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Monday, January 31, 2011

Contact Council with Concerns, Complaints, or Compliments

The following names and telephone numbers are being provided here to assist any Westfield resident, town employee, or business owner in contacting local government officials with any concerns or complaints they might have. Feel free to compliment the Mayor and Town Council members or to say "thank you" if you believe their service to the Westfield community is deserving of positive feedback.
We did not include the Westfield Town Administrator James Gildea's contact information because we believe that it would be a waste of time.
To contact the Mayor and Town Council members combined:

Mayor Andrew Skibitsky
908-789-4046 Office
908-301-1265 Home

Ward 1 Council Members
Frank Arena                                   Sam Della Fera
908-518-0659                               908-317-0730        

Ward 2 Council Members
Jo Ann Neylan                               Vicki Kimmins
908-233-2441                               908-654-1320        

Ward 3 Council Members
Mark Ciarrocca                               David Haas
908-233-1611                                 908-233-5883  

Ward 4 Council Members
James Foerst                                    Keith Loughlin
908-233-3251                                 908-233-9000          


  1. But I wanted to thank Mr. Gildea for running our town into the ground through his (mis)management.

  2. I got 100 bucks says he doesn't answer his phone. Giving 2:1 on it.

  3. Do you have a number to reach the DPW? Thank you

  4. I have left several messages for the DPW supervisor regarding the condition of my street. I guess he does not know how to check his messages.

    The town has not plowed the street and the intersection is a hazard.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  5. photograph and post here!