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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Unofficial Poll

Cast your vote (to the right of this page) regarding the Westfield Board of Education's decision to fire Westfield H.S. Girl's Varsity Basketball head coach Joe Marino.

Votes can only be cast from a laptop or desktop computer. Some "smartphones" do not display the poll to the right of this page.

"A Mistake Was Made" An Open Letter to the Westfield Board of Education

    Dear Board of Education Members,  
     Tonight's board of education meeting had to be moved to a location that would accommodate those in attendance.  The room at Bd. of Ed. headquarters on Elm St. may have been able to hold a crowd of those in favor of firing Westfield High School Basketball Coach Joe Marino, but it obviously couldn't hold the number of his supporters that showed up tonight.  Take that into consideration when you hopefully reevaluate your decision to fire Coach Joe Marino.
     While you may have received letters over the years from some disgruntled parents and/or players that swayed your decision to fire Marino, how many letters of support do you think you would receive if the call went out to each and every Marino supporter?  Most people are inclined to send in letters containing complaints rather than accolades or support for a coach.  Tonight's attendance and outpouring of support by way of several standing ovations for Marino can be substituted for the lack of letters containing positive feedback of Marino the coach, the teacher, the man.
     As I sat in the audience I listened with an open mind hoping to hear clear cut facts as to why such a beloved and successful coach was handed his walking papers weeks before the Westfield High School girls basketball team takes the floor in what could prove to be it's most successful season ever.
     Instead, I listened to the board of education attorney explain that discussions and decisions made in executive session, behind closed doors, could not be discussed in public.  Where is the transparency that board members preached when they campaigned for their elected positions?
     During open public comment, the outpouring of support for Marino was obvious.  In support of the Bd. of Ed's decision, one former board of education member, and parent of a former WHS girls basketball player, recalled how dismayed her daughter was as a former player, starter, and captain of a team coached by Joe Marino.  I give her credit for standing up in an auditorium that was clearly full of Marino supporters.        She spoke of over 50 documents she had in her possession, from players and parents critical of Marino, detailing why he should be fired.  I'll bet that if the board of education took into consideration, that if everyone in attendance tonight wrote a letter applauding Coach Joe Marino, the scale would be tipped in favor of his return to the head coaching job.  
     Former WHS athletes took to the microphone as did past and present coaches, a school administrator, parents, and most impressively, the young women of this years girl's varsity basketball team.
     As a former student/athlete at Westfield High School, I was raised in a household that believed school was an extension of the home and that teachers and coaches were an extension of the authority my mother and father expected me and my siblings to respect.  I guess having a mother that was a teacher and a father that was a teacher, coach, and eventually a high school principal,  instilled a certain "chain of command" that was to be followed.  That same chain of command exists in our public schools but appears to have been circumvented by some disgruntled parents.  I couldn't help but wonder if one of those disgruntled parents just happened to be a former WHS student athlete, now living vicariously through her daughter.
     It was back in 1985 that this parent, then a disgruntled former teammate of a starting forward on the Westfield high school girl's basketball team, deliberately dumped cans of brown house paint on the roof, windows, trunk and front hood of a family's vehicles parked in a driveway on Effingham Pl.  It wasn't done during the basketball season, it was done the night before the future WHS Hall of Fame inductee, a three sport female athlete, was to pitch in the 1985 Group IV girl's state championship softball final.
     The jealousy had reared it's ugly head to the point where committing an act of criminal mischief was the equalizer.  Those that are naive might gasp and say, "Oh no, not in Westfield."
     One of the cars damaged was a gift from a father to his daughter in that Spring of 85', fulfilling a promise he had made to each of his three kids......"Earn a scholorship to college, I'll buy you a car."  The father figured that the incentive of paying for a vehicle, in this case a 1985 Chrysler Laser, was far cheaper than what four years of room, board, and tuition checks would amount to.  After all, the father only promised that which his own father promised, and fulfilled, to him in 1957.  Call it a family tradition.  The college scholarship was earned, a Letter of Intent to play college softball was signed, an act of criminal mischief was committed.  The criminal that committed the mischief is one of my former classmates.  The victim is my sister.
     Did this disgruntled and vindictive high school athlete grow up to be one of the parents that complained to the board of education about Coach Marino?  Does it really matter?  It does if you consider the history of at least this one parent.
     See, in the face of adversity or failure, there are those that look for excuses or reasons to blame others for their failure.  In the case of a few former WHS basketball players and their parents, Coach Marino has become their excuse.....blame the coach.  Excuses are the nails that built the house of failure.  
     Are they looking for payback against a coach that had been doing his job so admirably to the point he had received positive evaluations from the administration's athletic director and the support of the Westfield school system's superintendent?
     Echoing applause filled the auditorium when you, the board, were invited to attend any one of Marino's practices or games to see the coach in action.  How many practices or games have you been to, to witness first hand the allegations being made by some former players and parents that ultimately lead you to dismiss him from his head coaching job?
     I took the opportunity to approach coach Marino after the meeting was over.  While he may have not recognized me by name, I'm sure he recognized me from past encounters at a school holiday basketball camp or past game.  As I shook his hand in support and told him "You'll get your coaching job back," I reminded him of a lesson he taught my daughter three years ago when she tried out for the girl's freshman basketball team and was subsequently cut from the roster. I didn't call the athletic director and it never crossed my mind to call a board of education member to complain, but I wish I had called coach Marino, 3 years ago, to thank him.
     I wanted to thank him for teaching my daughter a lesson in life; I got the chance tonight.  I thanked Coach Joe Marino for teaching my daughter that you have to earn things in life through hard work, commitment, dedication, and determination, among other things.  You're not entitled to anything.  My daughter learned that people won't judge you by your failures, but how you pick yourself up and respond to that failure.  Getting cut from the basketball team was an opportunity to build character, it was a lesson learned, from Coach Marino.  
     You, the members of the Westfield Board of Education, you have the opportunity to teach an important lesson to the young women of the 2014-1015 Westfield High School basketball team and that is, that we all make mistakes.
     A mistake has been made.  Now is the time to fix it. Correct the mistake and reinstate Joe Marino, the coach, the teacher, the man, to what he has earned through hard work, commitment, dedication, and determination.    
                                                                                              Greg Kasko (WHS Class of 83')


Monday, October 20, 2014

Town Council Meeting


Westfield Municipal Building425 East Broad StreetWestfieldNJ07090

Friday, October 17, 2014

Westfield Board of Education "Fouls Out" WHS Girls Basketball Coach

A quote hanging in the gym of a New Jersey high school reads......."Let the fans cheer.  Let the referees officiate.  Let the players play.  Let the coaches coach."
     A recent decision by the Westfield Board of Education has caused many, associated with the Westfield High School girls varsity basketball team, to holler "foul!"
     The members of the board of education voted not to renew head coach Joe Marino's coaching contract. Why?
     The board of education has decided that the team needs a new head coach and that despite Marino's proven success as a head coach, taking Westfield girls basketball from the basement of Union County basketball to a Union County Championship, appearances in state tournament play, multiple "1000" point career scorers, and recognition and respect amongst opponents, the board feels a change is necessary.
     The fact of the matter is that politics has reared its ugly head and the players are the ones that will suffer the consequences of this decision, as will parents and fans alike.
     It's been reported that Marino has the support of Westfield High School athletic director Sandy Mamary and Westfield Schools Superintendent Dr. Margaret Dolan.  Coach Joe Marino is left to ask why, why now?
     With the potential for Westfield High School girls basketball to rewrite the record books this year, again, what possessed the board of education to "yank" the carpet from under Marino's feet?
     Rumors are surfacing that some parents are the culprits, not happy about their daughters playing time or lack thereof.
     Three years ago I happened to be in the audience at a 9th grade baseball/softball meeting at Roosevelt Intermediate School when athletic director Mamary addressed all the parents in attendance.  Mamary made it clear that town recreation teams were not run the way high school teams are the high school level, winning counts.  Everyone in attendance should have taken that to mean that to win games, the COACH will put the best team out on the floor, field, rink, mat, track, in the pool, or wherever else a game or competition takes place.........NOT the parents, teachers, school administration or even the board of education.
     It appears that the board of education has taken over the coaching responsibilities and decisions of the Westfield High School girls basketball team. How long will it take before the perceived message that the board of education is sending, infiltrates the ranks of other Westfield High School sports parents?  It appears that all they have to do is just pick up the phone and complain to the board of education.
     Should I consider if a board of education candidate running for election has a son or daughter playing sports at the high school when I go to vote?   I would hope, at least, any board member with a son or daughter playing a sport at the high school level would recuse themselves from any such vote to "can the coach."
     Westfield High School has a list of successful and legendary coaches that include Clarkson, Kehler, Kapner, Donner, Brewster, Cherewich and others worthy of recognition, including Marino.  What's wrong with a coach playing who he or she feels are his/her best players?  Parents didn't think twice about questioning Gary Kehler or any other coach that was as successful.
     What are parents teaching their children by complaining about playing time to the board of education and circumventing the athletic department?
     An email message to members of the board of education, seeking an answer as to why Marino was dismissed was answered with "not able to comment on personnel matters."  That's understandable given the manner in which the question was asked......via email.
     Hopefully the answer will surface at the next board of education meeting and not through possible litigation.
     I write this story/editorial as the father of a daughter that was cut during Westfield High School girls basketball tryouts three years ago.   I have also chosen not to live vicariously through my daughter, a student/athlete at WHS.

"Let the fans cheer.  Let the referees officiate.  Let the players play.  Let the coaches coach."


Thursday, October 09, 2014

Mayor Skibitsky Acting as Mayor in the Absence of the Acting Mayor

     Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky made an appearance at Tuesday evening's town council meeting.      Skibitsky's 2014 attendance record has been less than stellar and when he was greeted with "Welcome back Mayor," he looked like he wished he had missed this meeting.
     Mayor Skibitsky has become predictable and his emotions tend to get the best of him when he is confronted with facts that refute his opinions.
     Case in point......on Tuesday night, Skibitsky continued to mislead the public regarding the safety of the HAWK pedestrian crossing on Central Ave. at the intersection of a residential driveway across from a cul-de-sac'd Cambridge St.
     Skibitsky reminded the public in attendance that "The HAWK light is working as intended."  Guess what Mayor Skibitsky, the crossing guard holding up a STOP sign, and crossing pedestrians at Clover St. for decades was working as intended with far less accidents occurring.
     The facts are the facts and here they are........In the 8 years leading up to the installation of the HAWK pedestrian mid-block crossing, there were a total of 9 motor vehicle accidents at or near the intersection of Central Ave. & Clover St. with 7 out of the 9 accidents occurring while a vehicle was slowing down or stopped to make a left turn onto Clover St.. (The reason why residents had requested a traffic light at the location.)  Since the HAWK installation a little over 4 years ago, there have been 18 vehicle accidents between the HAWK crossing and Clover St.
     Mayor Skibitsky was reminded that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that something has changed that has caused the increase in accidents.  If you believe Westfield resident and Skibitsky lemming Tony Del Duca, its because of an increase in traffic from the Clark Bally's gym.  Nice try Tony.
     Skibitsky has repeatedly downplayed the lights location as a reason for the increase in accidents stating the accidents are happening when the light is not activated.  Well then Mayor Skibitsky, perhaps the lights location at the base of a residential driveway is being confused as an intersection to unsuspecting or out of town motorists?  Nope, way too obvious to this mayor.
     Mayor Skibitsky's ego and stubborn stance on this proven dangerous pedestrian light location will not allow him to admit a mistake was made.  The Westfield town council has been collared on a leash by a mayor that refuses to allow an independent evaluation of the lights effectiveness and safety.
     Ultimately, Mayor Skibitsky's hostile and agitated demeanor on Tuesday evening was a tell tale sign that he refuses to admit a mistake even when confronted with facts that contradict his non-expert observations and opinions.    
     Mayor Skibitsky should never trust that a document from his police chief, detailing the number of accidents at a particular location, is accurate.  That's a proven fact.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Westfield Town Council Meeting
Tonight: October 7, 2014 (Tuesday)
Time: 8 pm.
425 E. Broad St.

Who will show up to the meeting as Mayor of Westfield?
Will Skibitsky keep his "no-show streak" alive?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Here We Go Again....Another Accident at the HAWK Pedestrian Light

At approximately 4:15pm today, another motor vehicle accident occured at the Hawk Pedestrian Light on Central Ave.
At this point TFoTM has lost count of the number of accidents that have taken place at this ill advised, and proven, unsafe location for a mid block crossing that was initially recommended to be located at the intersection of either Cedar or Clover a couple hundred feet to the north.
The driver of the Volvo station wagon, a Westfield resident, stated she had slowed down as she approached the flashing amber lights of the HAWK light that had been activated by a pedestrian when she was struck from benind by another southbound vehicle.
Both vehicles sustained extensive damage requiring a tow truck to remove them from the roadway.
The Volvo was pushed through the crosswalk and came to a stop over 50 feet away.  Fortunately, there was no pedestrian injury or fatality this time.  Is it only a matter of time?  Accidents at this location are happening at a rate not seen at any other location with a mid block crossing and statistics have proven that the location is unsafe.
With school in session less than 3 weeks, pedestrian traffic at this location has increased and so will the accidents. 
Pedestrians are being warned to seek alternatives to crossing Central Ave at this location due to the frequency of accidents that have occurred since this light was approved my Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky and the Westfield Town Council after it was recommended by a traffic safety engineer to be installed at a nearby intersection.

Politicians are MIA after Devastating Fire

     See "letter to the editor" below, that appeared in last weeks edition of The Westfield Leader.  Mayor Skibitsky is on "cruise control" during his unprecedented third consecutive stint as Mayor of Westfield.  There has always been an unwritten agreement in Westfield politics that after two terms as mayor, you step aside for someone else to lead the town.  Mayor Skibitsky thumbed his nose to this gentleman's agreement when he sought a third term last year.  
     He is only keeping the seat warm for the next Republican candidate.  Clear indication that he is keeping his name in politics for a loftier position in Trenton or just maybe the party didn't have a bonafide candidate to run against a strong and well liked Democratic challenger in former Councilman David Haas.
     Once again, Mayor Skibitsky was absent from Tuesday's (9/16/14) town council meeting.  At this rate, his absenteeism is approaching 50%.  Like the Mayor says, "We are doing more with less."

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Westfield Police Promotional Exam Results

The Westfield Police Department's promotional exam results are in and there are no surprises. TFoTM will follow up with further details

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Report Illegal Students, Receive $50 Gift Card

Bound Brook schools are offering students a $50 gift card to report students that attend Bound Brook schools but are not residents of the town.
Should the Westfield Board of Education consider the same initiative.
Click on the following link to view story.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Westfield Mayor Skibitsky and Acting Mayor Neylan Continue to Mislead Taxpayers

Westfield Police Chief David Wayman
     Last month, the Westfield Town Council meeting featured Acting Mayor JoAnn Neylan claim that the Westfield Police Department was at this years NFL Super Bowl to assist other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies when asked why the emergency mobile command center is being used out of town borders.  At last weeks town council meeting, Mayor Andy Skibitsky refused to answer a simple question about the whereabouts of Westfield's taxpayer funded emergency mobile command center on Super Bowl Sunday.  It has been revealed that the WPD was in Hoboken for that city's cash grab the week leading up to the Super Bowl.  In the photo below, featured on the front page of The Westfield Leader newspaper, Westfield police vehicles were photographed in front of Super Bowl roman numerals in HOBOKEN.
     Mayor Skibitsky has been asked repeatedly, "Were Westfield police officers and the emergency mobile command center AT THE SUPER BOWL in EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY held at METLIFE STADIUM."  His answers to the questions have included, "Please continue," "We've gone over this before," "I'm not going to repeat myself," and "We've discussed this at great length."  All typical evasive answers by a politician refusing to answer truthfully.  The fact of the matter is, Mayor Skibitsky has never answered the question.
     Mayor Skibitsky has yet to prove that Westfield Police Department was anywhere on the grounds of MetLife Stadium during this years Superbowl, yet TFoTM has provided facts with proof that the WPD was invited to Hoboken to police a street fair during Super Bowl week.
     When asked if former Westfield Parking Director John Morgan, who is currently the Hoboken parking director, was responsible for bringing Westfield taxpayer funded equipment and manpower to Hoboken, Mayer Skibitsky refused to answer.  
     At this point, it is clear that Mayor Skibitsky and his Acting Mayor, JoAnn Neylan have lied repeatedly to the Westfield taxpayers about the actual whereabouts of police equipment and manpower during the Superbowl.  Those lies were started when Westfield Police Chief David Wayman approached the microphone at a council meeting in early February of this year, to read a prepared statement claiming that the Westfield Police Department had, "the ability to work with Hoboken at the Super Bowl" when in fact they were asked to take part in "Hoboken Huddle" within the city limits of Hoboken.
     Not one town official has been able to prove that the Westfield Police Department with it's equipment, vehicles, and manpower were ever at the Super Bowl, but instead, wasting Westfield tax dollars to the benefit of Hoboken.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tonight: Westfield Town Council Meeting

The Westfield Town Council will meet tonight 8/12/14 at 8pm.
Meetings are held in the municipal building's courtroom and are open to the public.
Will Mayor Skibitsky make an appearance for the first time in nearly two months?

Thursday, August 07, 2014

2014: Westfield's Racial Divide

Recent events might lead one to believe that Westfield Police Chief David Wayman continues to provoke controversy within the African American community.  TFoTM will follow up with evidence that will prove Mayor Skibitsky and his former town attorney were forewarned of an ill-fated police chief selection process.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Westfield Police Chief Wayman Continues to "Run Amuck"

     In the upcoming days and weeks, Westfield Police Chief David Wayman will be saying "Goodbye" to several police officers.  Officers Harold Caulfield, Lisa Perrotta, and Scott Rodgers, all with 25 years plus in the pension system, are hanging up the gun belt and badge.
Why now?
     Perhaps Governor Chris Christie's pension and benefits reform might have something to do with their decision or the "writing is on the wall" with regards to the current state of affairs under Wayman's tumultuous leadership.
     Regardless, TFoTM wishes the rumored retiring officers the best of luck.
     Will Chief Wayman seize the opportunity to integrate the police department with new hires?  Recent hires include numerous Linden connections and ties to the corrupt Barney Tracy regime.
Not since the hiring of Preston Freeman over ten years ago, has the Town of Westfield hired an African American officer.  With the retirements of Ron Allen, Sandy Chambers, and Greg Hobson, Westfield needs to address why Parizeau and Wayman have not hired an African American.  African American dispatchers have left Westfield for other  police departments after being declined employment in Westfield as full time sworn police officers.
Ask Police Chief  Wayman why.
TFoTM knows why, we won't be "bamboozled" "hoodwinked" or "run amuck."

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Auto/Pedestrian Accident

     At approximately 4:35 pm, a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle at the intersection of South Ave. & Boulevard.  The pedestrian appears to have been crossing South Ave. and was struck by the black Nissan Maxima shown in the photos which was traveling westbound on South Ave.  The Nissan's windshield was shattered and the pedestrian/victim was thrown several feet.  Out of respect for the victim TFoTM will not publish photos taken that include the pedestrian/victim.
     Westfield police were on the scene shutting down the intersection at Westfield Ave. & South Ave., Central Ave & South Ave., as well as all side streets in between.
     The annual Westfield Downtown Pizza Run is scheduled for tonight to start at 7 pm.  Area roads will be at a standstill as police investigate the accident.
     The Westfield police department's Traffic Safety Bureau as well as the Detective Bureau are on the scene leading the investigation.
Details to follow.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Town Council Meeting: Vacation is Over

The Westfield Town Council will meet tomorrow night (7/15/14) at the municipal building located at 425 E. Broad St.
The meeting is open to the public and scheduled to start at 8pm. 
Westfield Town Council meetings are held in the municipal court chambers. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WPD Chief Wayman: Counter-Terrorism Exercise or Expo Salesman

TFoTM is in the process of confirming the whereabouts of the Westfield Police Department's emergency mobile command center.  Sources have indicated that the MSOC is being showcased in Atlantic City, New Jersey, once again, at another expo.
     The Police Security Expo event is being held in the Atlantic City Convention Centre on June 24th & 25th.  "This event provides the Goods, Products and services relating to the industry associated with Law, Security, Governments, Safety and Homeland Security Professionals. The event will be celebrating the 28th Anniversary of the Police Security. This event is considered as one of the nation's largest showcase of goods, products and services related to many security agencies and industries. One of the unique aspects of the Police Security Expo is that it organizes the best displays for its exhibitors to display or to introduce their new products and services related to this industry."

TFoTM asks Mayor Skibitsky and town council members the following:

1.  Who authorizes the use of the mobile command center outside of Westfield?
2.  How much Westfield taxpayer money is spent when the mobile command center leaves the borders of Westfield to attend an expo?
3.  Why is Westfield's emergency mobile command center being showcased or advertised by the police department in a city over 100 miles away?
4.  Is the emergency mobile command center ready and available should an emergency arise in Westfield?
5.  How much taxpayer money is being spent to send Westfield police officers to an expo?  Hotel accommodations, meals, fuel, salary, overtime?
6.  Is the Town of Westfield and/or police department involved in any contract to showcase the emergency mobile command center as an exhibitor on behalf of the manufacturer, specifically Robert Mount & Power Innovations of Utah?
7.  Could this be considered wasteful spending, mismanagement of town resources, and deceptive actions by police Chief David Wayman, Mayor Andy Skibitsky, and Town Administrator Jim Gildea?

TFoTM asks the Westfield Taxpayer.....How are the potholes on your street?


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mayor Skibitsky Contradicts Police (PBA) Union Contract

     On the night of June 3rd, 2014 at a Westfield Town Council meeting, Mayor Andy Skibitsky declared that Westfield police officers are "volunteers."  Does the police department's PBA union contract allow volunteer police officers?  Mayor Skibitsky has put his foot in his mouth once again..
     The Westfield Police Department patrolled the city of Hoboken's "Hoboken Huddle" street fair the week before the NFL's Superbowl 48 and also during Hoboken Lepre-Con celebrating St. Patty's Day.
     Watch the following video to hear from the "Horse's Mouth" (Skibitsky) the answer to a question that has lingered for over 3 months.  
     The fact of the matter is, Skibitsky refuses to tell the taxpayers how much money was wasted by allowing Westfield Police Chief Dave Wayman to send equipment and manpower to street fairs in Hudson County where ex-Westfield Parking Director John Morgan is now employed.
     Once again, with his back against the wall, Skibitsky gives a response indicating he must think that the taxpayer is stupid enough to believe, apathetic enough not to care, or just has no clue of the mismanagement and misappropriation of tax dollars.
     TFoTM asks: How are the potholes on your street?
Read related story at the following internet link:


Saturday, June 07, 2014

TFoTM 400,000 Pageviews

The Fact of The Matter has hit 400,000 pageviews since December 1, 2010.
Thank you to all those that have logged on.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere

     Today is the day that Westfield restaurants holding conditional liquor licenses will now be able to serve alcohol directly to patrons across, or seated, at a bar.  
     Councilman Jim Foerst stated publicly, at a recent town council meeting, that his vote was ultimately swayed in favor of the ordinance change by the fact that his wife and her fellow McKinley mom's group had nowhere to go and meet to enjoy a casual drink without ordering food.  PRICELESS.
     Councilman Frank Arena has held his re-election campaign at another Ferraro's location (off S. Elmer St.)  No need to recap his vote.
     Councilwoman JoAnne Neylan, Chairwoman of Mayor Skibitsky's Public Safety Committee, and an employee of Councilman Foerst, once downplayed the need for Westfield's fire department ladder truck to respond to the fire that demolished Ferraro's.  The ladder truck was rendered useless because the FD was lacking the manpower to man the apparatus.  Gotta' love the town council cutbacks in FD manpower.  Fits right into Mayor Skibitsky's "Doing More With Less" budget claims.  Councilwoman Neylan had stated that the truck is primarily used for "scenic aerial views." DISINGENUOUS. (Neylen's favorite word)  Forget the fact that the ladder truck is PRIMARILY used for aerial rescue, and fighting a fire from above through a vented roof. 
     TFoTM wonders if Mayor Skibitsky's Friday night pilgrimage to La Famiglia Sorrento on Central Ave. will continue. 
     Don't worry Westfielders, Councilman Sam Della Fera is a stickler for the law because he is a lawyer, just in case you have missed the number of times he has reminded attendees at council meetings.  As the chairman of Mayor Skibitsky's Finance Committee, he will be right on top of the 50-50 stipulation in the ordinance that requires an equal distribution of alcohol and food to be served at establishments governed by the amended ordinance.  Don't hold your breath.
     In closing, Westfield has had restaurants with bars.  How many bars will Westfield now have with restaurants as an afterthought?
     TFoTM hopes Hershey's Deli doesn't try to obtain a liquor license.  Could you imagine them having to hire someone to check ID's at lunchtime?   
     TFoTM wishes the Ferraro family the best of luck, as well as all the other establishments that will reap the benefit of the revamped town ordinance regarding how liquor will now be served at establishments once restricted.  
     Long live the BYOB!!!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Mayor Skibitsky's Newest Diversion

 Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky continues to divert attention from answering simple questions put forth at town council meetings.  When faced with having to answer the obvious to questions that will expose mismanagement. wasteful spending, and/or corruption within his administration, Mayor Skibitsky has remained silent, personally attacked taxpayers, or claimed to have previously answered the question being asked.
     While Skibitsky and some of his strongest supporters on the town council, including Jim Foerst and Sam Della Fera, won't hesitate to answer or address questions and comments that praise their contributions to the towns' governering body,  they all try to create a diversion when put on the spot.
     At a recent town council meeting Skibitsky responded, "I've already discussed that," when asked how much taxpayer money was wasted when Mayor Skibitsky and the town council allowed the use of  Westfield taxpayer funded resources in the cities of Hoboken, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.
     Once again, Skibitsky does his political "tap dance" around the truth. His refusal to put a dollar amount on the misappropriation of town resources contradicts his own claims of transparency in his administration.  He won't even answer a "yes" or "no" when asked, "Did it cost the Westfield taxpayer any amount of money to fund the use of town resources outside of Westfield."
     We are not talking about shared services or mutual agreements with other towns or cities.  The blatant wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars to fund Westfield resources operating in a distant city and disguised as "anti-terrorism training" is an insult to the intelligence of anyone sending a quarterly check to the Westfield Tax Assesors Office.
     Mayor Skibitsky's silence speaks volumes of his transparent hypocrisy.  His diversion from answering the obvious by allowing a department head to fabricate and embellish an excuse for the wasteful spending contributes to his lack of integrity.
     While another Tuseday town council meeting may come and go, the questions will still remain until truthfully answered with facts.
     Next up: Councilman Jim Foerst has an epithiny prior to casting his vote on a resolution to ammend the Town Code regarding the restraints of restaraunt liquor licenses.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Power Outage at Westfield High School...1:34 pm

Power restored within 10 minutes.

Accident at Boulevard & Grove St.

9:15 am.
     Westfield Police and Fire personnel are on the scene of a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Boulevard & Grove St.   One of two vehicles involved in the crash flipped over and came to stop on the front lawn of a Boulevard residence.
     Police have blocked traffic traveling west on Grove St and south on Boulevard while tow trucks remove two vehicles.
     Police are on scene investigating.
TFoTM will update story when more information becomes available.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Westfield Town Council will meet tonight in the courtroom of the municipal building located at 425 E. Broad St.
Council meeting will begin at 8 pm.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Westfield & Hoboken: The Common Denominator

     Wondering why Westfield Police Chief Dave Wayman accepted an invitation to experience "an opportunity of a lifetime" by taking Westfield's taxpayer funded $300,000 emergency mobile command center along with Westfield taxpayer paid police officers to Hoboken, not once (Hoboken Huddle) but twice (Hoboken Lepre-con)?
     These two events were nothing more than Hoboken street fairs no different from Westfield's own Spring Fling and Fall Fest street fairs.
     Police Chief Wayman would rather Westfielders believe his "play dates " in Hoboken were at the request of the NFL to assist in Super Bowl security and to engage in "tactical planning and terrorism training."
     How else could he justify, to Mayor Skibitsky and town administrator Jim Gildea, Westfield's equipment and manpower being misappropriated to another jurisdiction outside of Union County.
Perhaps Skibitsky and Gildea gave their blessing?

Click on the following link and find the connection.
TFoTM suggests........same clown, different circus.   If only Hoboken knew.  Seems the Hoboken politicians are circling the wagons to protect their heavy handed parking department.
More to follow. (Captain of what?)

Click on the following link to read related story on Hoboken's heavy handed parking policy.

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Westfield Town Council Meeting

When: Tonight, May, 2014
Where:  Westfield Municipal Building, 425 E. Broad St. 
Time:  8 pm. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

"Hoboken Huddle" Sacks Westfield Taxpayer for Free Services

     Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky continued with his "Doing More with Less" motto at last week's town council meeting.  More silence with less transparency.
     Skibitsky refuses to answer questions surrounding the use of the Westfield Police Department's $300,000 mobile command center in Hoboken, N.J. the week leading up to that city's attempt to cash in on the 2014 NFL Super Bowl.
     An event titled the "Hoboken Huddle" was staged on a pier leading to the Hudson River where alleys of ice were set up for the sport of curling to be demonstrated.
     Last month, Mayor Skibitsky paraded his police chief Dave Wayman in front of the town council and the public, to read a prepared statement detailing the "Experience of a lifetime" for Westfield officers that accompanied the police chief and Westfield's mobile command center to Hoboken.
     Wayman attempted to bolster the need for Westfield's attendance by claiming the joint exercise between federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies provided Westfield officers with hands on training assisting the cream of law enforcement with Super Bowl security.
     TFoTM is still waiting for answers from Mayor Skibitsky regarding our town's taxpayer funded mobile command center standing guard at a glorified street fair having nothing to do with the NFL or its affiliation with the Office of Homeland Security, the FBI, Secret Service, N.J. State Police, NJ/NY Port Authority, etc. etc. etc.
     When asked last month, why Westfield's mobile command center was taken to Philadelphia last Fall for the International Police Chiefs Convention, Skibitsky had responded, "Same as Hoboken."
     Are Westfielders being led to believe that a curling exposition took place in Philly?  TFoTM suggests that the Westfield Police Department, with the blessing of the town council and town administrator Jim Gildea, is serving as the East Coast  sales department for Power Innovations of Utah and its CEO, Robert Mount.  It was Power Innovations of Utah that supplied Westfield with the mobile command center last year during a questionable bidding process that was exposed by TFoTM.
     Regardless of TFoTM's conspiracy theory, the facts remain the same and the questions are still unanswered.
1.  Why won't Skibitsky answer simple questions?
2.  Why did Westfield, and not Hoboken, pay for the overtime of Westfield officers called into duty to cover the shifts of officers that worked in Hoboken?
3.  Why did Councilman Frank Arena attempt to categorize the presence of Westfield in Hoboken a "shared service agreement" when Westfield received no monetary compensation for the use of our equipment and/or manpower and no such legal agreement exists or is registered with the State of N.J.
4.  Why did police chief Dave Wayman pretend to be affiliated with the National Football League's security detail assigned to the Super Bowl when in fact, Westfield was on the outside, looking from afar, in Hoboken?
     Even some Hoboken residents questioned Westfield's involvement during the "Hoboken Huddle."
     TFoTM supposes Westfielders can expect the Hoboken Police to return Frank Arena's "Shared Service Agreement' claim this weekend during Westfield's annual "Spring Fling."
     Maybe Hoboken Parking Director John Morgan (ex-Westfield parking department employee) will make an appearance wearing his Westfield auxiliary police uniform and looking for free handouts.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Westfield Town Council Meeting

Tonight: Tuesday April 22, 2014

Westfield Municipal Building (Court Room)

8:00 pm

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shades of Westfield

Hackensack PD & Westfield PD.......synonymous.
What happened there has happened here.  Harassment, retaliation, and retribution......and not to mention lawsuit payouts for an alleged corrupt police chief running amuck. 
While the circus might be in a different town, the clowns are all the same.........a rogue police chief going above and beyond that which the law empowers him to do. 
Who ends up paying in the end......the taxpayer. 
Click on the following link to read story:  can't help but substitute the names of disgraced Westfield police chiefs Barney Tracy and John Parizeau into the mix.   It's only a matter of time before current Westfield police chief Dave Wayman's back room, back door, and under handed tactics cost the town. 

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Two Words Mayor Skibitsky: Wasteful Spending

     On March 18th, Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky, once again, refused to answer simple questions regarding the use of the police department's mobile command center outside the town's borders.            Specifically, Skibitsky was asked why the mobile command center was being transported and operated, at taxpayer expense, in the cities of Hoboken and Philadelphia.
     Skibitsky also refused to answer a question regarding the connection between Westfield and Hoboken where disgraced Westfield parking director John Morgan served/serves as the supervisor of the parking authority.
     Morgan, an auxiliary police officer, aka "police special," has ties to Skibitsky's administration and is one of Skibitsky's political appointees to a mayoral committee.
     Mayor Skibitsky diverted from answering the public by recommending that an OPRA request be filed with the Westfield Town Clerk seeking the answers.  All this, from a Mayor that preaches transparency in his administration.
     Mayor Skibitsky has become known to "clam up" when the answer might reveal mismanagement and wasteful spending.  He never hesitates to address issues and answer the questions that make him look good in the eyes of the taxpayer.  He often touts his fiscal responsibility by claiming to do "more with less."  Example:  he continues to brag about reducing the municipal payroll to levels seen in 2006 while forgetting to remind the residents that he has cut public service employees by more than 20%.  Today, Westfield employs 20% less police officers and firemen than in 2006.   These are cuts to public safety that Westfield can't afford.  Hours of operation of departments within the police department have been cut making it more difficult to obtain reports, permits, and other law enforcement related information.  Overtime is necessary to cover police shifts once manned by full time officers.
     Not to be left alone to answer the questions, councilman Frank Arena offered his 2 cents. This is the same guy who proclaims during election years that the town needs to get more "bang for its buck" when it comes to county services but then justifies the spending of nearly $300,000 of Westfield tax dollars on a mobile command center that has been used out of town more than within the borders of Westfield.
While Skibitsky remained silent, Arena chimed in with two words.  In fact, he said, "two words, shared services."  This was his reasoning behind allowing the use of Westfield's mobile command center in Hoboken and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?
TFoTM has two words for Councilman Arena, "Nice try."
     An OPRA request was filed seeking the Shared Services Agreement between Hoboken and Westfield as well as the agreement between Philadelphia and Westfield.  TFoTM received an answer from the Westfield Town Clerk yesterday.........there are no Shared Service Agreements between Westfield and any other town regarding the usage of the police department's mobile command center.    
      Shared Service Agreements are official documents signed by each town's Mayor and other officials and then logged with the State of NJ.
REPEAT:  Westfield has no such documents detailing the use of Westfield's mobile command center outside of Westfield.
     When presented with these facts at the last town council meeting on Tuesday night (two days ago) Skibitsky deflected from the facts by claiming some conspiracy theory was being presented to him.
     TFoTM suggests that Mayor Skibitsky stick to the facts presented and answer fact based questions instead of diverting to his age old game of "Shoot the Messenger."
     The mobile command center world tour continued last week with the disappearance of Captain Battiloro and Chief Wayman to parts unknown to the Westfield taxpayer but not to TFoTM.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

No April Fools Joke, Cops Suspended

With a hearing date scheduled for a Westfield police department officer seeking justice regarding alleged retaliatory actions taken against him by superior officers within the Westfield PD, the following news article hits home.
Westfield town officials have allowed the wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars to defend the towns unenviable position hoping to hide the truth from the public.
Go to the following internet link to read a story of the steps officers will take to seek retribution against one of their own.
It happened there, and its happening here.  Perhaps maybe something the Union County Prosecutor should be looking into.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Mayor Skibitsky Receives Political "Pat on the Back" by County Republicans

     Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky received an "atta' boy" from the Union County Republican Committee on Monday night at L'Affaire in Mountainside.  The award Skibitsky received is named after former Congressman Bob Franks and handed out by Skibitsky's ruling party.
     A Westfield Leader news account of the award reported that Skibitsky "was elected to a third term as mayor, a feat unprecedented in recent town history."  What the news article omits is the fact that no other Mayor, "in recent town history" has ever sought a third consecutive term as Mayor.  There has always been an unwritten rule in Westfield politics that you serve two terms and step aside....not so with the Skibitsky regime at the helm.
     The news article praises Skibitsky for his handling of communications during the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy among other perceived exploits.
     Skibitsky continues to flaunt his fiscal responsibility by citing the reduction of salaries/wages in the municipal budget to a level seen in 2005 but forgets to mention that the reduction is primarily due to Mayor Skibitsky's slashing of public safety employees in the police and fire departments by over 20%.  Skibitsky's "shell game" is in keeping with his rally cry of "We are doing more with less" in town government.
     NOTE:  For further coverage of Skibitsky's award, you can read about it in
the town's official newspaper The Westfield Leader, a "Republican approved publication."

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Police Chief Wayman Introduces Newest "Elite" Police Officer

     The Westfield Police Department has seen a sudden exodus of officers recently hired under the leadership of former disgraced police chief John Parizeau and current police chief David Wayman.
     At last night's Westfield Town Council meeting, Police Chief David Wayman introduced one of the police department's newest "Elite" to fill one of the voids.
     No longer considered the "finest" by Wayman, the police chief has set his sight on making Westfield Police Department an "Elite" his own words spoken at a recent closed door department meeting involving police personnel.
     TFoTM congratulates police officer Gregory Penn and wishes him the best of luck in his law enforcement career.
     TFoTM will post coverage of last night's town council meeting later tonight.  Mayor Skibitsky remains silent while Councilman Arena pontificates.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Westfield Town Council Meeting

Where: Westfield Municipal Building 425 E. Broad St. 
When:  Tonight, Tuesday March 18, 2014
Time:    7:45 pm

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Theft in Elizabeth is a Free Pass in Westfield

Picture from
     Two Elizabeth police officers plead guilty to third-degree theft charges following an investigation by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office into no-show jobs at the city’s Housing Authority.  The two officers were charged with theft by deception.  The officers had clocked hours with the Elizabeth Housing Authority, and were paid for hours that they had never showed up to work.
     Too bad they didn't work for Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau and Captain Dave Wayman.
     Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau had issued an internal memo to all supervisors stating he had evidence of officers "stealing" time from the town by signing into work and leaving early and that "not one was a patrolman."  Parizeau had indicated he had evidence that those holding the rank of detective or higher were involved in the thefts.  The officers collected paychecks that included money for hours when they were not at work.  See TFoTM story to the right titled "Westfield Police Chief Covers Up Theft by Supervisor."
     A source has alleged that Detective Sgt. John Rowe was one of the officers "stealing" time, yet Parizeau elected not to charge Rowe or contact the Union County Prosecutor's Office to report the crime.
     In the memo issued by Parizeau, he stated, "Since I had just started as Chief, I opted not to charge those personnel even though I had been provided with more than sufficient evidence to do so."
     The question still remains the same......why didn't the chief law enforcement officer of the Town of Westfield report the crime to the Union County Prosecutor?  Answer: Probably because Parizeau and Rowe were good friends.  
     Parizeau compromised his integrity and subsequently went on to receive a vote of no confidence from Westfield's rank and file and the thieves were allowed to go unscathed without any disciplinary action or criminal charges filed.
     While Parizeau was police chief, Captain David Wayman was his "Right-Hand Man" often working behind the scenes as Parizeau's "hatchet man" often handling disciplinary issues for the department.  No surprise that Wayman refused to step in and seek disciplinary or criminal charges against John Rowe.....they were good friends.  
     Today, Wayman runs the Westfield Police Department and the vicious cycle continues in Wayman's "Elite" department.  "Elite" is the word Wayman used to describe his department at a recent mandatory meeting of all Westfield police officers.  Perhaps Chief Wayman should be asking himself why officers are leaving his "Elite" department for greener pastures and other police departments.  Not since New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's police pension and benefits reform which had many veteran Westfield officers retiring, has Westfield seen manpower reach an all-time low.  
     From a high of 59 sworn police officers, Westfield now has 45 with the latest exodus from Wayman's "Elite" department.  Westfield has paid for the training of officers now leaving for other departments.  Perhaps Mayor Skibitsky will label the exiting officers as "disgruntled" or "bad apples."  
     Skibitsky needs to look at the rotted roots sprouting from the apple seeds he and his town administrator planted years ago starting with the "Tracy Tree."   
     Don't forget Mayor Skibitsky's rally cry, his claim to fame......"Westfield is doing more with less!"  

Have property taxes gone down?    

A Tale of Two Cities

How does employee theft  go unpunished in one municipality while another spins the wheels of justice and prosecutes?
Story tonight.

Monday, March 03, 2014

Mayor Skibitsky Approves Wasteful Spending

Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky and town officials approved the use of police department vehicles in Hoboken last weekend.  Hoboken's 3rd annual Lepre-con Day which featured drinking and dancing, replaced the annual parade which was canceled after hundreds of drunk and disorderly complaints resulted in police arrests.
Back in February, the taxpayers of Westfield funded the mobile command centers appearance in Hoboken during the cities NFL Super Bowl festivities leading up to the big game at Met Life Stadium in E. Rutherford, NJ.
Mayor Skibitsky has described Westfielders as "altruistic."  When helping fellow Westfield residents, altruism should shine.  However, when it comes to sending equipment and manpower to Hoboken at a cost to the Westfield taxpayer, Mayor Skibitsky should be preaching fiscal responsibility.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Westfield Police Chief David Wayman: Racist or Ignorant Fool?

Photo: Westfield Leader Newspaper
     Westfield Police Chief David Wayman was interviewed by Westfield Leader Newspaper reporter Paul Peyton for a story that appeared in the February 6th, 2014 edition of that newspaper.
     Peyton's "Puff Piece" detailed the use of Westfield's taxpayer funded emergency mobile command center for festivities in the city of Hoboken the week leading up to this year's Super Bowl.
     While Chief Wayman misleads the public with regards to the costs associated with having Westfield provide Hoboken with emergency response vehicles and manpower, Peyton falls short of asking investigative questions that would reveal a waste of taxpayer money and the overall mismanagement by Westfield's administration.  At no time does Wayman or Peyton address the issue sought at a previous town council meeting.
     There have been numerous uses of the purchased emergency equipment and the police of Westfield, distant from Westfield, that have gone unexplained by Mayor Skibitsky.  While it may be useful for Westfield policemen to learn how to control crowds of 50,000 to 100,000 people as Wayman described in his presentation to the town council, it would be interesting to determine when Westfield has such crowds.
     As the Mayor keeps pointing out, we must do "more with less."  How does the Mayor justify the priority given to displaying the Westfield police "toys" in foreign jurisdictions at occasions that can only be considered "equipment fairs."
     These various displays cost Westfield the money to own the vehicles, transport the vehicles. and the manpower needed to do so.  It also includes the overtime for those men and also for the men used to fill the void of the absent officers.
     On the topic of local crime, Wayman describes Westfield as an "attractive" target of criminals because of the "profits they can gain here."  Wayman states that Westfield's location between two of Union County's largest cities appears to be the culprit.  Here is an excerpt from the Westfield Leader of what Wayman suggested:
     "He said North and South Avenues both link Westfield to Plainfield to the west and Elizabeth to the east, enabling criminals to access the town via Route 22.  He said these roadways offer criminals an "easy escape" out of Westfield.  NJ Transit trains as well as the NJ Transit 59 bus, which runs from Plainfield to Elizabeth, stops in Westfield.  In conclusion, Wayman states, "Westfield police make motor vehicle stops and are out looking to prevent crimes, which creates an omnipresence."
     While assigned to patrol duties earlier in his law enforcement career, Wayman was not discreet in his description of minorities while creating his own "omnipresence."  Long before Westfield began tracking the race of the driver of a motor vehicle stopped by police, Wayman was accused of racial profiling, by an off-duty African American N.J. State Trooper believed to be Erskin Marks.
     Wayman has described the African American occupants of a motor vehicle as "a car load of coal."  He was also accused by another Westfield police officer as referring to that Hispanic officer as a "Spic."
     Wayman's actions as a Westfield police officer throughout his career speak louder than the ignorant words spoken from his own mouth.  However, those words bring to life the actions that other police officers have long suspected were racially motivated.
     Residents of Plainfield to the west, and residents of Elizabeth to the east, what say you?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

As Usual, Mayor Skibitsky Remains Silent. Reneges on Answering Questions

     Mayor Skibitsky refused to answer questions tonight, questions posed to him in December 2013, that he said he would have answers to regarding the operational costs associated with sending the police department's mobile command center "out of town" for non-emergencies.
     In addition to those questions, Mayor Skibitsky remained silent when asked if the presence of the mobile command center in Philadelphia, at an international police chief's convention, or in Hoboken during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, was a deal brokered during negotiations between Chief Wayman and the mobile command centers manufacturer Robert Mount of Utah.
Westfield Police Chief Wayman
in Hoboken on Saturday evening.
     Skibitsky remained silent when asked if the "showcasing" of the mobile command center at these various out of town events was listed in the bid specs during the contract bidding process.
     Previously, Councilman Sam Della Fera had praised Chief Wayman for his negotiating skills with the manufacturer of the mobile command center, so that Westfield could obtain a cheaper purchase price.     Perhaps Mr. Della Fera should educate himself in the area of municipal contract bidding.
     It should also be noted that Chief Dave Wayman and Captain Chris Battiloro received a free trip to Utah in 2012, by the manufacturer of the mobile command center, months before the Town Council ever passed a resolution appropriating municipal tax dollars towards the purchase.  
     TFoTM asks Mayor Skibitsky....Is negotiating between Police Chief Wayman and any manufacturer legal during the bidding process?  Never mind Mayor, we know the answer to that question.  Your silence is noted.

Once again, Skibitsky diverted from answering the following questions.

1.  Who, in government, agreed to supply the vehicles and manpower? (To Hoboken)
2.  What price was sought?
3.  What price was paid?
4.  What was the cost to maintain the men (police) in Hoboken?
5.  How many men were assigned to protect a very costly machine while it sat in a distant city?
6.  What arrangement was made to insure that Westfield was able to receive the instantaneous protection it paid $300,00 for? (Cost of the mobile command center and accessories)
7.  Why was Westfield PD left "light handed" during the absence of its chief and up to eight other men?

Skibitsky's answers.............silence.

     The following text was transcribed from video taken at last night's Westfield Town Council meeting.  Mayor Skibitsky requested his police chief, Dave Wayman, to approach the microphone and address the town council regarding the mobile command centers use.  Wayman read from a prepared statement.
     The video begins shortly after Wayman began to speak.  TFoTM will post the video when it is available on TV 36.

Wayman addresses Town Council
" so when when we do need it we know that it works.  Additionally you have our officers that continually train and learn the capabilities of our equipment.  We have assisted Hoboken in the past, by assisting Hoboken that allows our our administrators such as myself my captains to take part in the creation of operational tactical planning before planning large scale events attended by people by by attendance of 50,000 to 100,000 people or emergencies.  It allows us to see the implementation of these plans and their effectiveness.  It allows us to gain experience in emergency planning so we can bring this experience back to Westfield and have the ability to modify these plans to meet the needs of Westfield when the need arises.  Participating in Hoboken for the Super Bowl event was a unique oportunity and maybe the oportunity of a lifetime to take part in from a law enforcement or safe or public safety perspective.  It encompassed an unlimited number of concerns that had to be addressed in the implementation of preventative measures.  We developed working relationship of the municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Ah just just to name a few we ah homeland security, federal bureau of investigation, department of defense, the state police, New Jersey Transit.  In short, opportunities such as this provide the Westfield Police Department with the invaluable training and practical real life experience that can not be achieved in any other way and this training and experience is achieved while no additional expenses are incurred by the Town of Westfield.  What Westfield does get are more highly trained experienced officers".......(a pause by Wayman and Skibitsky thanks the police chief)  Wayman returns to his seat on cue.  

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Westfield Patrols Hoboken Super Bowl Festivities: Mutual Aid In Hudson County or Waste of Westfield Tax Dollars?

Westfield Police Chief Dave Wayman in Hoboken

Confirmed: Mobile Command Center in Hoboken

     TFoTM has obtained a photograph of Westfield's $250,000 mobile command center in Hoboken this week for that city's festivities leading up to Sunday's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.
     What if there was an emergency in Westfield and "should the need arise" to have it local at moments notice.....for say.....a bomb threat, is it readily available?  
     What say you Councilman Jim Foerst? 
     At a Westfield Town Council meeting, 4th Ward Councilman Foerst justified the purchase of the command center for emergency use in the event of  "like a bomb threat." 
     One Hoboken police officer, who wishes to remain anonymous, remarked, "We don't even know why Westfield is here with all their vehicles."
Jim Foerst

Score: Hoboken 911     Westfield Taxpayer 0