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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Westfield DPW Superintendent Claude Shaffer Receives Award for Service

Jim Gildea & Claude Shaffer
Picture taken by Westfield Leader
      The Fact of The Matter honors Public Works Superintendent Claude Shaffer for his continued excellence.  TFoTM would like to take this opportunity to congratulate each and every member of the DPW for their continued hard work and dedication that ultimately makes Claude Shaffer shine.  (Scroll down to review Claude Shaffer's application to obtain a Public Works Manager Certificate)  The reason for the posting of C. Shaffer's application is to illustrate he allegedly had no other qualifications for the position of Superintendent/Department Head other than a high school diploma.  The "good ole' boy" network is alive and well in Westfield.  Town Engineer Chris McAloon has the education, experience, and qualifications to lead the DPW.
 Shaffer Shines

Claude Shaffer

     At tonight's Town Council meeting, Westfield Department of Public Works Superintendent Claude Shaffer was recognized for his 25 years of service in the N.J. Chapter of American Public Works Association.  TFoTM asks Claude Shaffer, where and when is the party?
Go to the following link to read about a previous DPW Holiday Party gone wild

     After hosting last year's holiday party, the week before Christmas, where alcohol was served at the DPW, on town property, to an underage attendee, who left the party and subsequently caused an auto accident, and was arrested for driving while intoxicated, by Westfield's finest,  the fact of the matter is, Mr. Shaffer needs all the shine he can get these days with the holiday season upon us not to mention the current status of storm cleanup and leaf pickup.  Let's forget about any celebration for now. 
     With Mayor Skibitsky claiming that there is no more room at the conservation center for leaves, storm debris, etc., TFoTM asks Mayor Skibitsky: Can you come up with a better excuse for why storm debris still litters the streets of Westfield.  In fact Mayor, when was the last time you visited the center on Lambertsmill Rd.?  As of Sunday at 2 pm there was plenty of space available.
     The town appears to be putting the "Shine on Shaffer."  Is the Town trying to justify a position that could be eliminated to save the taxpayer at a time when the duplication of services is flushing tax dollars down the toilet.  At a time when the Town faces a fiscal crisis, eliminating the DPW Supt. position would save the Town well over $110,000.  Town Engineer Chris McAloon is qualified, by way of his engineering degree, to supervise the DPW.  The Fact of The Matter has obtained a copy of Claude Shaffer's and Chris McAloon's applications to obtain Public Works Managers Certificates.  Claude Shaffer's is posted below.
Any person appointed as Principal Public Works Manager or Temporary Principal Public Works Manager shall meet all qualifications as provided in N.J.S.A. 40A:9-154.6a, et seq. and all amendments thereto.

New Jersey Statutes - Title 40A Municipalities and Counties - 40A:9-154.6a Definitions

40A:9-154.6a. Definitions
1. As used in this act:

a. "Director" means the Director of the Division of Local Government Services in the Department of Community Affairs.

b. "Management responsibility" means the supervisory responsibility for planning, scheduling, directing, controlling and coordinating the daily and long term operations of public works activities, as applicable, including the utilization of manpower, equipment, materials, funds, and other available resources.

c. "Public Works Advisory Board" means that board appointed by the director to review the examination, assist in evaluating qualifications for granting certificates, review of municipal applications for exemption, and review of continuing education programs and other duties as the director may from time to time assign. The board shall meet at least one time each year.

d. "Public works activity" means maintenance of streets, drainage, public buildings and places, water and waste water, solid waste, motor vehicles, or similar items related to the physical plant and infrastructure of a municipality. For the purposes of this act, a municipal utilities authority shall not be considered a public works activity.

e. "Principal public works manager" means a certified public works manager who performs administrative and supervisory duties relating to installation, maintenance and repair of public works facilities, or assists in planning, organizing and directing all programs relating to a public works activity, or a combination thereof, who is appointed by the local governing body, its designated appointing authority or chief executive officer, and who is not an elected member of that governing body, who advises municipal elected officials and employees in proper compliance and administration of the various laws, regulations, technical practices, operations and management techniques with regard to public works activities conducted by the municipality. The designation principal public works manager shall not be considered a separate position or title within the municipality but shall signify the performance of duties by the person selected to advise municipal elected officials and employees.

f. "Public works manager" means a person who in at least 5 of the last 10 years, has served in a position of public or private public works, construction management or civil engineering position where no less than fifty percent of the person's work time was directly spent in daily, direct supervision of public works activities. g. "Certified public works manager" means a public works manager who meets any one of the following criteria: i. completes the requirements of section 2 of P.L.1991, c.258 (C.40A:9-154.6b);

ii. has a bachelor or greater degree in civil or related public works engineering, and is a licensed professional engineer in New Jersey;

iii. has served in one or more municipalities continuously for the five years prior to January 1, 1997, except that certification shall be limited to the municipality where the public works manager is employed at the time he applies for the certificate pursuant to section 3 of P.L.1991, c.258 (C.40A:9-154.6c); iv. graduated as a certified public works manager from Rutgers, The State University prior to August 13, 1994.


  1. This is interesting ... Mr. Schafer puts in 25 years of service with the DPW and Mayor Andy take the time to honor his milestone when countless others served the town and got nothing in return. No notice, not even a letter of appreciation. Just stale cake in the hall...guess Claude knows where the bodies are buried...

  2. Sesamen Street CharacterWednesday, November 30, 2011

    After reading this guys application, it's no wonder the DPW has problems cleaning our streets of snow, leaves and tree branches. Read where he describes his duties on page 2. My 10 year old could describe what he does on a daily basis better than this guy. Ask him to spell Hawaii, he will probably spell it Huhwhyee!

  3. Someone ask Claude how he went from a mechanic to supervisor to department head. He never supervised anyone for the amount of time he needed to get his license. The dates on that application are a forgery! Ask anyone at the DPW.

  4. I will tell you how. Tom Shannon, the administrator before Gildea promoted him. Shannon is the person who once tried to give a year end bonus to his favorite employees. Can't do that in municipal government but it didn't stop him from trying.

  5. Council members and mayor, are you reading this stuff? You do realize your sin will find you out sooner or later.

  6. Claude Shaffer needs to fess up on how many years he was a supervisor that would of allowed him to get his certification. HE WAS NO MORE QUALIFIED THAN ANYONE ELSE