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Friday, March 27, 2020

Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle Asks Residents to Lend a Helping Hand

     Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle recently asked residents to help keep our streets from flooding by clearing off your local storm drain.

     How about the Westfield Department of Public Works assign employees to clear these leaves and other debris after rain storms?

     The tens of thousands of dollars bilked in overtime by some DPW workers for “no-show” work is more than enough reason to put our tax dollars to work instead of being dispersed through fraudulently obtained overtime.

     While some DPW workers sit around with nothing to do but stare at the time waiting for days end, taxpayers are asked to do the DPW’s work.


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Ice Cream Truck Entices Kids to Break Social Distancing Rule During Pandemic

Parents must lead by example.  This photo was taken on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 18th.  Enjoying the outdoors is one thing, but lining up in close proximity to an ice cream truck that travels around town, serving multiple patrons, across a stainless steel or metal widow frame, where the Coronavirus can linger for up to 72 hours, is just plain insane. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Westfield Mayor & Town Council Must Not Renew Gildea’s Contract

     Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle and members of the current town council must not renew town administrator Jim Gildea’s contract.
     Gildea has a history of undermining the efforts of town employees and needs to be shown the door. 
     He has lost the confidence of many police, fire, DPW and administrative personnel.
     Mayor Brindle and Westfield town council members must certainly be aware of his attempts to undermine the current administration and with municipal elections on the horizon and his close ties to the previous administration dominated by the GOP, Gildea can’t be trusted.

Saturday, March 14, 2020



From: Town of Westfield

Today, we received confirmation of the first COVID-19 case in Westfield.

Regional Health Officer Megan Avallone is following all related protocols issued by the State Department of Health for case investigation and contact tracing. This entails a full inventory of the resident's recent activities and locations visited. From this assessment, notification to all other individuals who have been identified as close contacts will follow. These individuals will also be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.

In accordance with privacy laws, we are unable to release any personally identifiable information about this patient, who is in their 40s and remains stable while managing symptoms at home at this time. Residents are reminded to take all recommended precautions and exercise best practices like hand washing and social distancing to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. If you are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, please call your health care provider before arriving for evaluation.

In addition, the Union County Chief Justice today announced a two-week suspension of all Municipal Court sessions as part of the effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. This suspension will begin Monday, March 16 and continue through Friday, March 27. Anyone scheduled to appear before Municipal Court to contest a traffic or parking ticket, or minor local ordinance violation should not appear and should await notice of a new court date.

The Municipal Courts will continue to handle certain matters, including calendars where a defendant has been detained; probable cause determinations; and applications for temporary restraining orders, Extreme Risk Protective Orders, and search warrants; as well as other matters that implicate public safety. Attorneys and parties required to appear between March 16 and March 27 will be specifically notified of that requirement to appear.

For updated information about closures, please check the Judiciary’s public website ( Defendants also may continue to make payments through the MC online payment system at

Friday, March 06, 2020

Union County Freeholders Addressed Regarding Westfield Corruption & Coverup

     The Union County Freeholders were addressed last night regarding 2018’s hit and run accident and subsequent coverup that involved disgraced ex-Westfield Police Chief David Wayman, Det. Lt. Leonard Lugo, and others.

     The Freeholders were also alerted of the Union County Prosecutors Office theft investigation into property stolen by David Wayman, and another supervisor, from the Westfield Police Department’s evidence/property room.

     Due to the five minute limit on public comment by each speaker, the Freeholders were spared additional information that exposes the disparity in adjudicating the criminal conduct of Wayman, his accomplices, and other Westfield officers involved in theft, corruption, and official misconduct compared to ex-Union County police officer Blake Clay.
     During last night’s public comment, a comparison was made between ex-Union County police officer Blake Clay, who was indicted on theft, tried, convicted, and sentenced to three years in state prison, and the criminal conduct of David Wayman which included alleged false swearing, theft, conspiracy, and official misconduct.  Four months after Wayman’s misconduct was exposed, he mysteriously retired in good standing with the blessing of town officials.  Wayman currently collects a $90K+ pension and medical benefits paid for by the taxpayers he betrayed, while Blake Clay awaits reporting to state prison.

     It was noted last night that Blake Clay is black and the Westfield officers are white.  The glaring disparity in which these two investigations were handled along with their outcomes, raises many questions that Union County Freeholder Chairman Al Mirabella stated he could not answer.

     Union County Freeholder Chairman Mirabella is no stranger to criminal conduct by a police officer.  He comes from a “law enforcement family” with a father that served as Elizabeth Police Department’s police chief, and a brother, Gene Mirabella, that served as a Garwood police officer before he was terminated for misconduct.

     One of the many questions raised is how can a sworn police officer involved in a conspiracy to cover-up misconduct and criminal activity, still be employed as a police officer?

     Westfield Police Department continues to employ Leonard Lugo, who was demoted from detective lieutenant to patrol sergeant for his role in Wayman’s hit & run accident cover-up.

     Wayman’s accomplice(s) in the theft of property from the police department's evidence/property room is/are still employed by the WPD.

     The Union County Freeholders were reminded that the statute of limitations for official misconduct by a police officer is seven years.  It’s only been two years since Wayman and his cohorts misconduct was exposed and investigated.

     More to come.
David Wayman & Leonard Lugo
“Partners in Crime”

Monday, February 24, 2020

While One Corrupt Cop Walks Free, Another Walks Into Prison: Racial Disparity?

Westfield police Chief David Wayman walked out of police headquarters helping himself to property stolen from the police department property room, fabricated a hit and run accident he caused and lied about, and was able to retire with a yearly pension and lifetime health benefits.  Investigated by the Union County Prosecutors Office. 
Theft and Official Misconduct and not indicted. Dave Wayman is Caucasian/White.
Related story regarding departure with no mention of thefts. 

Blake Clay walked out of the Union County Police Department and heads to state prison to serve a 3 year sentence for theft and official misconduct. 
Blake Clay is African American/Black. 
The disparity in the outcome of these cases must be questioned, will be questioned. 
See related story.

Friday, February 21, 2020

TFoTM Will Be Live on BlogTalk Radio

With The Fact of The Matter nearing 1,000,000 hits, TFoTM is heading back to the Internet airways with the first radio show in 8 years.
Click on the link below on Wednesday 2/26/2020 at 6:30 pm to listen in.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Westfield DPW Workers Shut Down Bilking of Overtime after DPW Director Learned of TFoTM Story Coming Out

     The Fact of The Matter has obtained Westfield DPW supervisor Rob Kosciolek’s overtime records from January 1, 2019 thru October 9, addition to previously posted timecard records from 2018. 

     Kosciolek is not required to clock in and out for his daily shift of 7am. to 3pm., he only has to use the time clock when working overtime, especially when starting at 3pm, Monday thru Friday.  

     If you compare Kosciolek’s OT time card from 2018 (in a previous TFoTM post) to his 2019 time card, there is a significant difference in the number of times he worked past 6pm in 2018 before the theft ring was exposed, than he worked in 2019. NOTE: The 2019 OT time card is only thru 10/9/19.

     In 2018, Kosciolek had 41 entries starting at 3pm. and ending between 6:30pm. or later. . 
     In 2019, Kosciolek has 4 entries starting at 3pm. and ending between 6:30pm. or later. 

     Westfield DPW workers Charles Elliot and Keith Mueller provided testimony to an investigator that all workers clocked out by 6pm. 

     On March 27, 2019, Westfield DPW Superintendent/Director Greg O’Neil stated to an investigator that “he had heard an article was going to come out on the blog “The Fact of The Matter” alleging overtime fraud.”  TFoTM had leaked information pertaining to the DPW overtime thefts in the beginning of October 2018 in anticipation of publishing a blog story exposing the alleged overtime thefts. 

     Ironically, supervisor Kosciolek, and other DPW workers alleged to have stolen overtime, ceased having another employee sign them out past 6pm. when working overtime between 3pm. and 6pm., after Director O’Neil learned of the TFoTM story coming out on this blog.  No longer were some DPW employees routinely signed out past 6pm.  It appeared that the “bilking” of overtime had effectively come to a halt once the theft ring was exposed. 

     Multiple sources have confirmed that DPW workers were collecting between 1 and 5 hours of stolen overtime each time they had someone else sign them out in their absence, most noticeably in August of 2018. 

     A source has also confirmed that overtime opportunities were significantly curtailed leading up to and after the TFoTM story was published once “the town” heard about TFoTM’s impending story. 

     The time cards of DPW employees involved in the “impropriety” and “improper conduct” as described by Town Attorney Tom Jardim, show a significant change in the clocking out habits of the alleged corrupt employees once the theft of overtime was exposed in the Fall of 2018. 

More to come...........

Tap on each time card photo for a clearer picture. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

VIDEO: United States Senator Makes a Case for Police Chief Prosecution

“Sheriffs and police chiefs are certainly not immune.”

Florida Senator Val Demings, a 24 year law enforcement officer, addresses the Senate during the Trump impeachment hearing.  Demings states that no one is immune to prosecution for using the official powers of their office to cover up crimes and misdeeds.

Someone needs to tell Senator Demings that disgraced Westfield Police Chief David Wayman is immune to criminal charges thanks to the Union County Prosecutor and Westfield Town officials.
Watch the 35 second video, towards the end she mentions sheriffs and police chiefs.

Wayman orchestrated a coverup of his own hit and run accident with Leonard Lugo authoring the bogus report in 2018.

Wayman’s thefts from the Westfield Police Department property room weren’t prosecuted.  One has to wonder why.

The coverup was exposed by The Fact of The Matter.

There is a 7 year statute of limitation for “official misconduct.”

See video: tap on link

Disgraced Police Chief David Wayman (left) & Demoted Sergeant Leonard Lugo (right)

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Union County Cop Gets 3 Years in Prison

Steal from the Westfield DPW.......keep your job.
Steal from the Westfield Police Department and coverup an accident involving the police chief........keep your job.

Too bad this County cop didn’t work for the town of Westfield.

Read story at the following link:

Monday, January 13, 2020

Culture of Harassment Continues at Westfield DPW: “SUCK iT” Sign Posted on Locker

A hand written sign with the words “SUCK iT” hangs on the side of a locker in a Westfield Department of Public Works garage.

The garage is used for truck storage and a break room for Westfield DPW employees.  Westfield DPW forestry division employees frequent this room on a daily basis and Westfield DPW supervisors hold staff meetings in this location.

The Fact of The Matter asks DPW Supt. Greg O’Neil.......Why is the harassment of employees continuing and what does “SUCK iT” mean?  Suck what?

Why is Forestry Division supervisor Rob Kosciolek, the supervisor who allegedly stole thousands of dollars in overtime, allowing this harassment to continue in an area where he holds meetings with his subordinates/crew.

With the recent allegations of racial and age discrimination to have occurred at the DPW, are we now to believe there are sexual harassment issues emerging?

TFoTM can’t say it enough, but Town Administrator Jim Gildea holds some responsibility in these acts of harassment as does Westfield DPW Supt. Greg O’Neil for not addressing the ongoing issues that seem to plague the Westfield Department of Public Works and putting an end to the harassing culture that still exists at the Westfield DPW.

Both, Gildea and O’Neil need to go and the Westfield Town Council needs to act now, before any other potential lawsuits are filed by town employees.

Wednesday, January 08, 2020

UPDATED 1/10/2020: WPD Investigating Bias Incident at Westfield DPW

UPDATED 7:00am 1/10/2020
TFoTM has learned that another Westfield DPW employee, Joe Handy (? correct spelling) is allegedly a possible victim of what sources are saying is an anonymous letter found in a DPW vehicle containing possible age and racial discrimination.  Mayor Shelley Brindle addressed the Westfield Department of Public Works and vowed to exhaust all investigative resources to determine who left the anonymous letter in the DPW vehicle.

In the wake of the Union County Prosecutors Office investigation into theft of time by employees at the Westfield Department of Public Works, town officials have been thrust into a volatile
employment matter that could have repercussions throughout town departments.

A source not authorized to speak on behalf of town officials has confirmed that the Westfield Police Department is investigating an incident involving the Westfield DPW that can be categorized as a racial bias crime.

Authorities are investigating an alleged incident involving DPW worker Frank Watkins, the same employee at the center of the theft of time investigation that exposed Watkins signing other DPW employees in/out of work that were not present.

Watkins allegedly found a racially charged note left in a DPW vehicle parked at the Westfield Department of Public Works on North Ave.

Multiple sources have confirmed that Westfield DPW vehicles are often left unlocked, in some cases with keys left in the vehicle, allowing easy access to anyone using the vehicles.

Frank Watkins

Saturday, January 04, 2020

Westfield Police Promotions

A source has indicated that the WPD promotional results for the rank of Lieutenant are known and are listed below.

As per the superior officers union contract, Westfield Police Chief Chris Battiloro can promote from the top 3 candidates on the list after final scores are tabulated.

Sgt. Nicole Tango Stivale
Sgt. Marcin Kapka
Two sergeants will be promoted to the rank of lieutenant to fill voids in the department.
As candidates are promoted, those remaining on the list move up and can be chosen should another promotion be necessary.

Note:  After the promotion of Sgt. Nicole Tango Stivale and Sgt. Marcin Kapka, Sgt. John Tango, allegedly previously arrested by the New Jersey State Police while off duty, will sit #1 on the list while Sgt. Leonard Lugo, demoted to sergeant as a result of his involvement in authoring the hit & run accident report in the alleged cover-up of disgraced former police chief David Wayman’s hit & run accident, sits #2.

Sgt. John Tango

Note:  See TFoTM story of court case resulting in $1.1 million dollar settlement to the Rolnick family of Westfield, a lawsuit involving Officer Marvin Kapka.

WPD Records Bureau Sgt. Michael Walsh sits #3 on the promotional list after the first round of promotions.

1.  Sgt. Nicole Tango Stivale
2.  Sgt. John Tango
3.  Sgt. Marcin Kapka
4.  Sgt. Leonard Lugo
5.  Sgt. Michael Walsh
6.  Sgt. Tom Ostrander

To be promoted:

1.  Sgt. Nicole Tango Stivale
3.  Sgt. Marcin Kapka

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Wayman Hit & Run: New Information Uncovered

New information has surfaced regarding disgraced ex-police chief David Wayman’s hit & run accident that led to a Union County Prosecutors Office investigation and Wayman’s resignation from the Westfield Police Department. 
More to follow.  

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Why pay a yearly subscription fee when you can get the local rag for free online.  To read this week’s edition of the Westfield Leader newspaper, go to:

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Demotion to Promotion......Author of Fictional Police Reports Seeks Promotion

     The Westfield Police Department recently held a promotional exam in anticipation of promotions being made to fill vacancies in the rank of lieutenant. 

    The lieutenant exam is open to anyone holding the rank of sergeant for at least one year.
     Last year, Lieutenant Leonard Lugo was demoted from Lieutenant to Sergeant for his role in the hit & run accident involving disgraced former police chief David Wayman who was forced to resign in the wake of a Union County Prosecutors Office investigation into the accident cover up and other alleged criminal activity. 

     Lugo was the author of both the accident report and investigation report that covered up Chief Wayman’s hit & run accident while Wayman was operating a town owned vehicle in the secured impound/storage lot located at the Westfield Conservation Center on Lambertsmill Rd.  Wayman allegedly struck a parked vehicle owned by the Union County Prosecutors Office that was being stored at the lot. 

     Leonard Lugo was demoted from lieutenant to sergeant as part of the disciplinary action against him stemming from his role in actions investigated by the UCPO. 

     Should Lugo be eligible to seek a promotion?  As the author of two reports covering up Wayman’s accident, how can he possibly be in line for a promotion to a supervisory level higher than the one he currently occupies?  How is Lugo in charge of anyone at his point?  Why is Lugo still employed as a police officer?  How can he possibly ever take the witness stand and testify under oath?

     These, and many more questions remain regarding Lugo’s continued employment as a Westfield police officer sworn to uphold the law. 

     To promote Leonard Lugo would be to reward corruption, misconduct, and a stained integrity.  What kind of message would Lugo’s promotion send to the rank and file of the WPD?

Sergeant Leonard Lugo

Monday, December 09, 2019

Just Because There Were No Criminal Charges...........

Mayor Shelley Brindle
At a town council meeting last month, Westfield Mayor Shelley Brindle provided the following update/remarks regarding the Union County Prosecutors Office investigation into theft of time by employees of the Westfield Department of Public Works.


“On a separate note, I want to take this opportunity to follow up on an issue that was presented to the Town Council by a resident over the last few months concerning allegations of overtime fraud at the DPW. As I had said publicly at the time, the matter was investigated by an independent employment law firm earlier this year, which found no evidence of fraud. The issue was then referred to the Union County Prosecutor's Office by a resident claiming to have additional information. The UCPO conducted a subsequent investigation, with which the Town offered its full cooperation.

Westfield DPW worker
Frank Watkins 
clocks out multiple
employees not present
I am pleased to report that the UCPO recently advised that, after a full review of the facts and circumstances surrounding these allegations and conducting a thorough investigation, they found no evidence to warrant criminal charges or further pursuit of this matter, and they have closed their investigation. While they made some helpful suggestions regarding ways to improve some administrative processes, ultimately these findings reinforce those of the previous independent investigation, and the Town now considers the issue fully investigated and closed.”

Mayor Brindle does not identify the "resident' that referred the issue to the UCPO nor does she disclose the "helpful suggestions regarding ways to improve some administrative processes."

Just because the UCPO “found no evidence to warrant criminal charges” doesn’t mean the theft of time didn’t occur.

UCPO Subpoena
In the early 1990’s, then Westfield Detective Lieutenant Barney Tracy assaulted a handcuffed suspect at Clark, NJ police department while he was there to interview the suspect possibly responsible for crimes committed in Westfield and apprehended in Clark.  As Clark police pushed for an investigation and perhaps criminal charges, neither ever materialized.

Just because there were no criminal charges, doesn’t  mean the crime of assault didn’t occur.

Barney Tracy would again be investigated, this time by the Readington Police Department after he assaulted a local resident, allegedly breaking the resident’s nose when the resident objected to Tracy’s son exiting their vehicle, while stopped in traffic on the way to the annual balloon fest, and allegedly urinating on the homeowner’s front lawn.

Just because there were no criminal charges, doesn’t mean the crime of assault didn’t occur.

In 2004, Westfield Police Chief Bernard Tracy engaged in a search of B.R.A.K.E.S. Co-chair Sarah Strohecker Clarkson’s name using police computers to dig up “dirt” on the Westfield resident after she wrote a critical letter to the Westfield Leader newspaper.  Tracy had also made claims to the Westfield Leader, and to others, that he maintained files on Westfield residents affiliated with the WECARE group formed to oppose the construction of parking decks.  Among those names were residents, newspaper employees, and a sitting Westfield Councilman at the time.  The New Jersey State Police investigated and found that names had been searched using Westfield police computers.

Police Chief John Parizeau

Just because there were no criminal charges, doesn’t mean the crime of illegally accessing police computers didn’t occur.

In 2007, then Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau issued a confidential memo to all police supervisors detailing the stealing of time.
The UCPO (Sgt. Tansey & Det. Koenig) investigated and appeared to be more concerned about how this blog site (TFoTM) obtained the confidential memo detailing the crime and exposing it to the public.

Parizeau would retire after he received a vote of "no confidence" by Westfield PBA 90.

Just because there were no criminal charges, doesn’t mean the crime of theft didn’t occur.

Confidential Memo
exposing theft by
Westfield police supervisor
In 2018, The Fact of The Matter exposed a hit and run accident filed by Lt. Leonard Lugo (since demoted to Sergeant for his role in the cover up) involving then Westfield Police Chief David Wayman that took place inside the secured Westfield Police Department impound/storage lot located at the Westfield conservation center on Lambertsmill Rd.  The accident was documented as a “leaving the scene” with no suspects.

A Town of Westfield owned and insured vehicle was involved and struck a parked Union County Prosecutors Office vehicle.  During the investigation, other alleged crimes were exposed involving alleged thefts by Wayman, from the Westfield Police Department property/evidence room.  Lugo was demoted to sergeant and Wayman resigned.

Just because there were no criminal charges, doesn’t mean the crimes of official misconduct and theft didn’t occur.

"Hit & Run" accident report

The theft of time by Westfield Department of Public Works employees was investigated by a law firm selected by the Town of Westfield and cost Westfield taxpayers in excess of $5000.00.

Chief David Wayman
Westfield town attorney Tom Jardim likened the alleged crime to an “HR” Human Resources issue while calling the alleged thefts an "impropriety" and "Improper conduct." Westfield DPW Supt. Greg O’Neil allegedly called it a “union issue.”

When town officials are so willing to dismiss criminal acts as departmental or labor union infractions, hiring a selected law firm to investigate, and not a law enforcement agency, one has to question their motive.

Lt. Leonard Lugo
Eventually, after public pressure to involve the UCPO, a law enforcement investigation took place. What followed was an attempt to investigate the origin of the complaint, the source of the complaint, the whistleblower.  Any attempt to investigate the actual crime was influenced by the previous determination, by a private attorney, that there was no "wrongdoing."

Just like the UCPO investigation that took place when Chief Parizeau had evidence of theft of time by a supervisor, it was deja vu.  The only difference was the names of the investigators. UCPO Det. Colin McNamara and Assistant Prosecutor Melissa Spagnoli were more interested in outing the source of the information obtained and exposed by TFoTM than the actual crime of theft of time.
The Fact of The Matter would not confirm or deny any source of information pursuant to New Jersey's Shield Law.

Just because there were no criminal charges, doesn’t mean the crimes didn’t occur. 

"Hit & Run"

Thursday, November 21, 2019

DPW Overtime Records Tell the Truth

     The Union County Prosecutors Office assigned to the Westfield Department of Public Works theft of time investigation to Detective Colin McNamara.
     Under the supervision of Assistant Prosecutor Melissa Spagnoli, Det. McNamara conducted interviews with current and former DPW employees.
     When contacted by Detective McNamara for an interview, I met with him to answer what I thought would be questions regarding the theft of DPW time that I had exposed on this blog site.
Instead, Det. McNamara seemed more intent in trying to bait me into exposing my sources of information.  He was repeatedly told that I would not confirm or deny a source of information.  He would not be deterred.
     Det. McNamara refused to answer many of my questions, reminding me that he was conducting a criminal investigation and could not divulge investigative material he had in his possession.
When asked for evidence I had obtained, I provided him with payroll records including the payroll records of Westfield DPW supervisor Rob Kosciolek.
     Rob Kosciolek, as a supervisor, is required to clock in and clock out when working overtime only.  He is not required to clock in or out for his working shift of 7am. to 3pm.
     Posted below are Rob Kosciolek’s overtime records for 2018.  TFoTM received information from a source in late August, early September 2018 of DPW employees stealing overtime.
     Also included below are two statements from DPW employees interviewed by Attorney Stephanie Gironda from the Wilentz law firm hired by Westfield to conduct an independent investigation before ever calling the Union County Prosecutors Office.
     Note in both statements how each employee states the time of 6pm.  In fact, one stated it “emphatically” that all employees left at 6pm.  Then look at Rob Kosciolek’s overtime records.
It has been alleged that Rob Kosciolek was stealing overtime by having other employees, including subordinates, clock him out even though he had left, in some cases, hours earlier.  In some instances, an employee that lives locally, is alleged to have returned to work later in the evening to clock out a number of employees even though they left hours earlier.
Investigator Stephanie Gironda not only gets the name of a witness wrong (Elliot) but also states that Head mechanic Rich Eubanks ended his employment.  DPW records show that R. Eubanks is still employed.
The highlighted dates shown on Kosciolek’s timecard are dates and times where multiple employees all had the same time but had allegedly left work early including Frank Watkins, the employee seen in a previously posted photo holding a list of employees names and ID timecard numbers.
More to come........

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Westfield DPW Overtime Theft Investigation

Westfield Department of Public Works employee Frank Watkins engages in what Westfield Town Attorney Tom Jardim stated at a June 18th Westfield Town Council meeting to be an “impropriety” and “improper conduct.”
Watkins entered employee ID numbers into the time clock enabling employees who were not present to earn overtime not worked.
In the photo below, Watkins is seen holding a piece of paper with DPW employee names and ID numbers while he enters numbers into the time clock at the DPW building.
An investigation by the Union County Prosecutors Office found no evidence to warrant criminal charges.
More to come.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Westfield Leader Newspaper’s Biased Editorial Staff

     In an email obtained by The Fact of The Matter, allegedly sent by Westfield Leader newspaper owner Horace Corbin to his assignment editor Paul Peyton, Corbin reminds Peyton what should be done with Letters to the Editor submitted by “haters and nutcases.”
     This reminder from Corbin was in response to a Letter to the Editor submitted by Olivia Gonzales during this past municipal election season.  (Tap on email picture for clarity.)
     See related story by tapping on the link below.

Assignment Editor Paul Peyton

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

Westfield Councilwoman Neylan Causes Stir at Polling Location

The Fact of The Matter has learned that Westfield Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan was told to leave Wilson school earlier today when she tried to take pictures inside the polling location during today’s elections.  Witnesses confirmed that Neylan held her phone up and went through the typical motion that someone would go through to snap a photo.  She did this at multiple balloting locations within the gymnasium of Wilson school.
Councilwoman Neylan was accompanied by Jacqueline Neely who is 3rd Ward Councilman Mark LoGrippo’s campaign manager.
Neylan attempted to take pictures at the polling station as described by sources.
Not only is it illegal to take “ballot selfies,” it’s also illegal to take pictures inside a balloting location.
Councilwoman Neylan, the chairwoman of Westfield’s Republican Committee, has been reported to ELEC, (Election Law Enforcement Commission)
TFoTM has reached out to the Westfield Republican Committee for comment.

Friday, November 01, 2019

Who Found Bodmer: The Search Continues

People have been asking for months about how Rich Bodmer was chosen to run for town council.

The Republican leadership committee often seeks out a candidate to endorse and place on the committee line ballot.

Rob Benacchio is the Vice Chair of the leadership committee of the Westfield Town Republican committee. Rob Benacchio also works for Joe Nitti.

Some of you may recall the name Joe Nitti.  Joe Nitti and Rich Bodmer have been past business partners, all the way back to the Plainfield Clubhouse days and most recently in 2015 with the opening of a semi-revival of the Clubhouse located at the Rio Restaurant on Rt. 22 in Union.

We may never know how the 2nd ward was chosen but these are interesting details.

Some of you may recall the name Joe Nitti from his text that went viral.

Disclaimer: the racial epithet used by the name Joe Nitti has been partially redacted for the purpose of this post.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

It Happened There, It Happened Here?

Stolen scrap metal?  Hmm, perhaps if this employee worked for Westfield DPW, all would be swept under the rug.
Public works boss indicted on charges he groped worker, stole from N.J. town

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Westfield Leader Owner Claims “Hit Squad List” While Candidate Bodmer Alleges Payouts to Smear Campaign Participants

In a Letter to the Editor appearing in today’s Westfield Leader newspaper, Westfield Town Council candidate Rich Bodmer makes accusations of payments made to Democratic supporters that he alleges have smeared his campaign.
Bodmer claims that social capital leader boards like this one,  are to blame and believes names appearing on such leader boards is proof of such payoffs.

Westfield Leader owner/editor Horace Corbin’s loyal followers of his publication received emails earlier this year identifying a “hit squad list” of democrat supporters.

See Corbin’s emails and Bodmer’s Letter to the Editor below.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Westfield DPW Equipment Remains Untouched While Playing Fields Suffer

Westfield Department of Public Works aeration attachment sits unused on a pallet at the DPW building while Westfield’s playing fields have become the center of complaints by residents, athletic teams, and town officials.  This piece of equipment was allegedly purchased more than 3 years ago. 
The Westfield DPW needs to explain why it hasn’t been used on athletic fields in an attempt to revitalize, rehabilitate, restore, and repair the towns fields at Tamaques Park and other municipal owned land.   

With all the overtime worked, and stolen, by Westfield DPW employees, why aren’t Westfield’s playing fields in better shape?  Why have years passed without aerating, seeding, and fertilizing playing fields?

Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate the grass roots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction.