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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fire Rages On At 85 Barchester Way

While Westfield firefighters were providing mutual aid in a neighboring town (smoke condition in Springfield) a fire broke out at 85 Barchester. At approximately 2:04 pm, a general alarm was broadcast for all volunteers and all Westfield platoons to respond to 85 Barchester Way to assist. Fire Control to command on scene relayed a message from Westfield fire chief Dan Kelly to "Do what you need to do." Firefighters continue to battle the structure fire. It took approximately 13 minutes before the first fire hose was pulled through the front door. Firefighters are in a defensive mode meaning that the structure continues to burn.


  1. This is a great concern. The public needs to act on this.. fire protection is not there. And "thats what fire insurance" is for is a lame excuse. I pay too much in taxes as to see this happen.

    At scene: An untrained/unexperienced/unCERTIFIED Acting Officer (Firefighter rank doing the officer job to avoid Officer overtime).

    FD Radio Transmission problems.

    The Deputy and Chief of Department was far away --- shore? No Officer on scene at the fire for 16 minutes.

    No 2 in / 2 out law followed.

    NO manpower.

    The residents are UPSET -- only way it will be solved is by all residents going to a Council Meeting.

    I ask the Fact of the Matter -- how much money per tax payer would it be to have PROPER fire protection. Currently the Fire Department doesnt respond to anymore medcal calls to backup the volunteer resuc squad.

    1. Yes, because it is absolutely the fire department's fault that they didn't get on scene. It can't possibly be that all available resources were aiding a nearby town, as often happens. Next time there's a fire in Westfield, we'll make sure NOT to ask for help, as was the courtesy you are expecting us to give to them. And by the way, if you didn't catch the sarcasm, you're a right dumbass. But then again, a full functioning person with common sense would see that this isn't a matter of "proper" fire protection.

      And it's really funny, cause I could have sworn that FD was at my neighbor's house attending to my neighbor's choking baby daughter as WVRS was responding from the hospital where they had taken a previous patient.

  2. I heard that the fire trucks got stuck on Stoneleigh Park because of student parking...........

    ooops wrong problem

    I heard the trucks got stuck helping lay the new turf field.........

    ooops, not that one either

    The light on Central Avenue?

    If it wasn't such a serious and soon to be fatal issue, it would be laughable on what a joke the leadership in this town is

  3. The following message came from the Parent Teacher Council of the Westfield Public Schools:

    A massive Fire on May 19th has left 2 of our students and their mother without a home and any personal belongings. We are relieved and grateful that the family was not physically harmed by the fire; however, they lost virtually everything else. The Parent Teacher Council of the Westfield Public Schools has created a Fire Fund to help the family cope with this terrible tragedy.
    We shall be collecting gift cards (Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond, VISA, American Express, or Delivery Now gift certificates or to any Westfield area restaurants), and the like will be greatly appreciated and will go directly to the family. Donations can be sent to school with children in an envelope marked "Fire Family Donation".