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Friday, May 13, 2011

TFoTM Asks Town Officials Some Questions: Doubtful They Will Be Answered

Westfield Police Chief John M. Parizeau
Chief, with the current state of affairs your administration is mired in, will you expose the police supervisor that was caught stealing by you or will you wait until you yourself, are the subject of a criminal investigation....that is if you aren't already.

With staffing levels in the patrol division at an all-time low, will you reassign Nicole Tango-Stivale back to road patrol from her secretarial duties?

Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea
Mr. Gildea, what response, if any, did you have when you found out that a Westfield Police supervisor was caught stealing?

Did you cover the theft up and not report it to the Town Council and Mayor?

When the truth surrounding the alleged corruption within some of your town's departments, including your office, is exposed, will you claim ignorance as an excuse? 

Mr. Gildea, will you continue to shield the Mayor and Town Council members, by diverting questions asked of them, with evasive tactics such as the filibuster you engaged in recently at a council meeting?

Westfield 3rd Ward Councilman
Mark Ciarrocca
Do Union County Superior Court Judges respond arrogantly and in a condescending manner to those that appear before their court?  Will you?

What will Mayor Skibitsky do, where will he look for the unconditional support you provide him, if you are to obtain your own gavel in the upcoming months?

Councilman Ciarrocca, you once supported the police.  How do you feel about the police officer that was caught stealing and still remains on the job protecting and serving?

As a superior court judge, would you condone the theft by a Westfield police officer allowing him to remain employed after evidence of him committing a crime was uncovered?

Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky
Mayor, we know how much you support Chief Parizeau,  You have proclaimed your complete satisfaction publicly.  How do you feel about a criminal continuing to serve as a law enforcement officer here in Westfield?

Will the gavel, of which you grip so tightly, become your only line of defense once Councilman Ciarrocca moves on to grip his own?

Westfield Second Ward Councilwoman
Vicki Kimmins.
Have you been disillusioned with regards to what public service, under the Skibitsky regime, would be like?

TFoTM thanks you, Councilwoman Kimmins, for standing up for the citizens of Westfield at a time when it wasn't "politically correct" to do so. 

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  1. Politics is the art of controlling your environment.