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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Traffic Islands: Tropical Paradise or Municipal Mayhem

     Recently, the Town of Westfield constructed an island at the intersection of Boulevard & Park St.  Similar roadway islands were constructed at the intersections of Lawrence Ave & Dudley Ave., Prospect St. & Dudley Ave., and Cacciola Pl. & South Ave.  These islands when first installed, are constructed using synthetic material such as plastic or rubber as a temporary structure to introduce motorists to the concept of traffic calming and channelization at an intersection.  In the case of the islands located on Dudley Ave., they were installed after a 2005 traffic safety report, completed by Westfield's consulting engineer Gordon Meth, recommended them. 

(If only the Town had followed G. Meth's recommendation on where to locate the Central Ave. Hawk light pedestrian crossing, the increase in motor vehicle accidents and other traffic/pedestrian related incidents near this mid-block crossing could have been avoided.)

     Eventually, the temporary islands are replaced with a more permanent structure consisting of granite block curb, otherwise known as Belgium block curb which appears to be more aesthetically pleasing.  
     These islands have wreaked havoc on snow plowing during the winter months and have been victorious when automobiles have come in contact with the stone structures.  
     One question remains:  When will the temporary island constructed long ago at the intersection of Cacciola Pl. & South Ave. morph into the stone, mulched, and maintained garden similar to the structures installed on Lawrence Ave. and Prospect St., and presumably to be constructed on the Boulevard?
Lawrence Ave
Prospect St.

Cacciola Pl.



  1. Whose bright idea was the traffic island on Boulevard? Why is it there? What a waste of money.

  2. Not only waste of money without a real reason but an opportunity to destroy your car especially in the dark. It almost happened to me one night last week. Who could expect such a stupid thing being put there after driving on this place safely for decades? This is again a lie in the name of safety? It reminds me of the horror on Central Avenue and the so many accidents that happened there during the last two years. We have to be grateful to the Mayor and his marionettes for destroying our town piece by piece.