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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mayor Skibitsky's "Common Sense" Answer to Resident's Complaints?

     The installation of the new "Hawk" pedestrian light at the base of Adina Encelescu's driveway on Central Ave. has caused a lot of confusion for motorists.  Many have confused her driveway for a street.  The Mayor refuses to move the light.  Her complaints to the Westfield Town Council, specifically Councilman Ciarrocca and Mayor Skibitsky, have not gone unnoticed.  Instead of moving the pedestrian light to a safer location for all, at the original proposed location of Central Ave. & Clover St., these two politicians have adopted the catch phrase of Abraham Lincoln: "You can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time…Well this is one such occasion. 

     In the name of "safety" perhaps Mayor Skibitsky might have additional signage installed "above and beyond" (as County experts have suggested) to alleviate the unsafe conditions around this pedestrian light at the base of a residential driveway. 

The Fact of The Matter is, neighboring residents won't mind all these signs.  If they do, no doubt Mayor Skibitsky will come to Ms. Encelescu's rescue and emphatically state, with no expert proof, that these signs make her intersection much safer.  The basketball rim for the "Dead End" backboard is on order compliments of the Mayor.


  1. What a shame. This poor woman has lived here minding her own business and the DYNAMIC DUO ignore all information and put this insane light here. By the way has anyone seen any children use this. I drove past the Jefferson School and onlysaw kids leaping out of cars. No one was walking.

  2. Maria CarluccioFriday, April 01, 2011

    I've seen councilman Mark Ciarrocca and his wife cross Central Ave. while taking a brisk Sunday afternoon walk. And when I say brisk I mean brisk. They ran down Cambridge Road when they saw me. I'm starting to believe the newly installed light on Central was placed there just for Mr.Ciarrocca and his family. He keeps telling us at every council meeting that his son uses that cross walk.

  3. It is "public knowledge"(his words) that Marc Ciarrocca's son does not go to Jefferson school any longer. He might use the crosswalk from time to time to some sports event. This is another untrue thing Mark Ciarrocca likes to repeat just to convince others that his mistake is a good thing. It is his style "to distort" the truth.

  4. ..... to alleviate the unsafe conditions around this pedestrian light at the base of a residential driveway.

    Can I ask who has determined the conditions to be "unsafe"

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  6. The construction engineer on-site, (on March 11th) for Union County's consulting engineering firm The Louis Berger Group, did.