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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Possible Candidates for Westfield Police Chief

If town officials conduct a selection process similar to the last process that resulted in John Parizeau becoming police chief, the following police officers could be considered as candidates.  Their names and the date they were sworn in as police officers are provided.  The names are listed in order of seniority within the police department.

Captain Clifford Auchter              2/22/76
Captain David Wayman               2/10/88
Lieutenant Edward Maguire         8/05/92
Lieutenant Nicholas Norton         8/31/87
Lieutenant Scott Rodger              2/01/89
Lieutenant Christopher Battiloro  7/25/97
Lieutenant Mathew Cassidy        1/31/90
Lieutenant John Ricerca              10/1/92

An unofficial poll has been posted to the right side of The Fact of The Matter Homepage asking readers to cast their vote for whom they would like to see become Westfield Police Chief.  This poll does not take into consideration any test scores, evaluations or other process used to determine the next police chief.


  1. Go to the outside. Do not promote from within a dirty department if the leadership and the officers are dirty and cnnot be trusted.

  2. with the announcement of Parizeau leaving did Norton and Auchter pull their retirement papers......

  3. When Parizeau leaves he should take Gildea, Skibitsky and town attorney Danser with him. The four of them have wasted enough of Westfield taxpayers money defending Parizeau over the past two years

  4. There was a story posted on this site about money missing from a police department safe that Wayman was in charge of auditing. I wouldn't trust Wayman to run the department. If he would cover up money missing out of the safe, what else will he cover up. Is it true the money was used by him and others of his "ilk" to go out drinking after taking the money out of the safe claiming it would be used for confidential informants? And when the records were foeged and money was missing, he covered it up? Here is the link to the story.

  5. are the confidential informants names debora shea ivan riverea and tommyd? cathy ortono loren tolly?

  6. Very creative editing Mr. Kasko. Covering your azz by deleting your previous sarcastic posts from today mocking me, replacing it with one agreeing with me, then posting as debora shea making wallby look like the bad guy.

    Enjoying your tiny blog kingdom, eh? Here you can manipulate ANY info; add, delete, and change anybody’s posts. Your little Gregory Kasko Ego World.
    Much like Dave’s

    You’d make a GREAT politician, Greasy Greg!

  7. McGuire is on Traffic/construction duty - a real perk for a Lt. huh ?

    He mopes around town with his orange safety vest on and talks on his cell phone constantly.

    Likely a good guy who got caught up in this Chief/Prosecutor nonsense.

    He will likely retire.