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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Accident; Be Careful Crossing at Central Ave. & Cambridge Rd: Mayor Skibitsky's "Safest Location"

September 21, 2011
On a day titled "Walk to School Day", (BRAKES) a day after the Westfield Police department assigned  police officer Chris Scourzo to monitor the new pedestrian crosswalk at the cul-de-sac'd intersection of Central Ave. & Cambridge Rd. during peak crossing hours, another auto accident occurred.  Unfortunately, there was no officer present today, only the crossing guard regularly assigned to the pedestrian crossing.  

Mayor Skibitsky
During the peak hour when elementary school children are crossing Central Ave. at Mayor Skibitsky's self-proclaimed "safest location" another auto accident alarmed residents and pedestrians.  At approximately 8:05 am. this morning, a three car accident took place just feet away from the pedestrian crosswalk located at the cul-de-sac'd intersection of Central Ave. & Cambridge Rd., causing significant damage to property.  It is unknown if any injuries were sustained by any of the motorists.  Westfield Police were on scene investigating the accident.

Is the location of the pedestrian light causing confusion for motorists thus causing these auto accidents and near accidents to occur?

There is a reason why Tucson, Arizona installed over 60 of these devices, the HAWK system, at the intersections of major roadways and minor side streets.
TFoTM hopes that Mayor Skibitsky will soon rectify the issue of this dangerous location and relocate the crossing to the intersection for the safety of those that cross Central Ave.

Mayor Skibitsky should act sooner than later,to take advantage of the County funds still available to have the pedestrian light relocated to the intersection of Central Ave. & Clover St. 

TFoTM hopes the relocation happens before any pedestrian injuries or other casualties occur.   


  1. I have lived on Central Ave for over seven years very near to the location of this dangerous crosswalk. In all seven years there has never been an accident at this location. Since the implementation of this light and mid block crosswalk there have been THREE ACCIDENTS IN SIX MONTHS! The last two accidents occurred in the last eight days each involving three car pile ups. Myself and other very concerned residents have been faithfully fighting against this crosswalk for over a year. All of our fears are being realized. God is gracious and long suffering and he has given three warnings. This light and crosswalk MUST be moved to the only logical location which is at the INTERSECTION of Central and Clover. Every resident of Westfield should be on their phone calling either the police chief or the mayor and demanding what everyone else on the planet all ready knows...MOVE THE LIGHT BEFORE WE'RE PULLING A CHILD OUT FROM UNDER THE WHEELS OF A CAR OR TRUCK!!!!!!!!!

  2. The Fact of The MatterWednesday, September 21, 2011

    Mayor Skibitsky needs to put politics aside and relocate the HAWK pedestrian light to the intersection of Central Ave & Clover St. before a tragic accident causes more than just property damage and the occasional injury associated with traffic accidents.

    Francis Terr resident (Tina)a very vocal resident advocating the placement of the pedestrian light mid-block is no longer a resident of Westfield. The city of Tuscon, Arizona installed over 60 of the HAWK pedestrian lights at INTERSECTIONS. It has been proven in Tucson that cut through traffic down side streets is not an issue as Tina claimed. Mid-block crossings are necessary when there are no safe crossings within several hundred feet of the nearest intersection. This was not the case on Central Ave. as there is a viable location for the HAWK pedestrian light at an INTERSECTION.

  3. I'm not a lawyer nor do I know any personally so I'm asking TFOTM if after all the public out cry for over a year, if a child or pedestrian is injured or killed at this location could a lawyer go after the mayor, police chief, county engineer etc., for damages? Just curious.

  4. The Fact of The MatterWednesday, September 21, 2011

    The town is immune from simple negligence. However, if willful improprieties can be proved and proximate cause can also be proved, then yes, there can be a lawsuit.

  5. Why would moving the light a block away make it safer? The problem is caused by inattentive motorists speeding down Central Ave. The Fact Of The Matter that it is a part-time light doesn't help either.

  6. I would remain anonymous too if I asked such a stupid question. Where do you live and I mean on what planet? Every single crosswalk is located at intersections. We the people are imploring the powers that be to move the light and crosswalk to the intersection which is where motorists are wired to stop or anticipate stopping. This ridiculous light is CAUSING the accidents not the attention span of the motorists. Tell me anonymous another light such as this that is planted in the middle of a road like Central and straddles a private driveway? I seriously doubt you can. And remember, I called your question stupid...not you!

  7. Maybe the genius who asked the question about moving the light a block away from the current location and blames inattentive motorists instead of the light placed in the middle of no sense land is the person who put it there. Just say'in.

  8. The Fact of The MatterWednesday, September 21, 2011

    To Anonymous,

    Moving the light to the intersection would place it in a location where motorists are expecting pedestrians to cross the busy roadway and where traffic signals are typically located. If Central Ave. were a mile long with no intersections, a mid-block pedestrian light would make sense. In this case it defies common sense and traffic safety engineering principles.

  9. Great website, was recommended by a neighbor. I do think the light is in the wrong place. Sorry for Jefferson school children that have to cross there.

  10. To anonymous above, The fact of the matter is that the original plan was to put a traffic light at the intersection of Central Ave at Clover Street. The plan was changed to be a pedestrian only light mid block. Nobody will say when the plan was changed or how they got away with it. The mayor says it's safer mid block even though there have already been several accidents at its present location. He has never produced any evidence to prove it is safer. To make matters worse it was planted in front of a residents home with out her knowledge. Let this be a lesson to all residents. It could happen to any one at any time as long as it's what the mayor wants.

  11. The Fact of The MatterThursday, September 22, 2011

    The city of Tucson, Arizona, developed the High intensity Activated crossWalk (HAWK) pedestrian crossing beacon in the late 1990's to assist in pedestrian crossings, especially for major arterials at minor street INTERSECTIONS. The purpose of the HAWK is to stop vehicles to allow pedestrians to cross the roadway and then permit drivers to proceed as soon as the pedestrians have passed. This application provides a pedestrian crossing without signal control for the side street because signal control on the side street can encourage unwanted additional traffic through the neighborhood.