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Friday, October 14, 2011

VIDEOS: Westfield Leader Town Council Candidate Interviews

Click on the following links to watch candidates for Westfield Town Council.  Election Day is November 8th.

The following links direct you to the Westfield Leader newspaper's video production of each interview.  40 min.
                                               35 min.

TFoTM would like to thank Councilman Jim Foerst for acknowledging The Fact of The Matter during his interview.  This site does not provide expert advice, it merely puts forth the facts it has obtained from experts and other information sought by our readers.

NOTE: The Town Council Candidates Forum will take place on Monday, October 24th at 8pm. at the Westfield Municipal Building located at 425 E. Broad St.  Doors will open at 7 pm., debate/forum starts at 8 pm.  The forum will follow a format that will include the questioning of the candidates from each voting ward and rebuttal by their respective opponents. 


  1. Just an observation here, two terms (8 years) is long enough for a person to serve on a town council, why a third?

  2. I just suffered through the Leader interview with Foerst, Arena, LoGrippo and Pelosi, I mean Neylan. When the inevitable question was asked by Paul Peyton in reference to the placement of the Hawk light on Central the good ol'e boyz somehow neglected to mention the fact that three accidents have occurred at this location in only 5 months. But they would never put politics before safety, would they? I know one thing they would never do in a million years and that is to allow a Hawk light to be placed in front of one of their homes or any one of their relatives or friends homes for that matter. It also amazes me Mr. 1st that Mrs. Enculescu or myself were somehow over looked when you had all those public out reach meetings. How could you over look the one resident who was most directly affected by this ridiculous project? To say nothing about what you politicians have done to the aesthetics of this stretch of Central. You've ruined it. Nice to know you're all so proud of your work and that you can put your head on your pillow at night and sleep peacefully. Too bad Mrs. E isn't afforded the same luxury any more as she waits for another car to enter her driveway thinking it's a road. You all make me sick and you have the audacity to infer that we're not civilized. The only ones guilty of being uncivilized are you pompous ---- for doing what you've done to a senior citizen whose lived in her home on Central for thirty years. See you all at the next council meeting. Ya know, where your never able to produce the traffic experts you keep telling us about. Oh, and Mr. Arena, I'd pay money to see your reaction if one morning you woke up and some construction co. was ripping up your front lawn. Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. TERM LIMITS! You people are relics! Move on!

  4. Counciwoman Neylan, you are mis-informed about the use of our ladder truck. It wasn't just used for an "aerial view" it was used to vent roof tops and gain access to tops of buildings and in the case of a rescue at heights that our extention ladders don't reach. You are wrong about the ladder truck being on every fire scene. It has remained parked until we have had enough firefighters on scene to use it sometimes long after other departments have responded to assist us with their ladder truck. You also claimed that the department has responded well within the timeframe to fight a fire, this is correct in terms of response time but when we get there our efforts are stalled until we have the manpower to fight the fire. A minute goes by and that fire multiplies. Our ability to fight a fire when we first arrive is difficult due to the town's repeated reduction of our numbers. You know that, you just don't admit it because it wouldn't be "politically correct" within the political circle you hung your hat in.

  5. What I'd like to know is how did these candidates vote on the placement of the Hawk light? Why did they vote that way? And, why won't any of them speak up at council meetings explaining their vote? Trust has to be earned.

  6. What the #@&^ If the guy on the right uses "AHH" one more time I'm going to jump off the Central Ave. train bridge. Everytime he pauses between sayng something, its like he gets a brain fart and spits out "ahh" "ahh". Not that I want to watch the video again, but how many friggin' times does he have to say "ahh"?