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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Ferry Collision: Cop Car That Is..............

     Westfield police officer Paul Ferry was involved in a collision with another motor vehicle according to a police source. 
     The accident took place as Ferry was allegedly turning into the municipal parking lot behind the police station as he was returning to headquarters at the end of his shift.  A witness to the damaged vehicle stated that the vehicle's front end and right side sustained "heavy damage" causing several thousand dollars worth of repairs necessary.  The source estimated the damage in excess of $5000.  TFoTM wishes Officer Ferry a speedy recovery.   
     Officer Ferry, being considered as a training officer in charge of educating new police officers fresh out of the academy, is no stranger to being under the municipal management microscope.   
     According to another police source, Ferry was investigated and disciplined for allegedly conducting an illegal computer check on a license plate at the request of retired disgraced police chief Barney Tracy while Tracy was employed by the Linden Board of Education as a security guard.  The computer check was done while Ferry was a civilian dispatcher prior to taking the oath to become a police officer.  

No good deed goes unpunished.

The misuse of police departmental computers can lead to an arrest of the individual accessing the database illegally.  Click on the following link to read related story of a police Captain arrested after an investigation revealed he had accessed a police database to do background checks.


  1. Ferry should never have been hired as a cop. He abused sick time as a dispatcher and continues to do so as a cop. As a training officer the only thing he can teach a rookie is how to scam the system. He should be fired for his role in running a license plate check.

  2. Paul Ferry aka The Skoal Bandit?

    1. Guess the Skoal Bandit didnt get away this time.

  3. Didnt ferry spend the most time in the John Ricerca school of police work then any other rookie officer........

    1. A close second to Nicole Stivale