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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Police Chief

Westfield Police Chief David Wayman
Picture from Westfield Patch
 The Fact of The Matter congratulates Westfield Police Chief David Wayman on becoming the police departments new police chief.  TFoTM would also like to extend it's best wishes to the dedicated men and women of the WPD..................good luck.


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  2. Just interestedSaturday, May 05, 2012

    Here is something to think about...especially the PBA officers......Dave has taken the title and postion of Chief.....Parizeau isnt off the books till August that means from April till August he a Captain of Police with the title of Chief without the compensation.....working for free...why not just name him acting Chief, and promote him when Parizeau's tenure is over?>????? his salary RETROACTIVE to April when he finally does take over??????? he so insecure that he has to have that badge in his pocket because his ego demands it...Mr. Mayor you really got yourself a winner with Dave......good luck town of Westfield youll need interesting to see if Dave turns around and sues the town for back pay after he becomes Chief....wouldnt that be a good laugh.......