Why would town officials direct her to speak with the police chief when her initial complaint was rebuffed by the police department?  More questions will be posed by TFoTM as this story unfolds and more information becomes available.


  1. The police department is supposed to field complaints from citizens against their own officers. The department's internal affairs unit has lost all credibility. The mayor and town administrator recommended that she go to the prosecutor or attorney general. She shouldn't have to, the Westfield police should be fielding the complaint. Way to go Skibitsky, push the blame on someone else. Your department failed this poor woman.

  2. She stopped identifying he relationship to WPD cops after mentioning a schoolmate and cousin. Wonde who the other three out of the five are and what the extent of her relationship with them is.

  3. Is this the same Erin Kelly?

    Erin Kelly, 44, of Westfield, was arrested during an investigation of a disorderly individual on the 200 Block of Prospect Street. During the investigation, Kelly was uncooperative, yelled and was not responsive to officer commands. Kelly resisted arrest for being a disorderly person and then bit an officer. Kelly was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and aggravated assault on a police officer. Kelly was issued summonses for the first two offenses and a warrant was issued for the aggravated assault charge. Kelly was processed at headquarters and released after posting $4,000 bail with a 10 percent alternative.

    1. This is the same Erin Kelly who was assaulted at home 10 minutes after she entered the WPD at 7 o'clock on March 13th to file a dv and harassment complaint, in person, due to her now ex-husband (who had a different address at the time) and now ex building superintendent entering her home at odd times making entry into her bedroom with demands for information and towering four times in size: but then the WPD said that she had "no other options" to allow them into her home, etc. Subsequently, the brother of the cousin who had recently harassed Ms. Kelly's sister, Jason Carter of the WPD had an underling assault Erin Kelly from behind [look in the report the officer claimed "no" that she was not there for an arrest] at her home: the next morning, Officer Caulfield failed to file charges against Tom Bolan after he admitted to lying to the police, while the police used the ex-husband's key to enter the apartment with the now ex-husband who has since moved back in: the insurance broker that writes the policy for the WPD, including their attorney, used intimidation by failing to disclose that they wrote the municipal policy and putting Erin Kelly into a position directly under their attorney during the case, which finally ended last week. The state of NJ's AG's office approves of this behavior and has failed to take any action or to rectify this situation, in addition to the USDOJ, which is why the WPD had another headline of another woman supposedly "biting" but without an answer of why they hit her too....Note that Sgt. Jason Carter laughed, while his cousin the widow was called to pick up her assaulted sister, and "Hon." judge was "pleased" that Erin's divorce would be the next day. Apparently, hitting a woman, who just told them that she had recent surgery and was going through a divorce is okay in Westfield (according to Scott Roger the video of Ms. Kelly's visit did not exist)! Note also that the WPD continues to help Tom Bolan because shortly after he successfully used the WPD in his harassment with the same, he had them interrogate another resident of tbe building, Vera, who was also going through a divorce: he lied to the WPD and they willingly participated at other times: including lying about former resident, Rachel Edelson, who had to appear in municipal court to correct a false complaint lodged with the WPD in an effort to harass Rachel during the blizzard (she moved to the south out fear because of his harassment). Yes this is the same Erin Kelly who has a genetic bleeding disorder that has yet to be taken care of because decent benefits are difficult to come by when an entire town is entitled to beat women! So if she is dead by the time you might decide to clear your conscience at least you'll know why!