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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Resident Echoes TFoTM's Editorial on Westfield DPW Management

The Internet link posted above is to a story detailing a Westfield resident's claim that the town's department of public works needs "guidance". TFoTM has covered the mismanagement of the Westfield DPW and has brought the issue to the attention of local officials. TFoTM's absence from town council meetings has obviously not shut the flood gate on criticism of how the town's individual departments are being supervised under the direction of Town Administrator Jim Gildea.  TFoTM will pick up from where we left off in October and look forward to attending town council meetings in 2013 to hold town officials accountable by asking the questions needing answers to obtain the transparency Mayor Skibitsky claims exists with regards to town government.

Sometimes doing "More With Less" just does not work. TFoTM hopes Mayor Skibitsky will find a new cliche come the new year.


  1. Skibitsky will ride out 2013 as a lame duck mayor.

    1. bet the mayor's street is nice and clean

  2. Gildea is nothing more than a bobble head that allows the inept leadership to continue.

  3. Gildea has got to go