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Friday, June 03, 2011

An Open Letter by a TFoTM Reader

The following letter was submitted to The Fact of The Matter by resident A. John Blake in response to an ongoing Westfield Police Department Internal Affairs Investigation with regards to The Fact of The Matter.  Go to the following link for details:

Letter to The Fact of The Matter:
A. John Blake
     I have the greatest respect for the majority of the police of Westfield.  I would not write this if I did not think you do yourselves a great dis-service by allowing your rights to be so easily trampled.
     You have the right to read what you wish, to talk on any subject with anyone you wish without answering to anyone.  The presentation of a questionnaire to you and the requirement that you answer it, without being allowed to not remember, is an insult to each and every one of you and an invasion of your constitutional rights.
     Each of you has promised to protect the constitutional rights of the public.  How can you not diminish your image in the sight of the public and their trust in your protection when you allow your own rights to be so blatantly violated?
     There is no crime being investigated. The only thing being protected by this inquiry is the egos of a few and the stupidity of others.  The questionnaire was created to trap one or more of your fellow officers in a perceived violation of their oath of silence.  Those that created this questionnaire could do nothing better to validate their critics than to stomp on the rights of the very people expected to protect those rights.
     This questionnaire wishes to make quislings of you all.  It is created to trap you into doing what you have promised not to do, harm a fellow officer.  The end-game is to create a body of informants whose very existence will stifle your ability to trust one another.
     To those I respect, you have my condolences.  To the others, I regret you have stooped so low as to harm your fellow officers in order to protect yourselves.  Just remember, the hardest thing to hide is the
                  A.John Blake


  1. "I do not speak as I think, I do not think as I should, and so it all goes on in helpless darkness."

  2. "They all sought thanklessly to realize human happiness. I understood them. But ... I was unable to continue marching alongside them for long."[

  3. Hey Daddio! Where are all of these cool cats who march along thanklessly to realize human happinesss? Like FAR OUT! I haven't run into many cats of that breed.