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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video: Mayor Skibitsky Backs Off "Safest Location" Claim

     For months, Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky has claimed "the location" of the crosswalk and pedestrian activated light located mid-block on Central Ave., at the cul-de-sac'd intersection of Cambridge Rd. and Central Ave., to be "the safest" location for school children to cross the busy roadway.  Mayor Skibitsky has yet to produce any written proof from "the experts" that he claims designed and implemented this project.  Without this proof, Mayor Skibitsky hesitates, and chooses his words carefully when asked to provide the proof to back up his baseless statement.  In the video, he now shifts the focus on to the design engineers, away from his baseless claims.

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  1. As the Mayor stated the council decided where to put the light, the county only tweeked it by moving it over a little to abide by state laws. It had nothing to do with safety. It only had to do with keeping the residents of Frances Ter and Cedar Street happy. Some of those residents don't even live here anymore. The residents who do live here near the pedestrian crossing do object and we want it moved. It is not safe, it doesn't look good and it was a waste of money.

  2. Time for some new content there scoop. Getting tired of reading about a street light. I'm sure someone has f-ed up enough recently to get listed here.

    Mold status? I need to go there to get a pool ID and want to know if I have a shot at a lawsuit.... Please update.

  3. Maria CarluccioFriday, May 20, 2011

    Anonymous will you please come to the next council meeting and state what you have blogged above. We desperately need more soldiers in our army and you are spot on with your analysis. This dangerous mid block crosswalk and Hawk light must be removed ASAP before another accident occurs. Please help us. Anyone out there that has seen this debacle, please come to the council meetings and stand up for what is right. God will bless you for it.

  4. To Anonymous,

    Although you may be tired of the "street light" issue, there are those that continue to follow the Mayor's "flip-flopping" on the issue.

    The status of the mold issue is unknown. The Town used paint to touch up around the vents that were profiled on our blog, and used plywood and/or sheetrock to hide other areas contaminated, the remediation efforts are suspect at this time. It is unknown if any mold spores have contaminated the HVAC system within the municipal building. When contacted by TFoTM, the Board of Health in Westfield seemed oblivious to the issue. Perhaps a call to the Mayor's office might get you the answers you are looking for. TFoTM will look into the matter.

  5. Maria CarluccioFriday, May 20, 2011

    Dear tired of reading about a street light, maybe the day will come when the powers that be will stick a street light and crosswalk or some other obtrusive unwanted undeserved object in your front yard. Might that bother you?

  6. To the other anonymous, if you don't want to hear about the light anymore and are bored with us skip over this article. The light matters to us and we will continue to complain.