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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Best Town Administrator In The State?

Jim Gildea
Best Town Administrator in the State of N.J.
On a night where Mayor Skibitsky was still unable to provide any expert documentation or other proof that the current location of the HAWK pedestrian light is in a safer location than if located at an intersection, tempers flared and the council meeting was temporarily adjourned to restore order.  Prior to the adjournment, not once did the Mayor call anyone out of order.  Has the Mayor become "gavel-shy?'  Maybe he was saving his "out of order" for one specific person who remained silent during the standoff between residents Maria Carluccio, Adina Enculescu, and Mayor Skibitsky.  TFoTM apologizes to the Mayor for his assumed disappointment.  Didn't want to give the Mayor the opportunity to single anyone out.  Single someone out, something the Mayor says he doesn't do.  That fact was disproved last night.

     At the conclusion of last night's town council meeting, Mayor Skibitsky thanked each of the town council members for their service to the community, but the Mayor didn't stop there with the accolades.  He bestowed upon Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea the title of "Best Town Administrator In The State."  Do we smell an official proclamation coming down the pike?"  At a time when the town is looking to cut spending, TFoTM recommends the Mayor not waste any computer paper generating a certificate just yet..  
     In the absence of former Councilman Mark Ciarrocca, Jim Gildea seems to have stepped into the role of the Mayor's "security blanket."  Is the Mayor relying on Jim to rescue him in moments of befuddlement?  Mayor, not even the Easter Bunny would put all its eggs in that basket.
     The Mayors "state of mental uncertainty" on questions posed by residents is reminiscent of Ciarrocca stepping in to cover for the Mayor when he was left speechless and unable to answer simple questions asked by residents at town council meetings in the past.  

Jim Gildea's attempt to answer questions and provide facts often ends up diverting from the original question and providing information that misleads the public.

TFoTM reminds Mr. Gildea of his interview several years ago at a state office/agency where his answers to questions were "less than honest."  TFoTM has obtained evidence of that interview where the interview was stopped due to Mr. Gildea's alleged inconsistencies and an offer was made to the plantiff.  To be continued...................  


  1. I address this announcement to the Westfield Council members:

    It is October 12, it is raining and slippery. At 6.05PM I heard a terribly noise, the brakes of a huge truck. I opened the door and my heart sunk. A little boy in a red tee-shirt was in the middle of the crosswalk and a huge white truck was stopping. It stopped approximately 1-2 feet from the crosswalk in front of my house, blocking my driveway. What if it did not stop?

    It took me 15-20 minutes to calm down. It is not a pleasant thing to witness time and again, every day people being almost run over by the vehicles and drivers who find themselves confused by this unusual and illogical place.
    Please ask yourself why do you wait before you correct this terrible mistake and move the crosswalk to the corner with adequate lights? Do you really want a pedestrian to be killed or injured? What about your conscience? You, not the phantom "traffic engineers" will be responsible for that.

    If the mayor is consumed by his ego and ambition and has tried for a year to cover the fact that Westfield government asked to implement this project at the present location, what about you, members of the Council? Don't you realize that more and more people ask you to do your job, to work for the people of this town not, for your friends, to protect the people of this town, not just your friends? You are silenced by the Mayor who becomes more and more unethical and less and less humane.

    Here it is not a political debate as Mr. Skibitsky insinuated last night. Here is about people's safety, about people's life, about the truth. All the inaccuracies, all the untrue things directed to mislead and deceive the Westfield residents who trusted you will turn against you not only against Skibitsky - Ciarrocca-Gildea team.

    Mrs. Neylan, you are in charge with the Traffic Safety Committee. You are also a woman. Do you have children? What if you were this little child's mother? Would you let him cross the street on this crosswalk again? Doesn't your heart tell you anything?

    It appears you wait for a terrible thing to happen and then you will see how the Westfield residents will react.

  2. the love fest between Gildea and Skibitsky continues to trump the needs of residents. Keep patting yourself on the back guys. The public isn't stupid.