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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mayor Skibitsky's Gold Medal Performance

     Mayor Skibitsky has perfected what some observers call the "Hamill Camel."  Named after 1976 Olympic Gold medalist Dorothy Hamill, the Hamill Camel is a figure skating move where the skater performs a spin routine.
     Pulling a "Hamill Camel," or in other circles known as a "Dorothy Hamill," is referred to someone that skates around a question, issue or fact.
     Mayor Skibitsky has successfully pulled off the Hamill Camel by routinely avoiding answering a question, diverting attention away from an issue with irrelevant statements, or failing to refute the facts as they are presented.
     At Tuesday night's Town Council meeting, Mayor Skibitsky sharpened his skates and began  a routine he had come prepared to perform. 
     When asked about what the Town Council had done to implement his Traffic Safety Consulting Engineer's 2005 recommendations to improve safety at North & Tuttle and Central & Clover, the Mayor began a routine of "Triple Toe Loops," "Gliding Gildeas," and "Dancing Dansers."  The last two maneuvers are credited to his coaches.
     Mayor Skibitsky made Tonya Harding proud in trying to take out his competition.   
     In the Olympic Ring of politics, Mayor Skibitsky has achieved TFoTM's Gold Medal Award.


  1. What are you talking about? Is this written in code?

  2. To Anonymous:

    Anyone familiar with Mayor Skibitsky's tactic used at Town Council meetings, of attacking a critic through character assassinations so as to avoid answering a question, fully understands the above blog post.

    This past Tuesday evening the Mayor was asked a question, a difficult one to answer in light of a recent fatality at the intersection of North Ave. & Tuttle Pkwy.

    The Mayor was asked what had the Town Council done since it's own Traffic Safety Consulting Engineer Gordon Meth had issued a report on July 26, 2005 listing eight traffic/pedestrian "hot-spots" in need of attention. The locations were selected due to the number of accidents resulting in injury, property damage, and the potential for more tragic consequences. One of those more tragic consequences was realized two weeks ago when a woman was struck and killed at the "hot-spot" intersection of North Ave. & Tuttle Pkwy. not far from where a woman was struck and killed 11 yeaqs ago.

    The Mayor's back was up against the wall on this one. He "skated" around the question because he knew the answer and didn't want to answer. the Town has done nothing with some of the locations listed in the report.

    Ask yourself, if the Town had implemented the recommendations of it's own traffic safety expert whom they had paid thousands of taxpayer dollars to, to recommend solutions, such as increasing the lighting at this intersection, could a fatality have been avoided?

  3. Skibitsky will continue to use his position to take care of HIS people. Look at who he has on committees, boards, and other council related business. He has turned the office of the mayor into political patronage to further his own pesonal agenda. A once promising tenure as our Town's leader has spiraled out of control and he has become an embarrassment to all those that have held the office before him. My hope is he will not seek re-election and that voters elect someone that will represent the office with dignity and not the condescending tone that has become the norm lately.

  4. Whoever runs this site is mentally screwed up and obsessed at this point. Get a life.

  5. Skibitsky is like the New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, he looks good but can no longer get the job done. GO BIG BLUE!

  6. The guy who wrote above this is an idiot. Yes, lets add football analogies to add clarity to a complex situation. If you have a job, and I doubt you do, I bet you couldn't make it to work today in your post victory stupor. Get a life man and stop poluting the content of this site.