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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

VIDEO: Happy Thanksgiving

TFoTM would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

The Fact of The Matter presents, to our readers, Mayor Skibitsky and his closest allies starring in this Thanksgiving video.  Enjoy the feast!

Click on the "Play" arrow to start video


  1. It is no wonder why Kasko lost the election. While it is perfectly in his right to create and publish this., it is mean spirited, low class and an example of poor sportsmanship. He and his supporters had something going at first - pushing and challenging the system (especially the one party domination of this town), but not soon after it started, their cause lost supporters because of low class, infantile, mean-spirited and stupid behavior.

  2. Kasko lost the election because he ran on his own without the backing of a political party. Not a surprise in local politics. Cute video.

  3. The Fact of The MatterSaturday, November 26, 2011

    As The Fact of The Matter approaches it's one year annivesary (Dec. 1) its popularity has continued with it's readers. Whether you log onto TFoTM to read blog stories, postings, cartoons, unofficial polls, or comments such as this one, this site is nearing 150,000 "hits" indicating there is an audience we reach.

    TFoTM will continue to use satire, sarcasm, innuendo, and most importantly facts, to create cartoons, videos, and blog stories.

    It is understood that some people do not agree with this site and it's purpose, but that does not stop them from logging on. A comment such as the one from anonymous above stating, "While it is perfectly in his right to create and publish this, it is mean spirited, low class and an example of poor sportsmanship," is a clear indication this site attracts readers who can agree to disagree. Whether the person is referring to the Thanksgiving Day video or the blog site, TFoTM will not change the way it presents it's content to be politically correct.

    There are those that don't want some things exopsed and others wanting to read exactly what is presented here at TFoTM. It is for both of those reasons that The Fact of The Matter will continue.

    "Surfing" the internet is a choice"

  4. The Fact of The MatterSaturday, November 26, 2011

    "While it is perfectly in his right to create and publish this., it is mean spirited, low class and an example of poor sportsmanship."

    From the beginning, this blog site has used sarcasm, satire, innuendo, cartoons, and most importantly facts to create blog stories and videos.

    Long before any election or run for office, The Fact of The Matter brought to irs readers the same type of content we will continue to publish.

    While TFoTM appreciates anyone's ability to agree to disagree, we will not alter the methods in which we expose information on this site.

    As TFoTM approaches it's one year anniverary, we thank those that have contributed to this site through blog suggestions, comments, or just logging on to read.

  5. I can't stop laughing, this is absolutely hysterical!

  6. This post is for Mr. Anonymous the first post....when I first read it I realized who it wasn't ..... Captain Dave.....the writer used too many large words.....the writer hasn't seen the number of hits to claim Mr. Kasko lost support...the number keeps going up and isn't stagnant (that means doesn't move Dave) ... as for the video it was great....creative humorous ...... so Mr. Anonymous your post is off base in all its points.....if I was a betting man I would say your true identity is Mr. time when you want to post add credibility to your points and post your name....just my opinion...