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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where's Andy?

     Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky was absent, once again, from a Westfield Town Council Meeting.  Tuesday night's absence is the second this year out of 4 meetings so far in 2013. 
     Filling in for Skibitsky in his absence was "Acting" Mayor JoAnn Neylan.  How ironic that the Academy of Motion Pictures will be awarding Oscars this upcoming Sunday evening. 
     Neylan has not been nominated for her "Best Supporting Actress" role but her performance Tuesday evening could be submitted for next year's awards in the category of "Best Short Film."  Stay tuned to TV36 for the seventeen minute drama.



  1. I don't have such an issue with the mayor being absent. He and those on the town council have other jobs/responsibilities aside from their political roles for Westfield. Sometimes their other jobs/responsibilities coincide and they can't be in two places at once. I can't fault the mayor and members of the town council for absences. I'm sure they more than make up it on their nights and weekends. I do have issues with the mayor's position on a several topics. However, to me, the attendance one, unless it gets really, really significant (like attending 30% or less of meetings for an entire year) is sort of a non-issue in my opinion.

  2. Where is Andy? He is at John Brammy's house job nobbing it with members of the NJ state assembly hoping to get a foot in the door so he can run for Brammy's seat when Brammy hightails it to the federal level an runs for Congress. Biggest mistake Westfielders will make is re-electing Skibitsky in the fall. He is going to leave this town high and dry before his term is over and the town will get stuck with the woman and her perpetual bad hair day.

  3. The only politician that didnt screw over the town was Tom Kean Jr. He served on the First Aid Squad in his free time and didnt use Council or Mayors office as his stepping stone....way to go Tom.....keep up the good work....

  4. Give me a break first anonymous post..... If he can't make the gig , don't take the position. Now he's running again? For what? To not show up , insult residents and be a bully?
    When he IS there he is RUDE to residents and somehow thinks he can speak to anyone in any manner he wants which is almost always condescending , offensive and badgering. He uses intimidation tactics which are disgusting. Just the qualities we want in our Mayor isn't it ? Skibitsky has been watching too much Fox News
    Thanks -- but I don't want a disrespectful and rude Sean Hannity look alike representing me . He is not intelligent enough to speak in words , so he always has to be snarky and shoot back being insulting and offensive .
    To use his words from his disgusting attack on David Haas via his letter to the Editor in the "Leader" ( alias CPAC on steroids) his behavior towards residents is " abhorrent"
    He needs to GO!!