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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Thief & The Chief

     The word civil servant can be used to describe firefighters and police officers.  When a fire rages out of control, firefighters can be seen running into a burning building when people are running out.  When a crime is being committed, or a criminal is on the loose, police officers are expected to run towards the danger while the general public often retreats to safety.
     On Thursday evening, while shoppers flocked to downtown Westfield retail stores and restaurants enjoyed a spike in dining patrons due undoubtedly to the unseasonable warm weather, thieves put their skills to work in a retail chain store on E. Broad St. 
     Thieves ran off with merchandise swiped from the shelves and racks of Victoria's Secret putting into motion a series of events that questions the actions of a professional trained to respond in a manner that echoes the the old law enforcement motto, "To Protect and Serve."
     While criminals fled the store and the crime was reported via "911," Westfield Police Chief John M. Parizeau was driving through Westfield in his police issued Dodge Durango equipped with state of the art emergency lights in the front grill and outfitted with communications equipment enabling him to be in contact with his police force.  The mobility gave him the ability to respond to the emergency in moments notice.  That would not be the case on this night, and it wouldn't be the first time the escape of a criminal was indirectly "aided: and "abetted" by Parizeau.
     A description of the the vehicle used by the criminals to flee the scene was given out over police radio and Chief Parizeau heard the broadcast.  Sources have confirmed that as a vehicle fitting the description of the suspects vehicle (van) passed by Chief Parizeau, he radioed police headquarters his observation.  What did he do as this vehicle was on the run?  Nothing, except to drive away?  
    With an "undercover vehicle" used for surveillance purposes, as described by town officials, could Parizeau have turned his vehicle around to follow the criminals?  Should Parizeau have activated his emergency grill lights to make a u-turn to apprehend the suspected thieves or at least follow them until marked back-up patrol units arrived?  Had the suspect vehicle been stopped, it would have at least afforded police an opportunity to ascertain the identity of the occupants and possibly solve a crime just committed.
     Parizeau is no stranger to witnessing the escape of accused criminals and letting others apprehend them or doing nothing at all. 
     In 2004, Parizeau witnessed a woman escape out the side door of police headquarters after squeezing her hand out of a handcuff that is attached to floor bolted metal bench.  Accused criminals are cuffed and housed in the "mug and print" room at police headquarters where they are processed after being arrested.
Parizeau's response to that escape, he watched and alerted the police dispatch workers.  The suspect was caught by officers that were alerted by the passive Parizeau.
     And finally, a thief from within the department was the beneficiary of Parizeau's "aiding and abetting."  A blog story posted here, that remains one of The Fact of The Matter's most viewed blog stories, chronicles the theft by a Westfield Police Department supervisor,  that was allowed to run free of the crime even after Chief Parizeau had obtained the evidence necessary to arrest the officer.  Read the blog story here:

and another at:

     A dog may be considered a man's best friend.  In the case of criminals and law enforcement, Chief Parizeau is a thief's best friend.

Jim Gildea
*Anyone wishing to thank Westfield Police Chief John M. Parizeua for his service to the community should call Town Administrator Jim Gildea (a Parizeau accomplice) at (908) 789-4041 to inquire as to the time of Parizeau's "cake & coffee" meet and greet scheduled for Wednesday March 28th at the Westfield Municipal Building located at 425 E. Broad St.  This function has been scheduled for the day before Chief Parizeau's last day in uniform as he anticipates his scheduled retirement in August. 


  1. Any female under the age of 21 must show ID at the front door otherwise ask the chief to sneak you in.

  2. Can't wait to see who attends. With tthe chief leaving and officers jockeying for position to be named the new chief, this suckfest will be entertaining. Load up on the chapstick fellas.

  3. This is not surprising. My best friend's husband works in a very sensitive position in D.C. and she tells me this is one of the most corrupt counties in the nation. Judges, Prosecutors, Chief's and the Bar. She says the Prosecutor and Deputy Prosecutor have thought they had protection from the Governor - the Prosecutor's son is a U.S. Attorney formerly under the Governor. The Deputy Prosecutor comes from a mobbed up family.

    I think these swaggerers are missing the fact of over three hundred hours of wiretaps that I have been told sealed the fate of this Governor being a VP running mate for Romney.

    Either way - Romney or Obama their fate is somewhat sealed as people are scrambling to cover themselves. I have heard this U.S. Attorney Fishman gets fired as well all as he has no idea there are D.C. staff - Inspector General's office and other agencies camped out all over Union and Morris counties. The President called it "the most palling corruption under color of law in the history of the Republic".

    This will no doubt be the largest corruption scandals in U,S, history and it all came about over an issue in Westfield. It was like Bernie Madoff when the FBI agent said - "Mr. Madoff - tell me this isn't true".

    1. Is that why the police chief is running out the back door into retirement?

  4. I heard it was an Estate matter in Westfield. The Executor reported the theft and fraud and the Perpetrator was a Friend and Confidential Informant for the Chief and the Prosecutor Romankow. People are saying the Chief and Prosecutor get charged as accessories to the theft and fraud. I also heard there are a lot of wiretaps.

  5. Peter CottontailMonday, March 26, 2012

    I heard that a confidential informant dressed in a pink bunny suit is going to deliver Easter eggs on Easter Sunday. Sheesh

    1. Peter Cottontail is a Cop

  6. Dont forget the CHEESE danish for the hallway shindig..........

  7. Confirmed: Peter Cottontail is in fact a COP.

  8. .........and Jack Rabbit is a fireman. What's your point?