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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Hot Topic: Central Ave. Pedestrian Traffic Signal (See Report) Mayor Skibitsky Remains Silent

     On June 7 - 8, 2007, a Signal Warrant Analysis was conducted to determine whether or not a traffic/pedestrian signal was necessary at the intersection of Central Ave. & Clover St.
The analysis was conducted by the Louis Berger Group and the warrant analysis report can be found below. Pedestrian and Automatic Traffic Recorder Counts were obtained.
The volume of traffic traveling Central Ave. at all hours of the day, coupled with the number of pedestrians/schoolchildren attempting to cross the roadway, justified the installation of a pedestrian traffic signal at the location.
     The location referred to in the Signal Warrant Analysis is the intersection of Central Ave. & Clover St.  This intersection was also identified in another report issued to the Town of Westfield dated July 26, 2005.  That report was written by Westfield's consulting engineer Gordon Meth of Keller & Kirkpatrick.  It specifically addresses several traffic "hot-spots" that the Westfield Public Safety, Transportation, and Parking Committee identified, including the intersection of Central Ave. & Clover St.  The report is titled "Traffic Calming and Safety Improvements For Eight (8) Locations."  TFoTM will post the report in the near future.   

     Keller and Kirkpatrick Engineering was selected, as the consulting engineering firm by the Town of Westfield, to assist a Citizen's Traffic Advisory Committee formed by Westfield's governing body to address traffic calming solutions.  Based on the magnitude of requests and prioritization by the Westfield Police Department, eight (8) locations were chosen for a detailed study; the intersection of Central & Clover being one of them. 

     After reading the Signal Warrant Analysis report posted below, more specifically the "Conclusion" at the end of the report, The Fact of The Matter questions why the pedestrian signal was installed at the cul-de-sac'd intersection of Central Ave. & Cambridge Rd.

     Town Council meetings are heating up with some council members asking Mayor Skibitsky to have  Gordon Meth appear before the Town Council to answer the questions that the Mayor won't.  Why won't he answer the questions of residents and what is the real reason he opposes Mr. Meth's appearance?  

      While Mayor Skibitsky refuses to answer any more questions posed by residents at Town Council meetings, Councilman Ciarrocca has also insisted, along with Mayor Skibitsky, that they relied on the "experts" to direct the installation of the pedestrian signal's location.  Did they ignore the Signal Warrant Analysis report?

     This issue has been the focal point of public comment by several Westfield residents attending Town Council meetings since last summer.  The next scheduled Westfield Town Council meeting is this coming Tuesday, March 8th at 8 pm. in the Westfield Municipal Building's court room. 

The debate will continue. 

Also, see related story at

     The following is the Signal Warrant Analysis Report



  1. News Flash! We now know who made the final decision to place the crosswalk and street light in Mrs. Enculescu's driveway. It was the mayor alright, but not the mayor of West/Sign field, it was in fact the mayor of Francis Terrace. From the information I've been able to gather on this woman she was a one man wrecking ball who wouldn't allow anyone to get in her way, especially when she was on the campaign trail for Skibitsky and Ciarocca. Something doesn't smell right. So to keep Mrs. Blowmavich happy you stuck it to the one resident which you thought would yield the least resistance. What you failed to factor into the equation Mark and Andy was the decency of the residents in town who under no circumstance were going to allow you to pull this off. So you might as well just pull the stupid streetlight out of Mrs. Enculescu's front yard now if you want to walk away from this disaster with even a shred of dignity. Council members please do what is right and advise the mayor and Mark that the jig is up. If not the council meetings are really gonna heat up. Get those water pitchers chilled and filled.

  2. Alone at the FirehouseSaturday, March 05, 2011

    You better have your own water for the fire....the fire department has been picked clean of manpower thanks to the town.....

  3. How are you going to save yourself now Mr. Mayor. You have clearly lied to the many faces that have supported you the entire time. Wait I assume you will continue to blame the County, or now maybe council members, maybe you will try to blame Kasko. Face it your a horrible leader along with the other leaders you allow the town to protect. Your an embarrassment to the tax payers and you have allowed Westfield to become a disgraceful joke.

  4. When blogs become filled with non sequitors, readers lose interest. I guess you have to know who the "mayor of Frances Terr." is for this to make sense. Byebye TFOTM. You've lost me.

  5. TFOTM will assume that you are referring to the word non-sequitur (pronounced /nɒnˈsɛkwɪtər/) is Latin for "it does not follow." It is most often used as a noun to describe illogical statements. Non sequitur may refer to: Non sequitur (literary device), an irrelevant, often humorous comment to a preceding topic or statement. Non sequitur (logic), a logical fallacy where a stated conclusion is not supported by its premise. "The mayor of Frances Terr" is mentioned in the first post above. We assume that the name Blowmavich is the "mayor" the person is referring to. We are attempting to verify the name/street with tax records. TFoTM has been informed that she no longer resides on Francis Terr.

    Although the mayor of Westfield is an elected position, TFoTM will assume that the posting above referring to "the mayor of Francis Terr" is someone who thinks they are the designated leader of their neighborhood based on some false pretense. Thank you for visiting The Fact of The Matter. You are welcome to return at any time.

  6. I find the topics of this blog informative. Information not normally obtained and provided by other media outlets. I find the comments entertaining but don't rely on them when deciding whether or not to log on each day, sometimes multiple times each day. Don't worry about losing the person that posted that comment. I was at a party Friday night and friends were talking about this site. Keep up the good work TFOTM! I think more people are logging on each day.

  7. Oh please reach out the THE MRS MAYOR of Francis Terr she loves to spew from the mouth. She will be happy to tell you how much influence she has in the town and how SHE got Andy elected and how he owes her! How she has a lot of power in this town and how all she does is have to make one phone call and she gets what she wants!..As she clearly told me that she was promised once she got Andy elected he would get her the culdesacs we now see on central ave, i didnt belive her until i saw the ground breaking happening.....But i wasnt aware of the fact that if you worked to help get a politician elected they then did you favors??????... We were working on Francis Terr last year and i had a vehicle parked in the street, legally. (street is very tight and you can only park on one side) Well she came out complaining to me and telling me if i didnt move my vehicle because it was making it hard for her to pull in and out of her driveway she had friends in town like the Mayor and the Police Chief and she would have my LEGALLY parked vehicle removed. She went on to say how powerful she was and that i better do what she wanted or i would see what would happen to me! So i asked her if she needed to get out of her driveway and she said "NO" so i asked what the issue was she said she just didnt want my vehicle their. So i politely walked away. 10 minutes later there was a police car in the street looking for me. I asked the police officer if the vehicle was parked legally and he responded, "it needs to be moved" i asked again is it legally parked and he finally responded "yes" but it still needed to be moved and would not give me a reason! So i dont know what is up with this women or what she has on the Police Chief and Mayor but it should be looked into! She loves to talk so getting information out of her should very easy.

  8. Power....I dont think so...I think she is just one of those people when her name comes up on the caller ID people say "oh no not again" and it is easier for the powers in office to just do what she is asking and shut her up...otherwise she will talk till you have a migraine.....