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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mismanagement Manifests Itself In More Municipal Mold

     The Fact of The Matter has obtained photographs taken of the Westfield Police Department's Juvenile Bureau Conference Room where it is alleged that black mold had been found and was reported to town officials several years ago.
     An employee had reported the mold condition to Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau, Operations Captain David Wayman and Administrative Captain Clifford Auchter.  
     Westfield Town Administrator James Gildea was subsequently
notified and arrangements were eventually made to have an independent contractor remediate the mold problem. 
     It is alleged that the contractor was unable to complete the job due to the severity of the problem and vacated the building.
     It is also believed that the town's response to the mold problem was to close the door to the conference room possibly thinking "out of sight, out of mind?"  This is what town officials seem to do with most problems.  Rather than admit the existence of the problem, they deny it until it grows so big until it becomes undeniable evidence of mismanagement.
     It appears that the mold infestation has gotten worse.  The removal of ceiling tiles during the recent relocation and renovation of Westfield Police Captain David Wayman's office from one location in police headquarters to another, revealed what appeared to be mold embedded behind the ceiling tiles.

Town employee complaints contact P.E.O.S.H.A.

Other complaints contact O.S.H.A.:

Is this another case of mismanagement by town officials or does the blame rest on the shoulders of one individual?  What say you, Mr. Gildea? 


1.  Was the mold problem fully remediated when first reported to Town Administrator James Gldea?
2.  If not remediated, why not?
3.  Has the HVAC system been compromised as a result of airborne mold spores?
4.  Has the Town of Westfield jeopardized the health and welfare of town employees and the visiting public that enter the Westfield Municipal Building?
5.  How much taxpayer money could have been saved had this problem been taken care of from the first reported complaint?
6.  How far has the mold spread and how much damage has the mold caused?
7.  Should a class action lawsuit be brought against the town, could it have been avoided?


  1. This current administration better get its priorities straight. I'm pretty sure the 124,000 dollars they wasted on the botched street lights and crosswalk on Central Ave. could have easily covered the expense of removing the mold disaster in the municipal building. Way to go Mr. Mayor. Always looking out for the best interest of our community and residents. Do mold spores affect brain function? That could explain how a crosswalk wound up in the middle of the road instead of at the intersection. That must be it since no one has been able to present us with any logical explanation. You don't have to shift the blame on the county or the traffic safety experts anymore. It was the attack of the mold spores that made me do it!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Fact of The Matter has researched how a public employee can submit a complaint to P.E.O.S.H.A. A complaint will remain confidential however, a name and telephone number must be submitted with a complaint. If an employee is reluctant to file a complaint, his/her union representative can file the complaint on behalf of the employee. This information was obtained by calling 609-984-1863.

  3. Its amazing how the same names keep appearing with the downfall of the Westfield Police Department, Tracy, Wayman,Parizeau Auchter and Rowe. If you read over this site those four names along with the Mayor and Gildea seem solely responsible for all matters: MISMANAGEMENT, INCOMPETENCE AND CRIMES. WHY DO WE KEEP PUTTING THESE INDIVIDUALS INTO POWER POSITIONS? WHY WHY WHY

  4. Its no wonder that those four names keep popping up. The four of them have the same thing in common. They couldn't handle being in patrol and had to get a cushier job. Auchter was "not good with his hands", Wayman career was held back, Rowe is a one way person only does things for himself, and Parizeau was pulled out to computerize the department. So how do you run a department when you have no experience in how the department runs.

  5. Could you get a welfare check on retired Police Detective Edward Belford who sat next to that wall for seven years and now has lung cancer.