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Saturday, August 18, 2018

UPDATE: Westfield Police Captain’s Daughter and Victim Notifications

On March 29, 2018, tickets issued to the daughter of Westfield Police Captain John Ricerca were dismissed in Mountainside Municipal Court.  The tickets were issued by Westfield Municipal Court listing Ashley Redding as the complaining witness.  Mrs. Redding was the victim in a motor vehicle accident caused by the 17 year old driver of a motor vehicle traveling with 5 passengers in violation of a provisional license.

Westfield police chose not to issue tickets at the scene of the January 28, 2018 accident.  In the absence of tickets issued at the scene, Ashley Redding issued Complaints 2020-SC-004526, 004527, 004528, and 004529 for Provisional License Violation, Improper Turn, Failure to Properly Signal, and Careless Driving.

Court records obtained by The Fact of The Matter indicate that Ashley Redding was notified on March 6, 2018 of the pending court case being moved to Mountainside Municipal Court for disposition due to Westfield Judge Para Patel disqualifying himself in the case.  Mrs. Redding was copied according to the letter.

Court documents also show that Mrs. Redding was notified again on March 14, 2018 that the case was transferred from Westfield Municipal Court to Mountainside and was scheduled for March 29, 2018.

The back of each summons under “Miscellaneous Information, Additional information and Judge’s Notes” indicates the victim was noticed and called, but not present in court.  The back of each summons was signed by the Mountainside Municipal Court Judge.

Name and address of driver issued tickets being withheld due to age at time of accident.

Tap on each document for clear resolution for viewing 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Westfield Mayor Brindle Addresses WPD Issues

Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle updated the public about the Westfield Police Department during Tuesday night’s town council meeting.

Mayor Brindle stated that a car accident involving police captain John Ricerca’s daughter and the sudden retirement of Chief David Wayman on Aug. 1, were unrelated. 

Brindle stated that an investigation by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office into the Ricerca crash did not find any official wrongdoing on the part of the Westfield Police Department......(See phony police reports covering up police chief’s alleged “hit & run” accident investigated by the UCPO prior to Wayman’s sudden resignation.  Tap on each photo to view clearly.)

“In the midst of numerous media reports concerning the Westfield Police Department, I’d like to take the opportunity to provide an update and some additional context regarding the circumstances behind Chief Wayman’s sudden departure, as well as the handling of a traffic accident involving a police captain’s family member, which are two separate and unrelated incidents.”

“Let me begin by extending get-well wishes to Westfield resident Ashley Redding, who is recovering from a car accident involving the teenage daughter of a police captain. I have been heartened by how this community has rallied around Ms. Redding, as our residents often do with those in need. I have not had the opportunity to meet Ms. Redding, in spite of repeated asks through her attorney, and of course would like to express my concern in person.”

“I also want to extend my thoughts and concerns for the teenage driver whose life has also been impacted by the publicity surrounding this very unfortunate accident.”

“Many questions have been raised about how Ms. Redding’s case was handled by our police department. As mayor, I have no input as to where and why a case gets moved to another municipality, which is determined by the local court office and the municipal judge, consistent with the county court transfer system. Mountainside is always the first-choice court for Westfield and they accepted the case. “

“In this instance, I didn’t know it had moved to Mountainside nor about the dismissal of the citations until I read about it in news accounts. Our understanding in this matter is that the charges filed by the Reddings occurred after the legally required 30-day period had passed and were ultimately dismissed by the Mountainside court as a result of this timing issue.”

“Additionally, the Union County Prosecutor’s Office conducted an investigation into this accident  and did not find any official wrongdoing on the part of the Westfield Police Department. That being said, I believe in accountability. In looking objectively at the facts, it is clear that we have work to do in order to avoid any similar situations in the future and the slightest perception of poor judgment. To that end, we are implementing specific policy guidelines for how incidents involving police officer family members be reported and processed going forward. I believe this is a first step on the path to greater transparency that benefits residents and police officers alike.”

“I recognize that residents may also have additional questions about the swift departure of Chief Wayman, and hope you understand that I am limited by what I am legally allowed to share. This is as frustrating for me as it is for concerned residents who are seeking answers. While I prioritize transparency, of course I must simultaneously respect the legal parameters that are in place.”

“Looking forward, I believe we have a significant opportunity when selecting a new police chief to evolve the department to one that reflects the values of my administration and our community. To that end, we will be looking for a chief with unquestionable character and integrity who embraces a community policing model, and who can transform the culture of the department in to one that embodies trust and accountability. The many outstanding men and women in the department, along with the residents of Westfield, deserve nothing less. I take this opportunity very seriously and am committed to a diligent, fair and thorough process, which will be one of my top priorities for the foreseeable future.” 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Westfield Town Council Meeting

Westfield Town Council Meeting
Tonight: August 14, 2018
Time: 8 pm.
425 E. Broad St.
Westfield, NJ
*Town council meetings are held in the municipal courtroom on the first floor.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Westfield Acting Police Chief Disbands CRTU

Acting Westfield Police Chief Christopher Battiloro will disband the Community Response Tactical Unit previously established by police chief David Wayman who resigned effective immediately on August 1, 2018.

Town officials remain silent on the reason(s) for Wayman’s resignation but TFoTM has obtained information and reports documenting a “hit & run” accident that Wayman was allegedly involved in and attempted to cover up.  The misconduct was exposed to town officials by this blog.

The “CRTU” is comprised of officers handpicked by Wayman, including his nephew, loyal to the disgraced ex-chief. 
The disbanding of this unit will save taxpayers $tens of thousands$ in wasteful spending for services that duplicated patrol and detective duties.

This appears to be just the beginning of Acting Chief Chris Battiloro’s elimination of wasteful spending and the “misappropriation of funds” Wayman had allegedly been accused of.

TFoTM looks forward to the continued restructuring of the Westfield Police Department and elimination of wasteful spending that has cost the taxpayers $hundreds of thousands$ during Wayman’s tainted tenure as police chief.

NOTE: TFoTM has withheld the identity of the WPD officer assigned to the Union County Gangs, Drugs, and Violent Crimes Task Force for safety and security reasons.


To:        All Personnel

From:    Acting Chief Christopher Battiloro

Subject: Community Response Tactical Unit

Date:      August 10, 2018

CC:        Captain John Ricerca

Effective Saturday , August 25, 2018, at 2000 hrs, the Community Response Tactical Unit shall be disbanded.

The officers presently assigned to the Community Response Tactical Unit shall be reassigned to the Operations (Patrol) Division, with the exception of Officer (name withheld) who shall remain assigned to the Union County Gangs, Guns, Drugs, and Violent Crimes Task Force until further notice.

Any matters currently under investigation by the Community Response Tactical Unit shall be transferred to the Detective Bureau and it’s supervisors shall review them.  Those deemed to warrant further investigation shall be assigned to Detectives for action and those deemed not to warrant further investigation shall be closed.

The officers being reassigned shall be contacted by Captain John Ricerca in the very near future
regarding their platoon and shift assignments.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Acting Westfield Police Chief Makes Personnel Changes

Lt. Jason Carter
Lt. Leonard Lugo
Acting Westfield Police Chief Chris Battiloro has made some personnel moves within the Westfield police department in the wake of scandal and police misconduct exposed by TFoTM and investigated by the Union County Prosecutors Office.  On August 1st, David Wayman resigned as police chief and  Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle appointed Captain C. Battiloro “Acting” until a thorough police chief selection process takes place.

Lieutenant Jason Carter has been transferred into the detective bureau as Westfield’s lead investigator and supervisor.  Carter replaces the disgraced Lieutenant Leonard Lugo who wrote the alleged phony “hit & run" reports that covered up Wayman’s alleged accident on town property at the Westfield Conservation Center on Lambertsmill Rd. back in March of this year.
Lugo has been reassigned back to patrol supervisor until a determination is made on his future with the WPD.

David Wayman & John Tango (right)
Sgt. Nicole Tango Stivale
Sergeant John Tango, a Wayman confidant, has been moved out of the detective bureau and reassigned back to patrol supervisor while his cousin Sergeant Nicole Tango Stivale has been moved from the patrol division, into the detective bureau.

Thursday, August 09, 2018 Chronicles Reignation......Westfield Patch Reports Police Chief Wayman Quit

David Wayman (Left). Leonard Lugo (Right)

Tap on link to read news coverage of disgraced Westfield police chief’s resignation.

Tap on link to view Westfield Patch story about Westfield Police Chief David Wayman quitting.

Check out NJ 101.5 coverage

Scroll down TFoTM’s page to read additional stories detailing events surrounding Wayman’s departure and other issues plaguing the Westfield Police Department under his leadership.

UPDATE: Attorney Provides TFoTM More Details Pertaining To Ashley Redding’s Case

The Fact of The Matter has obtained a copy of correspondence between Ashley Redding’s attorney and the Mountainside Municipal Court.  Mountainside was the jurisdiction that dismissed four motor vehicle summonses issued to the daughter of a Westfield Police Captain. 

The letter illustrates that attorney Josh McMahon had requested notification of any court dates, dispositions, and other information pertaining to his clients case. 

McMahon has stated, “We were never advised of the Court date when they were dismissed. We did not even know about it despite my having sent a letter of representation to Mountainside weeks prior requesting to be notified of the court dates, plea offer being extended and ultimate disposition.  Nor were we advised what specific conflict caused the transfer in the first place.“

Tap on letter below to read contents. 

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Westfield Family and Public Still Seek Answers In Wake of Devastating Motor Vehicle Accident

TAPintoWestfield owner/editor Jackie Lieberman wrote an informative article about a tragic accident that has left Ashley Redding and her family devastated in the aftermath of such a life changing event.  Tap on link to read coverage.

As a result of J. Lieberman’s article, many questions remain unanswered.  According to the news piece, Lieberman wrote, “Redding was driving on Central Avenue when another car, driven by a minor with four other minors in the car......”

A copy of the official NJTR-1 New Jersey Police Crash Investigation Report obtained by TFoTM states that there were 6 occupants of the Ricerca vehicle that collided with victim Ashley Redding’s vehicle.  The driver and 5 passengers, not 4 passengers as Lieberman’s story indicates.  The vehicle that was driven by Westfield Police Captain John Ricerca’s daughter is a 2009 Nissan Murano.

A 2009 Nissan Murano has a total seating capacity of 5, with two front seats (for the driver and one passenger and a rear seat for 3 passengers.  The Nissan Murano model has never been built with a third row for additional seating according to Nissan Murano specifications.

TFoTM spoke with Ashley Redding’s attorney Josh McMahon who stated, “Mountainside has also told my office the dismissal (tickets) happened on March 29th, but Foerst is quoted as saying April 5th, they (Mountainside court) won’t give us a specific date of dismissal.”

In response to Mountainside Prosecutor James Foerst’s claims that they waited for Ashley Redding to appear in court before summonses, that were eventually issued, were dismissed with “prosecutorial discretion”, McMahon stated, “We were never noticed about the April 5th (court) date, nor was the victim.”

The summonses dismissed in Mountainside Municipal Court are SC2018-4526, SC2018-4527, SC2018-4528, and SC2018-4529.

TFoTM has filed a records request with Mountainside and is also seeking court disposition records in Westfield municipal court.

A source not authorized to speak on behalf of the Union County Prosecutors Office has stated that the Internal Affairs investigation into Westfield Police and their non-issuance of motor vehicle violations is complete and that no wrong-doing was discovered on behalf of the responding officer’s.

What remains are questions that many are left asking.......Why weren’t any tickets issued at the accident scene?  Why didn’t former Westfield Councilman James Foerst recuse himself from the case due to the ethical optics the case presented?  Foerst admitted to knowing Westfield Captain John Ricerca in a professional capacity.

There were blatant motor vehicle violations obvious to the court including excessive number of passengers in the Ricerca motor vehicle in violation of a probationary drivers license as well as too many occupants based on the number of seatbelts available.

TFoTM Page Views Increase Significantly

The Fact of The Matter page views have increased significantly in the wake of corruption and misconduct investigations conducted by the Union County Prosecutors Office into the Westfield Police Department. 

The investigation into a “hit & run” accident allegedly involving disgraced police chief David Wayman was facilitated by TFoTM exposing falsified police reports to the appropriate authority.  Wayman has resigned after town officials consulted with the UCPO and Westfield’s labor attorney.

Our readers often message TFoTM:

“We love your posts - keeping us townies informed of all the bs that is hidden from us!”
“Great, keep us posted!  We love your blog too - my husband says ur the best for our town!!”
“We crack up at ur posts.  You are the only one with nerve to say the truth!  Everyone knows about the elephant in the room but no one says a damn thing!”

The Fact of The Matter will continue to expose that which the local press and an Internet advertising site refuse to report on in a manner that entertains our readers and pokes at the unspoken topics that go on around us.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea: Three Strikes, You’re Out!

As town officials gear up for a selection process to select a new police chief to replace the disgraced David Wayman, The Fact of The Matter suggests that the common denominator responsible for the last three recommendations to be appointed is none other than Town Administrator Jim Gildea. 

The rank and file have lost confidence in Gildea being able to recommend anyone to lead the department.  Gildea is the Town Administrator responsible for recommending Bernard Tracy, John Parizeau, and David Wayman. 

A source has confirmed that Jim Gildea was recommending then-Lieutenant David Wayman for Chief when Bernard Tracy was allegedly forced to resign.  Tracy was advised by town attorney Robert Cochran that the town would conduct an independent investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and an alleged affair with Detective Sandy Chambers.  Tracy had suggested Wayman to lead the investigation.  Town officials refused, Tracy quit, and the town settled with Chambers.  

Ultimately, John Parizeau was appointed police chief after initially telling town officials he did not want the job.  Parizeau would then promote Wayman to the rank of Captain.   Parizeau would eventually fall victim to a vote of “no confidence” by the Westfield Policeman’s Benevolent Association (PBA) and would soon resign mired in his own alleged corruption including allowing his friend John Rowe to remain on the job after it was discovered Rowe had been stealing time which TFoTM has documented by obtaining a confidential memo from Parizeau to all supervisors at the time. 

Wayman became Gildea’s third selection to be presented to then-Mayor Skibitsky and the town council for approval.  That pick has proved to be another disaster with recent events unfolding and alleged misconduct and corruption being investigated by the Union County Prosecutors Office.  

Wayman resigned from the Westfield Police Department on August 1, 2018 “after consultation with the Union County Prosecutors Office and the town’s labor counsel, “stated Mayor Shelly Brindle in online news reports. 

Brindle continued.....”As with any personnel change of this magnitude, it’s critical that we complete a thorough search for a police chief who will lead by example and instill a culture of trust and accountability.”  Her press release included, “I am committed to a process that is worthy of the outstanding and dedicated members of our police department, as well as the residents they serve.”

The Westfield Town Council can’t afford to allow Jim Gildea another bite at the apple.  His selections and decisions have proved disastrous and have caused unnecessary litigation against the town, not to mention he was warned not to recommend Wayman for promotion. 

As the old saying goes.......”Three strikes, you’re out!”

TFoTM looks forward to Mayor Shelley Brindle overseeing the selection process. 
The Westfield town council must ignore any recommendation suggested by Jim Gildea. 

        Bernard Tracy   John Parizeau   David Wayman

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Disgraced Ex-Westfield Police Chief Wayman Must Clear Pension Board Hurdle

Disgraced ex-Westfield Police Chief David Wayman may have “retired, effective immediately” from the police department according to published news reports but his pension hangs in limbo until a final decision on discipline is made regarding his alleged corruption and misconduct.

A member of the Police and Fireman’s Pension System (PFRS) must retire in “good standing,” free of any criminal or departmental investigations in order to be approved for pension benefits.

It would appear that while he is no longer in charge of the WPD, his “retirement” doesn’t necessarily guarantee his pension.  He must clear the PFRS pension board review of his retirement application submitted.  TFoTM can’t imagine he is free and clear of local and/or county investigations which would prevent him from retiring “in good standing.”

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

TFoTM Facilitated UCPO Investigation Into Westfield Police Chief Misconduct

On April 12, 2018, the wheels of justice began to spin after The Fact of The Matter (TFoTM) had obtained police reports documenting a “hit & run” accident allegedly involving Westfield police chief David Wayman.  Those reports were turned over to the appropriate town official who in turn, forwarded them onto the Union County Prosecutors Office.

This wasn’t the first time that TFoTM had uncovered corruption within the Westfield Police Department but it would be the first time that the ensuing investigation would focus on the alleged criminal misconduct and not on how TFoTM obtained the evidence of the criminal activity.  A new administration is in place and the perceived protections afforded to Westfield police chief David Wayman were no longer a road block to justice sought.

What followed was a UCPO investigation into the alleged cover up of Chief Wayman’s accident.  During that investigation, other alleged possible criminal misconduct was uncovered including the alleged misappropriation of funds.  Town officials are unable to comment in detail, at this time, about the reasons for Chief David Wayman’s sudden resignation but, seemingly it has much to do with the findings of the UCPO investigation.

Wayman’s misconduct comes as no surprise to many of the rank and file officers that currently serve, or have served, the Town of Westfield.  What is surprising is that the previous administration, led by ex-mayor Andy Skibitsky and former acting mayor JoAnn Neylan, routinely praised their police chief.

The fallout from the UCPO investigation isn’t over.  The town must decide what will happen to Detective Lieutenant Leonard Lugo, the author of the alleged phony accident and investigation reports filed that cover up Wayman’s alleged accident.  Lugo’s integrity is being questioned by subordinates within the department and by the public that expects law enforcement personnel to be honest and beyond reproach.

Westfield Det. Lt. Leonard Lugo is now tainted with the stain of corruption and misconduct for his role in the alleged cover up.  What should happen to the Westfield patrolman Donald Domanowski, the officer that allegedly witnessed the accident and failed to report it to the proper authority but yet allegedly revealed to coworkers what he had witnessed?

The Westfield Police Department is staffed with good men and women that want to protect and serve the citizenry of Westfield with honesty and integrity.

Until the new Brindle administration puts into place a police chief respected by the rank and file, that will live up to the oath taken when sworn in as a Westfield police officer, corruption and misconduct will continue to manifest itself in those aligned with past police chiefs named Tracy, Parizeau, and Wayman.........all of whom were recommended by Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea.


Westfield TAP Editor Jackie Lieberman Censors Content

Scotch Plains resident and TAPintoWestfield editor Jacqueline “Jackie” Lieberman touts the success of her internet news site by holding up a certificate acknowledging the number of pageviews received in 2016.

What most readers don’t know is that she censors comments and content posted to the TAPintoWestfield Facebook group she runs as an administrator, as well as on a Westfield NJ Facebook group, by selectively removing the comments and blocking participants.

 Nothing like a so-called journalist silencing the public and restricting freedom of speech.

The acronym letters T-A-P are hereby renamed “The Advertising Page” because at the end of the day it’s a matter of putting food on the table from the advertising revenue she solicits.

Her attempts to suppress freedom of speech by silencing comments regarding her journalism is hypocritical.

Emails to TAP CEO Michael Shapiro seeking an explanation as to why one of his franchisees censors content have not been answered.

Westfield Police Chief Is Ousted......”Effective Immediately” According to Westfield Mayor Brindle

To view mainstream media coverage of Westfield Police Chief David Wayman’s ouster, click on link.

Author of Phony Police Report.....Lugo Must Go

Westfield police Detective Lieutenant Leonard Lugo must go.  

When a police officer is entrusted to investigate, the citizenry puts its 100% trust and confidence in that officer to do the right thing, to protect and serve the public.  

What Det. Lt. Lugo did was not only undermine the oath he took to become a Westfield police officer, he protected and served himself by allegedly fabricating police reports documenting a “hit & run” motor vehicle accident that allegedly involved his police chief behind the locked gates of the Westfield conservation center on Lambertsmill Rd. 

 Covering up an accident is corruption and misconduct in office.  Lying on an official police report strikes at the core of trust the public places in law enforcement.  What other reports has Lugo fabricated?  What other crimes have been committed that he has covered up or neglected to investigate because it didn’t protect and serve his personal agenda to move up the the WPD “corporate ladder?”

Lugo’s integrity is tainted and can’t hold up against the test of future cross examination in court.  His subordinates in the WPD detective bureau can’t be expected to respect their supervisor.  The citizenry of Westfield can’t expect to be “protected and served” by a law enforcement officer willing to fabricate and manipulate evidence of a crime. 

Westfield Detective Lieutenant Leo Lugo must go. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Westfield Police Chief Is Out!

A TFoTM source has confirmed that the Westfield police department witnessed David Wayman clean out his office today making way for a new police chief. 

Wayman has been the subject of a Union County Prosecutors Office investigation ever since The Fact of The Matter turned over evidence obtained of a “hit & run” accident that Wayman was alleged to have covered up, that took place behind the locked gates of the conservation center on Lambertsmill Rd. 
Westfield Detective Lieutenant Leonard Lugo was tasked with filing a phony police accident report that would become the spark that lit the fire igniting the investigation. 

The UCPO investigation uncovered other alleged criminal conduct that has apparently forced Wayman’s anticipated resignation. 

What is unknown at this time is whether or not Wayman has be charged criminally or departmentally for his alleged misconduct and whether or not he will be subjected to a lengthy suspension or loss of accrued vacation and sick time prior to retirement, if he is not fired. 

Wayman was notorious for levying fines on officers in lieu of departmental discipline which has some questioning the legality of it all. 

Westfield’s bulk trash pickup isn’t scheduled until the Fall but today Westfield tossed out garbage worthy of a landfill. 

Westfield Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan......Can You Explain?

Westfield Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan is the current public defender in Mountainside, NJ where a controversial case was transferred from Westfield municipal court.  The Mountainside prosecutor is former Westfield Councilman James Foerst.  Neylan was once employed by the lawfirm of Spector Foerst & Associates.

The controversial case involved Westfield Police Captain John Ricerca’s daughter who wasn’t issued any motor vehicle violations on the date of her accident, despite having multiple juveniles in her vehicle in violation of New Jersey Title 39 Motor Vehicle Law regarding probationary licenses.
(See story link below)

The victim’s lawyer sought relief from the county prosecutor to extend the statute of limitations allowing for summonses to be issued on a later date when it was discovered the Westfield police initially neglected to ticket Ricerca.

While serving in the capacity of “acting mayor” in 2015, JoAnn Neylan administered the oath of office to Captain John Ricerca.

Mountainside prosecutor James Foerst sat on the Westfield Town Council when Ricerca’s promotion was approved.  The Ricerca Motor vehicle summonses eventually issued, were dismissed on grounds of “prosecutorial discretion” without the victim or victim’s attorney present in court.

Westfield town Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan, can you explain why the summonses were dismissed in Mountainside court citing “prosecutorial discretion” and how you, and Jim Foerst, don’t constitute a conflict of interest in this case being heard in Mountainside after being transferred from Westfield due to a conflict of interest?

Tap on link below to read coverage of the alleged coverup.





Monday, July 30, 2018

Westfield Police Department Coverups & Corruption Fuel TFoTM Hits

Recent investigations into Westfield Police Department corruption have fueled TFoTM blogsite pageviews.  Readers are visiting The Fact of The Matter seeking information not found in local press and online news. is the first news source other than TFoTM to report on Westfield Police Captain John Ricerca’s daughters accident while driving with a probationary license and violating a number of New Jersey motor vehicle statutes including, but not limited to, careless driving and having too many occupants in her vehicle for a driver on probation.  

No tickets were issued on the day of the January accident, and when summonses were finally issued after pleas to the Union County Prosecutors Office by the victim’s attorney, they were dismissed in Mountainside court due to “prosecutorial discretion.”  Keep in kind that the prosecutor in Mountainside, NJ, where the case was transferred due to a conflict of interest, is former Westfield town councilman James Foerst.  The Mountainside public defender is current Westfield town councilwoman JoAnn Neylan.  Many are questioning why a “conflict of interest” wasn’t claimed in Mountainside.  Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan swore in John Ricerca to the rank of captain during his promotion. 

TFoTM pageviews have also increased due to the recent reporting of Westfield police chief David Wayman and Detective Lieutenant Leonard Lugo being investigated for the alleged coverup of Wayman’s “hit & run” accident.  Wayman will be resigning from the police department and Lugo faces public scrutiny regarding his integrity and future employment status.  TFoTM obtained the phony police reports and forwarded them to the proper authority which facilitated Wayman’s demise. 

During the investigation, the UCPO uncovered other alleged crimes and departmental infractions including the misappropriation of funds by Wayman, during his tenure with the WPD. 

TFoTM says, “Sayounara,” “Adios,” “Auf Wiesersehen,” to David Wayman.  Patience is a virtue and you know what they say about paybacks and karma?  Female canine. 


Saturday, July 28, 2018

Confirmed: Westfield Police Chief Resigning

12:30pm 7/28/18
A source not authorized to speak on behalf of the Westfield Police Department or the Union County Prosecutors Office has confirmed that Westfield Police Chief David Wayman will be resigning as a result of the UCPO investigation into a hit & run accident and other alleged criminal acts uncovered during the investigation.

A source not authorized to speak on behalf of the WPD has indicated that the investigation also included the misappropriation of funds by Westfield Police Chief David Wayman.

More to follow when further details are provided. Reports on Westfield Police Captain’s Daughters Accident ...... No Tickets Issued at Scene of Accident

See article on alleged coverup and corruption.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Union County Prosecutors Office Investigation Enters 4th Month

Since the end of June, Westfield police chief David Wayman has continued to use accrued comp time to remain out of work while the Union county Prosecutors Office continues it’s probe into allegations of misconduct.

Three months have passed since Westfield town officials were made aware of the hit & run accident that took place in an area of the Westfield conservation center under lock and key controlled by the Westfield police department.  TFoTM received a tip from a source confirming an accident report had been filed by Westfield Detective Lieutenant Leonard Lugo.  Once notified, town officials were mandated to pass the information along to the Union County Prosecutor since it was alleged that the Westfield police chief was involved.

A subsequent OPRA request filed with the Westfield Town Clerk seeking information regarding a March 2018 accident involving Westfield Police Chief David Wayman at the conservation center was returned stating that no such report existed.

An OPRA request was filed with the Union County clerk seeking information regarding an accident that took place in Westfield where a Union County Prosecutors Office vehicle was struck in the Westfield conservation center.  The U.C. clerk provided TFoTM with a copy of not only the accident report filed and approved/reviewed by Det. Lt. Lugo, but also an investigation report that was filed by Lugo a month after the accident and approved by “JMCE.”
Being called into question is the validity of the accident and investigation reports filed by Lugo.

The alleged suspect in the hit & run is Westfield Police Chief David Wayman.  It has been alleged that Westfield Patrolman Donald Domanowski was a witness to the accident and was allegedly coerced into silence.

One would expect that the Union County Prosecutors Office could wrap up its investigation into the “hit & run” in a few days barring any other misconduct uncovered during it’s investigation.

*How did Det. Lt. Lugo come across the accident in the locked compound of the Westfield conservation center on Lambertsmill Rd.?

*Who reported the accident to Det. Lt. Lugo?

*How does a hit & run accident occur in an area of the conservation center that is under lock and key and access is controlled by the police department?

Where was the Westfield police chief at the time of the accident?

Where was Patrolman Domanowski at the time of the accident?

Every police vehicle can be tracked by GPS and the location can be verified by checking GPS records. Have GPS records been checked?

Was Ptlm. Domanowski on duty that day?

Did Domanowski sit for the upcoming sergeants test and feel pressured into silence about what he allegedly witnessed?

Why did Det. Lt. Leonard Lugo approve his own accident report when the report is typically approved by the traffic bureau supervisor?

Who asked JMCE to approve the investigation report a month later?

Why was an investigation report filed a month after the actual accident?

All off these questions can be asked of everyone except the police chief, under the Attorney General guidelines.

Under the rules of the Attorney General the municipality cannot do anything against the accused while he is being investigated.  This means they cannot conduct their own investigation.
It does not mean they cannot file a complaint against him for local violations.

Under the rules of the Police & Fireman’s Retirement System, a policeman may not retire if he is under investigation or has pending charges.  If the town does not file a complaint against Wayman, Lugo, or anybody else, there will be a period between the end of the UCPO investigation and the time when the town would bring charges.

That window of opportunity would allow officers to seek retirement during a moment when they are not under investigation or charges.

It is incomprehensible that the UCPO cannot come to some conclusion about the specific charge surrounding the phony reports and that the government of Westfield cannot obtain a statement from the UCPO about those specific charges.

Were talking about a prosecutorship that took 17 months to come up with some conclusion allowing the Mountainside government to negotiate the retirement of the chief and the alleged disciplining of other officers.  This concerned matters of which there was video evidence.

One must wonder why the Town of Westfield does not look at the track record of the UCPO made in Mountainside.

Why hasn’t Wayman or Lugo been suspended pending the outcome of the UCPO investigation?

How can Wayman or Lugo, two superior officers of the WPD, continue to be in charge when their actions surrounding an alleged hit and run are being questioned?

While the rules say that the complaining municipality can’t do anything while the UCPO investigates, one must wonder at the speed with which Mountainside negotiated the retirement of its chief and the leveling of charges against others.

It is especially interesting when you consider that the Mountainside chief is in the damaging video with “Big Blue” laughing with others.

How could that prosecutorship come up with no finding?

Westfield should look to Mountainside as an example of a government allowing it’s police chief on video playing with “Big Blue” to retire without disciplinary action.  What does this say about the government?  What does this teach the remaining police about honesty and integrity in government?

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Union County Prosecutor’s Office Investigation Outcome Unknown

Det. Lt. Leonard Lugo
The anticipated resignation of Westfield police chief David Wayman, after a Union County Prosecutors Office investigation into his alleged misconduct, has members of the WPD and public wondering what will happen to Westfield Detective Lieutenant Leonard Lugo.

Lugo is the detective bureau supervisor that authored the “hit & run” accident report allegedly involving Chief Wayman.  There are no suspects listed on the accident report, or the one line investigation report, filed by Lugo leading many to believe he is complicit in the alleged coverup of the accident.

Lugo has been using vacation time as of late and has kept a low profile during the ongoing UCPO investigation.  His future with the Westfield police department could be in jeopardy as a result of his involvement in the alleged cover-up.

Many are concerned about how Lugo’s alleged tainted integrity could possibly allow him to remain a police officer.  A current Westfield police officer speaking on condition of anonymity stated, “Lugo should be terminated and if he isn’t, bumped back to patrol as a uniformed officer.”

Westfield town officials have been quiet on the UCPO investigation.

Police officers must be in “good standing” in order to submit a retirement application to the New Jersey Police and Fireman’s Retirement System.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

TFoTM Handicaps Anticipated Promotional Process

The recent submission of 5 additional comp days by Westfield Police Chief David Wayman, which will carry him to August 1st, the date of his anticipated resignation as a result of a Union County Prosecutors Office investigation, has TFoTM handicapping the next police chief selection process.  

Wayman’s anticipated departure is the result of TFoTM’s efforts to obtain police reports detailing a hit and run accident that took place in March of 2018 behind the gates of the conservation center on Lambertsmill Rd., and exposing them to the appropriate authority. 

Chief Wayman, the alleged suspect in the hit and run accident, which was documented and allegedly covered up on an official police report by Det. Lt. Leonard Lugo, has been burning comp time since the end of June causing some to wonder who is in charge of the day to day operations of the WPD in his absence.  His absence from police headquarters could be, in part, due to the ongoing, if not completed, UCPO investigation into his alleged misconduct. 

Odds are established based on current rank amongst members of the police department holding the rank of Lieutenant or Captain and knowledge of each candidate’s tenure/standing in the WPD. 

Input was sought from sources wishing to remain anonymous and not authorized to speak on behalf of the WPD. 

Pictured from top to bottom:
Updated on 7-26-18
Captain Chris Battiloro.            3-5
Captain John Ricerca                Off the board due to alleged coverup of daughter’s accident
Lieutenant Frank Padovano      5-1
Lieutenant Jason McErlean      100-1
Lieutenant Jason Carter            Off the board
Lieutenant Jason Rodger          Off the board (Wayman sympathizer)
Lieutenant Leonard Lugo.        Off the board due to involvement in Chief Wayman’s “hit & run”