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Friday, November 02, 2012



  1. Very nice that you could post pictures of damage that is otherwise evident to everyone who lives in this town. Now, why haven't you used your site to inform residents about services, where they could get help, or other emergency info?

    Perhaps it is because there is nothing for this rag to say when you aren't ripping up people.

    1. The Westfield Patch has been doing a very good job at keeping people up to date. Unfortunately I have not been able to tend to TFoYM as a result of the obvious. Instead, I have spent the last 6 days waiting in gas lines with cans from neighbors, chain sawing trees (for others) that have fallen, assisted single parent mom's with hooking up generators, making sure an elderly neighbor had heat, going as far as to offer a bedroom to several families facing a difficult time. During my down time, I have been commuting back and forth from the Jersey shore to help out parents and other neighbors clean up in areas that resemble a war zone. I am fortunate that my house is intact and only have minor damage. I had the foresight to purchase a generator last year before hurricane Irene and it has provided the electricity and other needs during this unfortunate time.

      With a parent on dialysis nightly and staying with my family due to the inhabitable residence my parents normally occupy, I am standing watch over a generator that provides the electricity to a medical machine necessary for nightly treatments as a result of reported thefts of generators. As a medical patient, my mother can receive free gas from emergency services to run the generator for the nightly dialysis but I am able to pay for the fuel and believe those less fortunate should obtain the free gas.

      I am offering my time, labor, and resources including a chainsaw, power washer, or any other service needed to assist any fellow citizen for free. You may be surprised at that offer but those that truly know me, which obviously you do not, would not be surprised. I may no longer protect and serve the residents if this community as a sworn police officer after retirement, but I have not forgotten why I embarked on a career in public serve in the first place. Perhaps, it's because I want to help those I can in their time if need. That is what I thrive on.

      I took off from work (unpaid) to respond to others needs this week and have slept a total of 3 hour a night for the past 5 days. Pardon me for having to reveal all this to you but the facts are the facts.

      Oh, and by the way, the pictures posted above were taken by a neighbor who showed them to me after I had a chance to sit for all of a half hour last night at 9 pm. Because I did not have the time to take any myself, I used hers.

      Finally, if you or anyone you know are in need of anything I can help out with or provide, please don't hesitate to email this site and I will respond.

      Try and have a nice day under the circumstances. Your comments will act as further motivation for me to continue helping others.

  2. What a come back. I hope anonymous feels as foolish as they look.

  3. Don't feel foolish in the least. If you have time to publish pictures. I am sure we'll read more about your "unselfish deeds" when you run for office again.

  4. @Anonymous Nov 5. (1) It probably took all of maybe 15 minutes to upload those photos and (2) His, "unselfish deeds," were stated simply in response to the foolish comment from Anonymous on Nov 3. I agree with The Hawk - TFOTM's response was a great comeback to a foolish/hateful comment.

  5. Dear Anonymous: What have you done for the town and your neighbors except for writing trash

  6. Adina Toescu-EnculescuWednesday, November 07, 2012

    Thank you Greg! Thank you for offering me a little warm in my family room after 4 days and nights without power, heat, light and all the other things. The heater, your idea and the line from my angels next door saved me. Actually I got power last night, after eight long frigid nights and eight as cold but short days. I thank the many people who offered their help.
    I pray God for your mother! I pray, I don't recite invocations as others do, I refer to people who pretend to take care of us but they take care only of their interests and their status.
    It appears that the vicious "anonymous" that attacked you, did not hear what the Governor and the President said, probably doesn't have the American spirit, the compassion, the humanity, the unity I think the Americans always showed, and even more they show during the trying times. This is not the time for attacks at good people, for fights ad hate, this is the time for helping each other. This is Westfield not a dog’s fight ring.