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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Threat ? Mayor Skibitsky Questions Resident on Remarks

     On Tuesday, September 18th, Westfield resident A. John Blake approached the microphone during public comment of the Westfield Town Council Meeting.  
     At approximately 1 minute into the video posted below, Blake reminds town officials that they don't have a right to use personal attacks, when they respond, as a defense to rebut residents that approach the microphone to speak.  
     While Blake is speaking, Mayor Skibitsky interrupts and asks Blake if what he stated is a threat.

You be the judge.


  1. Skibitsky is just trying desperately to grasp at a word or a phrase of what Blake is saying so as to try and stop Blake from making what is a very valid point about how inappropriately Skibitsky treats the citizens of Westfield (who disagree with him) at town council meetings. A threat? No - not even slightly. It was more like Skibitsky was on a sinking ship and grabbing at whatever floating debris was nearby so as to find a way to keep himself afloat. Good job Blake. Good job Kasko. Shame on you Skibitsky for how you speak to and about the citizens of Westfield (who disagree with you on various topics)!

  2. That is precisely how TFoTM interprets the video.