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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Everson Pl.

The following (without the picture of Mayor Skibitsky) was emailed to to the Mayor and Westfield Town Council members.

Dear Mayor and Town Council,
The photo attached to this story is of Everson Place in Westfield and was taken at approximately 5 pm Saturday evening.  The street has not been plowed during the day.  Beechwood Pl. looks similar. 

Mayor Andy Skibitsky
Everson Pl. is used each day for drop off and pickup of Kindergarten children that attend Lincoln School.       Each snow storm I take it upon myself to clear the length of side walk on my side of the street from Summit Ave. to Westfield Ave. with a snowblower.  My neighbor across the street will often do his side of the block.  I'm sure Mother Nature will take care of the snow in the street with a slow melt being that temperatures are expected to be in the 40's most of the week.  If at all possible, could one of you advise the Westfield DPW that the street needs to be plowed.  My concern is not for myself as I have a four wheel drive vehicle.  Quite frankly, the unplowed street has filled potholes making for a smooth travel down Everson place but without an SUV or snow shoes, parents dropping children off at school Monday morning might have some difficulty.


  1. Disgruntled TaxpayerSunday, February 10, 2013

    what do you want to bet that the mayors and council roads were nice and clean.......

  2. Getting more with less Mayor? MORE bs and less services!

  3. I also see that one car parked on the side of the street even though tht town asked that cars be removed from the street ahead of the storm. The open space on the left side also indicates that there was a car parked there, too but it was moved. Could a plow have gotten through that tiny space? Ticket them.

    1. That space you refer to is wide enough to allow a fire truck to pass through. Streets are typically constructed to allow the passage of a truck between two cars parked across from each other. If not, there would be no parking signs along the street just as there are around Stonleigh Park. But of course, it would only be during school hours. For some unknown reason, the Town Council has no problem getting a fire truck through during evening hours. Back to your comment.

      There are no parking signs posted on several streets in Westfield when the road is snow covered. W. Broad St, Central Ave, part of E. Broad St. and South Ave. are some of them. Everson, Beechwood, and Washington are not on that list so therefore the police, who know this, won't be ticketing those cars parked on streets such as the last three aforementioned roadways. Unless, of course, the cars have been parked for over 48 hrs and have not been moved. Now that is a violation that can be enforced.

      Thank you for your comment.

  4. Things must be getting done in Westfield or the TFOTM staff is on vacation, haven't seen a posting here for sometime.....or the other end of the spectrum that something big will be published here and they are busy tying up the loose ends......the saga continues

    1. With a few "irons in the fire" TFoTM will continue.