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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Police and Fire Fundraising

It is that time of the year that phones start ringing and callers solicit donations for various organizations.

Westfield's local police union (PBA) and fire union FMBA solicit donations by way of the mail/post office.

If you receive a telephone call asking for donations from an organization stating that they help support your local police and firefighters, ask questions.

TFoTM did, and here are the answers we got.

(TFoTM)     How much of the money goes to the local police and firemen's fund?
(Answer)     Federal law requires us to turn over 10% of all proceeds to the cause we are raising funds for.

(TFoTM)     If you are required to turn over 10%, where does the other 90% go, into who's pocket?
(Answer)     Sir, I don't have an answer for that.

(TFoTM)    I think I may have an answer and please correct me if I am wrong......the rest of the money       goes into the pockets of the person(s) running the fundraising.
(Answer)     None..........Silence....................

(TFoTM)     Why should I give money over the phone when I can donate by way of mail, directly to my local police or fire union?
(Answer)     Sir have a nice day.   (The caller terminated the phone call)

Be wary of over the phone solicitors looking for donations to support local law enforcement and firefighters.  Ask questions and request them to send you information in the mail.  Don't be fooled into donating any amount where only 10% of your money is actually going to the intended organization if you intended on 100% of your donation supporting that organization.

Our local fire and police personnel deserve 100% of their community's support.......nothing less.


  1. It is hard for me to imagine why anybody would want to donate to a union--be it PBA, FMBA. Kind of nervy for them to ask for donations in my opinion. They are paid well---let them assess their members for the funds they need. Does the teachers union ask for money? How about the CWA, other town unions? Why the PD and FD?

  2. When you donate to VOLUNTEER fire companies (Garwood, Fanwood, Mountainside, Scotch Plains, etc.) 100% of the donation goes to the Fire Company.

    Since Westfield also has volunteer firefighters why don't they (the volunteers) ask for donations???

  3. Allow me to enlighten you as to why donating to the Fmba or Pbs isn't a bad thing.....for starters the PBA runs a yearly finishing derby for the kids in town.....any child is welcomed to take part...included in the event is all equipment bait and the pond is stocked with trout....there is also food and beverage supplied by the PBA ....also the funds donated to the PBA pay for the purchase maintenance of bullet proof vests not supplied by the town..... you mention the teachers union and the cwa.....these are nationwide union that can draw off an endless supply of cash taking in by them . Ask yourself this when was the last time either of those unions did anything for the town........

  4. the volunteer fire fighters in Westfield are dwindling to numbers where they just don't show up to fires because we are not hiring anyone and volunteers typically don't continue to support a paid department if there is no chance at employment

  5. I agree with the original poster. Truly cannot understand why people would give money to a union unless they were members of that union. The main objective of this union is to represent the PD or FD as bargaining agent with the town--to get more money from the taxpayer. That is their purpose--so why should the taxpayer be supporting the union? The towns should be required by law to provide vests for the police officers.

    Don't ask for my tax dollars and then ask for donations!! And no, I do not need a PBA window sticker!!

  6. clark "kevlar" kentMonday, December 05, 2011

    So let me get this straight, the town should be required by law to provide a bullet proof vest. Where do you think the town will get the money from? Duh, you the taxpayer. You'll pay either way whether by a voluntary donation or through a tax. You are ignorant.

  7. Does the PBA provide their members with vests?

  8. The Fact of The MatterMonday, December 05, 2011

    The PBA has a vest fund where a portion of the members PBA dues and donations from the public are deposited. The effective protective life span of a bullet proof vest is approx. 5 years.

    The town currently provides a bullet proof vest to police officers every 5 years.

    The PBA vest fund is used to replace bullet proof vests for those in need of a replacement sooner than expected.

  9. Those pba stickers come in handy when you get stopped by a cop in town.