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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fact or Fiction?


  1. Nobody's perfect kaskot! does it make you feel superior to constantly put others down? back off! And please stay off the mic at town council meetings, you are getting increasingly annoying!

  2. Council Person,

    You are absolutely right that nobody is perfect.

    That is why the Town should admit a mistake was made in locating a light at the base of a residents driveway.

    That's why the Town took away take home cars from some employees after information posted here and presented at council meetings exposed the vehicles misuse and a drain on the taxpayer.

    That's why some potholes get filled after pictures appeared on this site.

    That's why Town owned sidewalks get shoveled, after pictures and comments appeared here.

    Need we go into the mold condition at the municipal building that was left to fester because someone decided to just close the door to the infested room thinking it would go away. Those pictures appeared here as well

    TFoTM must be doing something right, why else would the Westfield Police Department conduct an internal affairs investigation into this website that probably cost the taxpayer thousands in overtime to investigate.

    "Council Person" ask your police chief why a 30 plus question survey was handed out to every employee of the police department including civilian staff asking questions about when they log on this site, do they post on this site, do they know others that post on this site, do they provide information to this site....the list goes on.

    The investigation went nowhere at a cost to the taxpayer.

    All the administration got was an officer that had copied the questionnaire because he allegedly couldn't follow directions when he was told not to write on the document and then photocopy it. The same officer was allegedly involved in illegally running a computer check for former Police Chief Tracy and is still employed by the Town.

    "Council Person" why do you think the administration did not want anyone to write on the document or photocopy it, maybe they would be affraid TFoTM would get their hands on it? We did. Just like we obtained the confidential memo from Chief Parizeau that was handed out to supervisors in the police department detailing the theft of time by one of their own and the police chief looked the other way.
    The police chief and some "Council Person" might be willing to look the other way, TFoTM will not.

    Just like we obtained the hand written memo from Captain Wayman instructing the custodial staff of the municipal building not to give out a key to the handicapped bathroom, the Captain's private bathroom, to anyone.

    "Council Person," the intent of this site is not to put down anyone. It's purpose is to expose through facts, satire, sarcasm, innuendo, cartoons, picture, and videos, that which the "Council Person" has been able to hide for decades.

    The town's administration and government,led by the Mayor, has been able to rule without ever being questioned.

    I can understand your frustration "Council Person" as you are not accustomed to being questioned about decisions you make, money you spend, and how ever else you conduct Town business with taxpayer funds.

    The microphone at town council meetings is open to the public for a reason. The First Amendment allows it.

    It does not appear that our nations constitution that protects free speech will be amended to comply with your request.

    Thank you for your comment and your continued support of this blog site is appreciated.