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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Westfield Police Chief John M. Parizeau Issues Memo: Has Evidence of Theft by Police Officer

The following are contents of a Westfield Police Memo from Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau and obtained by The Fact of The Matter.

                                                                                                   Westfield Police


To:       All Supervisors
From:   Chief John M. Parizeau
Date:    October 25, 2007
Re:       Non-acceptable conduct of Superior Officers

It is unfortunate that I have to address the following, but due to the serious nature of
the complaints that I am receiving, I would be remiss in not doing so.  More than a
few personnel have contacted me with serious concerns about what they are hearing
from Superior Officers.  Quite frankly, if what is being told to me is true and factual,
then I believe I'd have more than sufficient cause to terminate, or at least demote,
those in question.

To start with, lets remember that a Police Department is a quasi-military
organization.  It is not a democracy.  We have policies and rules we follow.  You don't
have to agree with them, but you will enforce them.  Under no situation will a
Superior Officer make any comment or communication to a subordinate Officer
indicating his displeasure with any order, policy, rule, or regulation.  Also, let me be
absolutely clear on this; if a Superior Officer does not like his supervisor, he had
better learn to keep it to himself.  We all have our personal views of our co-workers,
and that's fine, but if I find out that a Supervisor is disparaging their Supervisor, or
another Supervisor to a patrol officer or a detective, expect to be charged.  And this
includes comments made while off-duty

For those that may not know, one of the reasons that the hand scanner put in place
was because a small number of personnel were stealing time.   They were entering full
shifts in the sign-in book but not working those hours.  And not one of those Officers
was a Patrolman.  Since I had just started as Chief, I opted not to charge those
personnel even though I had been provided with more than sufficient evidence to do
so.  I wanted to start with a "clean slate" and move on.  With that said, it becomes
apparent that I make clear what is expected of Lieutenants and Sergeants.  From what
I have been told and see, some of our Patrol Officers act more professionally than
some of our Superior Officers do.  Consider this the last warning on this behavior. 

Our Rules and Regulations spell out our responsibilities, and I recommend that you
review them on a regular basis.  But way too often forget we were all hired to work
for the people of Westfield; whether they are residents, business owners, or visitors. 
Some of us are too worried what other personnel are doing that we fail at provide an
acceptable level of service to the community and our department,  When we become
Supervisors, it shouldn't mean our work load decreases and that all we are
responsible for is to see that our subordinates are working.  You are there to lead,
 train, assist, and to maintain discipline and morale of your Officers.  You are there to 
enforce the laws of this state and town, and the policies of this department.  If you
have to cover a school post because no one is available but you, I hope you see that
the safety of a child is more important than the "I'm a supervisor and I don't do that"
attitude.  If you have to follow up on an incident or assist in your subordinate's work
because there's a shortage of manpower, do it because it is what is expected of you
and it's the right example to provide to your subordinates.  If you're disparaging this
department, other personnel, policies, etc. to your subordinates or other personnel,
you need and will be removed from your position.

To some of you I apologize in that these issues do not reflect your conduct.  But to
those that may have acted with such unprofessional behavior, consider this fair
warning.  It will not be tolerated and I will do everything necessary to put a stop to it. 
I consider it an extreme honor to be working as Chief of this department with so
many fine Officers and Supervisors.  It is because of those Officers that this type of
behavior be addressed and terminated.

I don't expect any of us to be perfect but I do expect you to perform to the best of
your abilities.  I expect you to act with professionalism.  I expect you to work towards
the goals of this department and to the needs of citizens of Westfield.  I am always
open to constructive criticism and welcome any ideas that you may have to insure
that this department carries out its responsibilities to the Town of Westfield and its

After reading this memo, one would have to ask several questions.
1.  If there are "policies and rules we follow", is there not a policy that directs the Westfield Police Chief on what rules should be followed when he has "more than sufficient evidence" to charge the thief/thieves that were "stealing time"?

2.  If a supervisor can "expect to be charged" for "disparaging their Supervisor to another Supervisor.....", why was the Supervisor/Supervisors, who the Westfield Police Chief had "been provided with more than sufficient evidence to do so" not charged for "stealing" time?

3.  If one of the reasons the "Hand Scanner" was put in place was because a small number of personnel were "stealing " time, why has it been disconnected and placed in storage? 

4.  Is the Westfield Police Chief  "open to constructive criticism" and does he "welcome any ideas that you may have to insure that this department carries out its responsibilities to the Town of Westfield and its residents"?  If so, here is an idea for starters,  perhaps he should practice what he preaches. 

5.  Integrity and honesty are paramount in the daily duties of a police officer.  Why has the Supervisor(s) not been terminated from employment for "stealing time"?

The rank and file of the Westfield Police Department deserve better leadership.  Different sets of rules and preferential treatment for different people should not exist in a "quasi-military organization".


  1. Let me get this straight; if a supervisor "disparages" their supervisor or another supervisor they can "expect to be charged". But, if a supervisor "steals time" its "wipe the slate clean" time. You gotta be kidding me.

  2. Make a comment off duty about your supervisor and you are going to get charged by the chief but he does nothing when one of his subordinates steals? If you steal off duty and get caught you lose your job! I think the chief has got it backwards.

  3. All Law Enforcement Agencies in the State Of New Jersey are held to standards that are set forth in writing and taught by the NJ Attorney Generals Office. Within the policy it states" Where a preliminary investigation indicates the possibility of a criminal act on the part of the
    subject officer,the county prosecutor must be notified immediately. No further action should be taken, including the filing of charges against the officer, until directed by the county prosecutor." So I ask why didnt the Chief adhere to the policy, why didnt the two Captains who solely conduct major internal affairs investigations contact the proper authorties, The answer is the Thief is the Chief and Captain Waymans friend. They have covered for him for years.....John Rowe. Official Misconduct has a seven year statue of limitations maybe someone should make that call to the Attorney Generals Office...................

  4. If the Town of Westfield were run like a private sector business/public company, this would have been fixed long ago and they would have fired the employee stealing time. Unfortunately though, the Town's "CEO" Jim Gildea was probably "out to lunch" on the matter sharing a Panini with Parizeau at Rosie's Wine Bar.

  5. The Tracy appointees do not have to follow any guidelines or rules, just as he did not adhere to them. The Parizeau and Wayman enterprise must be held accountable for their actions. Its high time the UCPO or AG Office steps in. It is obvious that the Mayor and Gildea are not going to derail thier own careers and admit to all these wrong doings under their watch. I am confident that this website will bring much to light

  6. What's Nicole going to do now that she doesn't have acces to the "delete" button on this website? Think maybe she can finally go back out to patrol and do a job that she is paid to do?

  7. No Biometric hand reader at all anymore? Wow, honor system in 2010 for this department.. how come other departments mandatory have to scan in and have for years officers and superior officers and Westfield does not.. beats me.

    I wish I knew what happened to the "Chief's" Exam given last December, for $40 dollars a person to take the test and over 100 applicants and all anyone heard back was that the town was "On a Hold" for hiring due to budgetary issues. This department took in over $4,000 for a test that they told takers they would actually-probably-maybe only hiring 1 or 2 from the process. Has anyone been hired from that test? When will the takers hear about the 2nd step in the process?

  8. It certainly appears that from reading this memo a crime was committed based on a investigation by the Chief of Police. So why 1. wasnt someone arrested or disciplined and 2.if the Chief and Captain Wayman covered up for this John Rowe, their friend why didnt someone report this to the County for the crimes? Sounds like my Police Department has a whole lot more problems than I thought.

  9. Over the past few years I have read many articles reflecting such disparaging actions by many of the WPD. As a former WPD officer from 70"s, it bothers me greatly to see my former department to take such a low road. Where is the chain of responsibility ? Who actually should take responsibility in overseeing the management of WPD ?. It falls on the public. We the people should become the voice, force the town fathers to take control. If the people refuse to act on such conduct of law enforcement, this cancer will continue to grow, and essentially this effects each one of us. It is time that the Town of Westfield appoints a Superintendent of Police that can oversee the entire operation. The Chief and staff will answer to the Super. Along with the Super, he creates a staff of volunteers outside of the department to hear such complaints against
    officers and the department. The police committee should have the power to hear complaints against any member, supervisory or otherwise and have the power to take whatever action is necessary to remedy the situation. The department should have an IA division, monitored by the Super and the Police Committee. The committee should actually be part of the community with NO POLITICAL INFLUENCE.
    This is where each member must also run a on fine line. Prior to any appointment, each member must actually be immunized from such political and department influence. I do not feel at this point that turning the police department over to the prosecutors office is fair to the general public. In stead, the Mayor and council should move forward and select a Super that has the integrity and stamina
    to move forward without such outside influence. If no one is guarding the hen house, who is going to protect who here. This is not rocket science, if you have an existing problem, well fix it. Now, to the Town of Westfield, take the lead here ! show the public that it is time that you take control, professionally and diplomatically. Start your search for a Super and Police Committee. Restore the integrity and image of the Police Department.

  10. This gentleman is right on target, and, an officer of the past as he stated. We should contact him for more ideas !

  11. Re-Hire this guy !