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Sunday, November 13, 2011

TFoTM Sunday Morning Comics, Forget The Newspaper

     Westfield 2nd Ward Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan stated, during a Westfield Leader interview, that the fire department's ladder truck is used for "scenic aerial views" at fire scenes.  What is most disturbing about Councilwoman Neylan's  quote  is that she is the chairwoman of the Westfield Town Council's Public Safety Committee and Westfield's Acting Mayor in Mayor Andy Skibitsky's absence.     

Councilwoman Neylan
Public Safety Committee Chairwoman

     An aerial ladder is outfitted with a big bore nozzle and  hose that lets firefighters shoot water at high and inaccessible locations, and it helps them conduct difficult rescues. Whenever the ladder truck’s telescoping hydraulic ladder is raised, the outriggers must be deployed to stabilize the ladder truck.     
     Aerial ladders may be used to effect rescue, entry,  search, and ventilation. They may also
be used to stretch hose lines to upper floors or roof; bridge a gap, and operate hose lines from
the ladder.
     While the Town Council continues to reduce the staffing level at the fire department, to levels hindering our firefighters ability to fight fires upon arrival at a fire scene, TFoTM asks, "are we in good hands?"  That's not an All-State advert.


  1. Why dose it matter the fire department drove that truck into a tree that was laying across the road and destroyed the truck.

  2. I guess your right. Maybe the ladder truck would have been better off used for aerial observations of the town during the hurricane, instead of answering emergency calls...

  3. It would be better utilized fighting fires if we had enough men staffed in our department. Every major fire this year saw another department resopnd with their ladder truck while ours sat idle. Hey Neylan, how did the aerial view of the Ferraro's fire look.

  4. Did they really drive it into a tree? If so, why does that not get reported in the Leader, Patch or this blog? Good or bad--it is surely news!

  5. The Fact of The MatterMonday, November 14, 2011

    The ladder truck was damaged during Hurricane Irene. A tree hanging over the roadway was struck by the truck as visibility was severely hindered as firefighters were responding to emergency calls throughout the night. The Town is allegedly seeking a grant to repair/replace the ladder truck. TFoTM hopes that Town Administrator Jim Gildea also seeks a grant (S.A.F.E.R. grant from FEMA) to replace the reduction in manpower within the department. Unless, of course, Mr. Gildea and the Town Council are seeking to disband the Westfield Fire Department altogether, through attrition.

  6. Here is an the ladder truck out to residents so they can clean their gutters.......

  7. So earlier in the year a fireman destroyed the FD pickup truck by driving it into a tree--not responding to anything I believe. This blog was the only place this was reported. Now the ladder truck is destroyed--driven into a tree by a firefighter. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt. Maybe Mr. Gildea could secure a grant to obtain eye exams for the guys. Glad TFoTM is there to provide coverage of news --without the censorship that hinders the other media

  8. Can anyone tell me what are the qualifications, if any, to be the chairperson of the Westfield public safety committee? How did this airhead run unopposed too?

  9. As to the ladder truck, doesn't the town carry insurance to cover such a loss? If not why not?

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