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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Mayor Skibitsky Hits the Campaign Trail "Doing More with Less"

Mayor Andy Skibitsky
     Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky will be  seeking a third term as mayor later this year.  During his current term, Skibitsky has reminded Westfielders that he is doing "more with less" hoping to convince the taxpayer that his administration is spending "less" and cutting costs all the while providing or doing "more" with the resources they have. TFoTM asks, "more what?"
     This website has documented the reduction of public safety services by Westfield's governing body.  The town council has reduced the number of firefighters on staff and police on patrol.  It has been proven that you can't do "more with less" when you reduce the front line of protection against fire and crime.
     Mayor Skibitsky has allowed the Westfield Department of Public Works to continue to operate under questionable management.  Roads around Westfield are a disaster of potholes and disintegrating asphalt.  The asphalt around the catch basin in the picture below, has eroded away and been washed into the storm sewer system.  In another picture, the asphalt patch placed over a trench excavated by a utility company (United Water?) on Grove St. was so poorly installed that it sunk approximately 5 inches causing an immediate hazard to the motoring public. 
     Where was the Town when this patch was constructed?  Who is supposed to inspect the workmanship of the utility company patching a Westfield road?  Is anyone in the engineering department following up to make sure that Westfield roads are being repaired properly?  While Mayor Skibitsky touts saving money by reducing staff throughout town departments, he probably hopes the voters will forget that the trickle down effect will hit the taxpayer in the wallet.  In the case of potholes and faulty trench repair, the automobile owner, not the Town, gets stuck with the repair bill to their vehicle.
     So when Mayor Skibitsky and other members of the Westfield Town Council brag about doing "more with less," ask them if the can give "more" examples of how they have saved the taxpayer money and provided "more" services.  If only the Mayor could give "less" examples of where they are flushing tax dollars down the drain.  First, he would have to take off his rose colored glasses. 


  1. Doing more with less...????....are you kidding me.....when Wayman can even think about getting a mobile command post this town is a mess....

  2. I have issues with the mayor's position on a few topics including how rudely he spoke to that woman on Central Avenue immediately when the controversy began. And I have issues with how he speaks to anyone else who dares to question his almighty-ness. However, in good times or bad times, a team of guys can do shoddy work like what we see in these photographs- it's not like the mayor himself was there doing the work. And, to some extent, I can give the mayor a break on the financial constraints that he/we are facing in our town. To me, the way he treats those who question him is the big issue that people should consider in deciding whether or not to vote for him. A few guys doing shoddy work so they can rush off to lunch, while not a good thing, is not something I'd pin solely on the mayor.

    1. I couldn't agree with you more. This is a running pattern for this rude and self absorbed narcissist. Did you catch the "abhorrent" portrayal and character assassination of David Haas in his letter to the editor in the Westfield" Leader "( alias CPAC)for simply urging the Mayor to join onto Mayors Against Illegal Guns?-- which to me is a no brainer
      Last town council meeting I was very respectful and he still managed to shoot back at me in a snarky , rude and insulting manner.
      Who does he think he is??
      He is the "tyrant" of Westfield
      It is time for him to GO !!!!

  3. The Town is responsible for the inspection of their roadways. The Town, led by Mayor Skibitsky has cut positions reducing, in this case, inspection oversight. That falls under the engineer's office and beneath that office, the DPW Superintendent.
    While I agree with you that financial constraints have hampered the Mayor and Town Council, it is in these times of fiscal responsibility that tax dollars are being put to good use and not spent frivolously. (See story on Westfield Police Chief David Wayman's desire to purchase a mobile command center. )

  4. How can Wayman even think about an expenditure like that at a time when the town needs/wants to save money....the rank and file and retired members have to do with less.....their health benefits have been reduced by increasing co pays for its know a retired member has to pay out more money for his benefits ......