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Monday, January 09, 2012

Politicians Pose for the Purchase of a Hose

Picure by Liz Alterman of Westfield Patch

 Politicians take all the credit.

The following are quotes from a story written by Liz Alterman of the Westfield Patch.  You can read the entire story at
Congressman Lance is quoted as stating, "Westfield firefighters work tirelessly day and night to protect the residents of Union County," said Lance. "In a time of scarce federal, state and local funds, it's important that local fire officials have the resources and tools they need to carry out their important jobs in public safety. Having the right equipment means protecting the public and saving lives."  Congressman Lance, the fire department needs the manpower to be able to effectively use the new equipment in order to protect the public and save lives.

Mayor Skibitsky is quoted as stating, "Our fire department will be purchasing 4,375 feet of new five-foot supply hose and five new intake valves with the grant funds. I want to thank Chief Kelly and Deputy Chief Kelly for their efforts in seeking and applying for these grant moneys."  Plainfield, Cranford, and Springfield will surely benefit from Westfield purchasing 4,375 feet of hose since the hoses can't be used until one of those departments shows up in response to a call for mutual aid due to the downsizing and understaffing of the Westfield fire department by Westfield's politicians.

Gildea echoed Skitbitsky's sentiments and said both the chief and deputy chief did "a great job seeking out grants" on behalf of the town.  Perhaps Mayor Skibitsky and Mr. Gildea can explain why a F.E.M.A grant for the replenishment of manpower has not been sought, or allowed to be sought.  Once again, "In a time of scarce federal, state and local funds, it's important that local fire officials have the resources and tools they need to carry out their important jobs in public safety.   Since local funds are scarce, why hasn't Gildea applied for grant money to hire more firefighters.  


  1. What did the three council people and town administrator have to do with the fire chief obtaining the grant? Looks more like a photo op for each of them. Credit should go to the fire chief for doing the leg work to obtain the grant money. The other "political vultures" are feeding on the media scraps.

  2. The Box 405 North AveMonday, January 09, 2012

    Hey Mayor, its not a five foot supply hose, its a 5 inch supply hose. Goes to show you when the last time Kelly was on an engine, did he give you the info during a lunch date? Pass the Grey Poupon Mr. Gildea. For those of us on the line "LDH". Keep pushin' papers Chief.

  3. Hey are the two Kelly boys going to drag that 4000+ feet of hose????? Doubt it.... Hey Dan .... grow a set......

  4. The Box 405 North AveTuesday, January 10, 2012

    Lance says its important to have the resources and tools to do our job? Get rid of the three TOOLS that are preventing us from doing the job, Kelly, Skibitsky, and Gildea.

  5. Check out the photo. The only one smiling is the guy on the left. He is new to the town council and is probably oblivious to how bad the others want to phase out the FD. The others on the council know how ashamed they shouls be and it shows in their faces.

  6. Zoom in on Neylan, she isn't smiling because she is looking across the street and it is finally dawning on her how close the fire department is to Ferarro's and realizes that if the department was staffed properly, the ladder truck could have been utilized. Or, she is bummed out that there are no more scenic aerial views in the near future since the ladder truck is out of commission.

  7. It would've been nice to see Westfield firefighters in the picture and not the typical political posturing by town officials.