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Monday, October 08, 2012

TFoTM Photo Contest: More with Less

     In the spirit of Mayor Andy Skibitsky's claim to fame during Westfield's current fiscal crisis, TFoTM presents this week's "Doing More with Less."
     Mayor Skibitsky has touted his administration's fiscal responsibility by reminding residents he is doing more with less these days.  

     Correctly identify the location of the air vent in the picture below and win a TFoTM embroidered t-shirt.   Hint:  TFoTM obtained pictures from inside the municipal building located at 425 E. Broad St. and has reported on a mold condition inside the building.  

TFoTM t-shirt modeled by town administrator Jim Gildea and police chief David Wayman.
     So whatcha say Mayor...............more dust and mold with less municipal building maintenance?


  1. Health hazard. Someone please call PEOSHA!

  2. Maybe Mayor Skibitsky will be handing out surgical masks tonight at the town council meeting. The air in the municipal building stinks already, that picture of a dirty vent can be one of a number of vents that have not been cleaned in years. Airborne mold spores can cause severe illness.

  3. if the vents in the building look like that....can you imagine what the rest of the system looks like??????....would be willing to bet that some of the vents are completely blocked how effecient is that for the system.....a simple cleaning would save the money on the cost of fuel oil .... isnt that what the mayor wants......