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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jim Gildea, Westfield Town Administrator "Nose" The.....Ahh Umm Truth

Westfield Town Council Meeting

     Westfield residents are subjected to Town Administrator Jim Gildea having the last word during the Town Council meeting's public comment.  Residents are not permitted to return to the microphone after they have spoken, to refute Gildea's lies with facts.  Gildea waits for the speaker to finish and then he approaches the microphone to put his own twist/spin on issues to paint the position of the Town in a good light.  The more umms and ahhs that spew from Gildea's mouth are a clear indication that he has no factual basis to back up his position which he attempts to support with lies bought by some.  Jim surely can fool some of the people some of the time but he cant fool em' all.  

Dear Westfield Town Council,
     Could someone please ask Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea how anyone video-taping a civilian crossing guard from a parked car approximately 150 feet away could interfere with the crossing guards job of crossing students, as he stated was the case?


     Keep in mind that the crossing guard has his back to the camera, the video is being shot with a zoom lens from a parked motor vehicle approximately 150 feet away, and the guard has no idea that the video is being shot until after he or others see it posted on this website.   In the video there are no students crossing the street.  Does the shooting of this video appear to be interfering with the crossing guard doing his job....or in this case, doing what he is not supposed to be doing? 
     Once again, Jim Gildea states that the video taping interfered with the crossing guard doing his job crossing students.  In the video posted here at TFoTM, the crossing guard is not crossing anyone except for waving motor vehicles through STOP signs.  There are no students in sight.   
     Finally, ask Jim Gildea for the email response he states exists, from former police chief John Parizeau, detailing the legality of civilian crossing guards directing traffic.  Jim Gildea described Parizeau's email response in such detail, as if Gildea wrote it himself, in his rebuttal to comments at tonight's town council meeting.  
No such email exists.  The only response ever received from Parizeau was an email expressing thanks for the information indicating he would look into the matter. 
     If Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea is going to attempt to defend the town's position on the matter of civilian crossing guards directing traffic 5 minutes before school lets out for the day and when there are no students anywhere near the intersection, please tell him he needs to get his facts straight.
     When asked to provide the state law that authorizes civilian crossing guards to direct motor vehicle traffic in the absence of crossing students, Gildea couldn't produce the law.  Instead, he begins to reference Title 40 and other state statute references without citing the actual law.  TFoTM is surprised that a town administrator is not familiar with Title 40......sarcasm. 
     It was refreshing to hear another resident, that approached the microphone tonight, ask acting Mayor JoAnn Neylan when Mayor Skibitsky will respond to his groups request that Skibitsky join other Union County Mayors supporting tougher gun laws.  
     With all due respect to the grass roots effort in Westfield supporting tougher gun laws.........don't hold your breath waiting for a response from Skibitsky.  TFoTM has been waiting for answers from Skibitsky. 
Jim Gildea

     Finally, Town Administrator Jim Gildea was dumbfounded and befuddled at how a former police officer wasn't familiar with Title 39 Motor Vehicle Code/Law that authorizes civilian crossing guards to direct traffic.  When Gildea can produce anyone in the Westfield Police Department, from the greenest rookie to his astute police chief, that knows all 375 plus pages of motor vehicle statutes........TFoTM will produce an honest Jim Gildea.  Try producing the law first, Jim. 

Readers.............Don't hold your breath.


  1. How many hits can the windmill take before it realizes that its time to give up....and do the right thing...

  2. Wow you are a negative person. You need to relax and stop being so hateful toward everyone and everything. Your stress over the same thing all the time is going to kill you. Try to look for positive things in your life.

    1. Negative in a Positive way. Thank you for your comment.

    2. Dear Anonymous,

      How do you think that reporting on something that is inherently wrong, illegal, and unsafe is negative. By TFOM bringing to light a safety hazard being orchestrated and condoned by the town hopefully enough people will create enough noise that the powers in place will change the problem before it escalates into a disaster. The civil liabilities of Mr. Gildea doing nothing to remedy the situation only leaves the taxpaying public open to a major lawsuit. Wouldn't it be far easier and safer if the town trained the crossing guards in the proper way for them to carry out their duties.???

    3. @Anonymous above...

      The goal of this article (and TFOTM in general) is to point out things in our town that are "bad", and suggest change that will hopefully make those things "good". I don't see any "hate" in that. In fact, I see the opposite of "hate" in that. Not speaking up would be very un-American and has undertones of the way things are done in places like North Korea and Cuba.

  3. All you do is bring out the negativity in this town. You are accomplishing nothing other than wasting town resources. I personally would rather have a crossing guard step in when assistance is needed. I'm sure you'll disagree with this as you'll find some fact hidden ordinance or state law that is never enforced. The only positive is is you move out of town and stop wasting town resources and thereby starting to save our tax dollars. What a waste of two minutes to type this message.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      Having been a resident of this wonderful town for approximately 42 years, I have no intention of moving anytime soon. I'd rather focus on some of the town's shortcomings and find solutions to make it the utopia you think it is, than run from them.

      I, unlike yourself, am not willing to turn a blind eye and allow the town to just "wing it" when it comes to civilian crossing guards and them waving motorists through stop signs in the absence of crossing children. The state statute to which you reference that is "never enforced" happens to be one that is enforced on a daily basis throughout the state. That statute is 39:4-144 which governs STOP and YIELD signs. Only officers have the authority to direct motorists through these signs.

      I agree with you that I want a crossing guard to step in when assistance is needed; the assistance of a civilian crossing guard to stop traffic to cross a student is necessary. It is not necessary to wave motorists through STOP signs in violation of state law 39:4-144.

      I disagree with you on your statement "You are accomplishing nothing other than wasting town resources." If that were the case, why did the town revoke take home vehicles for some employees that were abusing the "perk"? That was a topic featured here at TFoTM and brought to the attention of the town council at a past meeting. The money saved in wasted fuel, maintenance, and other vehicle related costs could be used to fill potholes, salt roads, pay for overtime when snow removal is necessary. There are many other examples of town resources being saved and reallocated where a necessity exists as a result of this blog raising issues and making appearances at town council meetings.

      The two minutes you believe you wasted typing and submitting a comment here at TFoTM were not a waste of time but a result of the original intent of this website. The intent of this site is to put forth issues that are never discussed publicly and that town government would rather see not discussed. TFoTM welcomes a response from the public whether pro or con.

      In closing, ask yourself how you would feel if your child was struck by a motor vehicle while being directed to cross the street by a crossing guard. The Town is wasting my, and your tax dollars by allowing a dangerous practice to exist and that is, civilian crossing guards standing in the street and directing traffic through STOP signs in the absence of children crossing. Furthermore, instructing children to cross the street when oncoming traffic has not come to a complete stop, which happened in front of Edison Intermediate School in December, is dangerous and also a sign of inadequate training or just plain stupidity.

      Once again, thank you for your comment.

  4. If the traffic safety bureau of the police department is overseeing the crossing guards, wouldn't that make Mcearlan and Perrotta and Wayman ultimately responsible for the acts of the guards???????....and if their training is lacking isn't that the responsibility of the immediate supervisor to correct the situation????...guess Lisa and Jason are just too busy with other things to correct this situation......guess they should just outsource the training like the fatal accidents.....

  5. Perhaps Bomar Tactical could give a training course for the guards........

  6. That intersection is a joke . I brought that up at the last town council meeting

  7. Im so glad someone is talking about this. I emailed the Mayor some time ago about this and got not reply.