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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Town Council Meeting Heats Up: Firefighters In Attendance, Central Ave. Pedestrian Light Dominate Meeting

Tonight's Town council meeting, held in the wake of another house fire this past week, heated up with accusations that the Westfield Town Council is responsible for the reduction in staffing levels at the fire department causing safety concerns. Councilwoman JoAnn Neylan went on the defensive in an attempt to suppress the rhetorical flames and at times appeared flustered causing her to at one point shout out to a resident that was shaking her head in disagreement "Stop shaking your head Mrs. Carluccio." Ironically, moments later, while town resident and Westfield firefighter Tim Brennan addressed the town council, councilwoman Neylan could be seen shaking her own head from left to right. Councilwoman Neylan channeled her inner "Nancy Pelosi" while attempting to defend the indefensible. To be continued.........

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