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Saturday, February 11, 2012

"Checkmate" ...... Absent a Move, Skibitsky Lashes Out

     According to Horace Corbin, owner/publisher of the Westfield Leader, the editorial staff co-wrote a piece featured in last weeks edition of the newspaper that contained the following statement referencing Westfield Town Council meetings.

"Lets have a model of decorum and tranquility, like a well-played game of chess."

     If the editorial staff of the Westfield Leader had followed the proceedings of each Town Council meeting over the past fifteen months as they might follow a well played game of chess, they might very well have titled their editorial "Checkmate." 

     The desperation of Mayor Skibitsky is obvious from the fact that he does not answer the data, the expert reports, and the facts.  What he does, is attack the people who are bringing forth the data, expert reports, and facts.  
     The Westfield Leader newspaper has called for a return to decorum at Town Council meetings.  This blog totally agrees. 
     A public official holds himself out as ""above the fray".  The members of the Town Council want to make themselves appear to be leaders.  They should not stoop so low as to make personal attacks against critics when they cannot refute the facts.      
     At last week's meeting, the Mayor armed himself, to attack a critic, with an alleged decision by an appointee of the town which was later overruled and dismissed by the town.  Its only worth was a semblance of legitimacy that was destroyed by the town's own actions.  His defense had nothing to do with the facts he had been presented. 
     Facts should be answered with facts.  If the Mayor has an expert report that specifically says the mid-block location of the Central Ave pedestrian light is the "safest" location as he claims, he should have produced it ages ago. 
     If the Mayor had followed the recommendations of his own expert with regards to improving the lighting at the intersection of North & Tuttle, show us the results. 
     He avidly points to vague expert opinions when he is describing the actions of the Town Council.  When asked to produce them he has been unable to.
     Whether or not a kangaroo court came up with a comment insulting to a critic of the mayor, it is irrelevant when that critic is using facts.  The Mayor and Town Council should not lower the standards of a council meeting by opening up the private lives of the critic or the council; both are irrelevant to the questions of government.
     The Mayor's recent conduct indicates he has few places to go and that his back is against a wall.  It would seem from his conduct, that if he were playing chess, he has been cornered and would be in checkmate.


  1. Looks like the mayor has taken a page from the Wayman playbook ...."kneel before Zod "........

  2. Why hasn't last weeks town council meeting been shown on Westfield local channel 36? Did the Mayor pull a major screw up and they don't want the public to see it?

  3. That is exactly why...