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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winter Weather Advisory, Spring Break Threatened

Don't put away the shovels, snowblowers, and plows just yet. 

There is no doubt that Mayor Skibitsky has got Westfield's DPW on alert for the impending snow storm predicted to hit our area sometime during the next 24 - 48 hrs.

A "Hazardous Weather Outlook" has been issued for Westfield by the National Weather Service.  Go to the following link for weather forecast:

Although informal, a recent poll of our readers revealed that if Westfield schools were to incur another snow day, the fourth of the school calender year, most prefer that the day be made up by tacking on a day at the end of the school year.  See poll results located on the right side of  our Homepage.

The "snow day" would most likely be made up during Westfield's scheduled Spring Break.

Those that have planned vacations for Spring Break are keeping their fingers crossed that the impending "snow event" predicted for Wednesday and Thursday will not be severe enough to close schools.

If needed, a delayed opening would allow schools to count the day as one of the 180 needed to complete the school year.

Go to the following link for related TFoTM story:


  1. At least the snow will fill the potholes.

  2. Potholes ...... another joke.... i was driving down Clark Street yesterday and watched as 5 DPW workers (LOL) were all standing in the street behind a dump truck with asphalt in it while 1 employee was raking the asphalt out, i pulled over to see just how long it was going to take these 6 workers fill one hole approx. 3' wide x 2' long.....I sat for 20 minutes watching as one man did some raking out of the truck for a few minutes and then stop for a break and join in on the conversation that the rest where having then rake for a few minutes longer and then he was the one who raked the asphalt once he raked it out of the truck..... the others just standing there with no tools in hand just talking!!!! Sure looked like a 1 man job to me but WESTFIELD deploys 6 men to perform it!...... It was AMAZING..... was like watching a circus act... I dont know about everyone else but this circus act sure costs a lot more then Ringling Bros. !!!

  3. Only 20 they are overworking themselves......just think how many men it took to load the asphalt on the truck.....