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Friday, June 10, 2011

(NEW POST) Westfield Town Council, Playing With Fire


Photo by John Celock, Westfield Patch
   Go to the following link below, to read Westfield Patch story on Hazel Ave. fire where it is reported by the Patch that "firefighters said they had to wait for the second engine to arrive from Fire House Number Two on Central Avenue to enter the home. Patch has learned this was due to fire regulations for “two in, two out,” which dictates that two firefighters be outside and prepared to enter a burning building while two firefighters are inside. The two firefighters based outside are for rescue of those inside the building. Each of Westfield engines was staffed by three firefighters Thursday night, as part of the town’s six-man duty crews in the Fire Department. Two of the firefighters on duty are used to operate the two pumper trucks."

TFoTM asks Mayor Skibitsky and Town Council members:
Why does Cranford have to respond with their ladder truck shown in the photo?

Answer: Because the Westfield Fire Department is understaffed rendering their ladder truck useless.


  1. Heard the homeowner was standing outside screaming at the fire department to put out the fire but they had to wait for more firemen because they didn't have enough staffed.

  2. Is it true the mayor was seen running down Central Ave with a bag of marshmallows yelling "Let's make S'mores!"

  3. the wfd should stop the nonsense already. fight fires. stop crying. every dept is short staffed. if they dont like it, find a safer job.

  4. The Fact of The MatterSaturday, June 11, 2011

    The WFD is not complaining about fighting fires. The concern is for the safety of fellow firefighters and the residents of Westfield. Without proper staffing, more structure fires will burn as firefighters abide by the "two in - two out rule" unless there is a rescue to be made. Residents will watch in wonder as firefighters, with their hands tied, watch fires burn until the minimum firemen on scene to fight a structure fire arrive to assist