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Thursday, March 24, 2011

D.A.R.E. Program, A Lesson Cut From The Curriculum

     The following video was emailed to The Fact of The Matter.  The Westfield Police Department's D.A.R.E. program no longer exists in any of Westfield's public schools.  The program was discontinued this year due to budget cuts. 
     You must watch the entire video to see the creative message being sent.


  1. Of course Dare was too expensive. Barney Dave and John pulled a friend out of patrol and assigned him there full time. Cushy job to be handed to a friend. No responsibilities other then Dare. Then when school is out even less to do. That's right wasn't reassigned back to patrol to reduce overtime when others where on vacation. Perhaps if the administration had split up the Dare assignment it could have been a cheaper or no cost program. Just another example of mismanagement and cronyism within WPD.

  2. Come on lets be DARE is discontinued and we keep no one in the schools but an officer was assigned to teach DARE and making 109000 dollars a year but had no responsibilities or assignment. Moore does Drive Duh Wayman to collector/autograph shows, so he has responsibilities, Officer Moore did spend 14000 dollars of our taxpayers money on pimping out( Gull wing Doors,20 inch custom wheels etc) on a 60000 dollar Departmental vehicle for DARE, as per Wayman, at least we have that vehicle.where is that vehicle anyway? I dont see any mismanagement or problems do you?

  3. Not too interested in the political aspects of DARE, much more interested in keeping kids off of drugs and alcohol.A great message to our youth.

  4. Whatever happened to parents being responsible for their little darlings. Why must the schools do it. Get back to the three "r's" this is why our school tax is so damned high too many administrators. Get back to basics.

  5. It Takes a VillageSaturday, March 26, 2011

    You need everyone working to gether to make it work; schools, family, clergy, civic organizations, and police. If kids are only hearing it from the school, but not their family, or the police, its nowhere near as effective.

  6. This is TERRIFIC! Thank you for making people aware of this message. Keep up your good works!

  7. The DAREcar has been found. All the expensive paint and graphics have been removed and it is sitting in Wayman's personal parking spot. Wonder what that cost the town.