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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TFoTM Handicaps Westfield Police Department's Race for the Rank of Captain

     At last weeks Westfield Town Council meeting, council members voted to change the table of organization of the police department as specified by town code.  The town code targeted by Westfield Police Chief David Wayman for change, specifies the number of sworn police officers employed by the town and how many will serve in each rank of the police department.  In the upcoming weeks, Police Chief Wayman will be promoting several officers within the department and Wayman is looking to decrease the number of lieutenant positions by one while increasing the number of sergeant positions by one. 
     Sources have confirmed that Patrolman Walsh, currently working in the Records Bureau and ranked #2 on the Sergeant promotional list, is allegedly the reason for Chief Wayman's request to amend the Westfield Town Code section governing police. 
     Walsh has assumed the duties of the department's IT (information technology) officer which was previously held by Lt. Scott Rodger who was promoted to Captain recently.  Due to the time and training invested in Patrolman Walsh to take over the position, it appears the rank of sergeant is being created to fill a need while eliminating the rank of lieutenant in the Records Bureau once held by Rodgers and before him, ex-chief John Parizeau. 
     Time will tell what the Town will do should Walsh score high enough on a future lieutenant's exam and need to be promoted once again within the Records Bureau, similar to the scenario that existed when Parizeau was promoted from sergeant to lieutenant in the 1990's under the tenure of then police chief Anthony Scutti.

In the spirit of this weekend's Ketucky Derby TFoTM handicaps the race for Captain.

Odds to become the next Westfield Police Department Captain

Lieutenant. Edward Maguire  20-1
     Maguire is one of the remaining hold overs from disgraced ex-Westfield Police Chief Barney Tracy's "good ole' boy" network.  Maguire's allegiance to Barney Tracy during the Town's defense of Tracy amidst allegations of misconduct has most likely soured any chance Lt. Maguire has of being elevated to Captain.  Lt. Maguire is alleged to have tested well during the search for ex-police chief Barney Tracy's replacement that resulted in John M. Parizeau mysteriously being appointed police chief.  Chief Parizeau  elevated then-Lieutenant Wayman to Captain essentially closing the door on Lt. Maguire's future advancement. 

Lieutenant Mathew Cassidy  10-1
     A "Cops Cop" as described by a current police officer and respected by other rank and file officers, Cassidy is a reliable and knowledgeable soldier in current Westfield Police Chief Wayman's army of officers.  Cassidy, who rose through the ranks on his own initiative and hard work and not through political hand shaking, remains a long shot in a non-civil service department where "who you know" outweighs "what you know."   

Lieutenant John Ricerca  5-2
     Ricerca is TFoTM's poster boy for "Who you know" and not "What you know." Known as a political player within police department circles, and a "hack" in the political arena, Ricerca had attained the rank of lieutenant after surreptitiously circumventing the collective bargaining agreement between the Town of Westfield and his police union.   Subsequently, Ricerca filed a grievance that essentially warned the Town of undesirable consequences if he were not promoted from sergeant to lieutenant.  Ricerca didn"t even rank in the top 3 candidates to be promoted to lieutenant when the initial promotional list was posted.  There are those that smelled "set up" and alleged collusion when Ricerca filed the grievance.  Ricerca has had political connections to Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky.
Note:  Some may question the favorable odds given for Lt. Ricerca given his work related grievance against the Town to attain the rank of lieutenant.  Answer:  Politics

Lieutenant Christopher Battiloro  2-1
     His dedication and work ethic towards the profession and the limited or no disciplinary actions against him make him the front runner for Captain.  Battiloro, a college (Clemson) educated  cop, was removed from patrol as a Watch Commander and reassigned to assume the responsibilities of executive command level leadership in the absence of a retiring captain.  Such a position is typically reserved for a candidate being considered for future promotion.  Battiloro was tasked with the investigation of finding out who in the Westfield Police Department was an alleged leak to The Fact of The Matter.  Ultimately, the investigation stalled and was eventually discontinued wasting taxpayer dollars that funded it.  

Sergeant Joseph Costanzo  (No odds/taken off the board)
     Stranger things have happened and if Wayman could, he would.

Honarable Mention:
Lieutenant William Keleher  (1990's)
Lieutenant James Schneider (2000's)
Lieutenant Kevin Maloney   (2000's)
Lieutenant Nicholas Norton (2010...)

     Westfield Police Chief Wayman has a calculated decision ahead of him, if one has not already been made.  One thing will still remain the same after the next round of promotions no matter who is promoted, and that is the access TFoTM has to information that is disseminated here.  


  1. Right on point and one of you best to date.

  2. Lt. Ed might be a longshot but at least he hasn't sold his soul to the Devil. Battiloro has his eye on the prize and will go to the far reaches of the universe to get that second bar. Cassidy is a short timer and Ricerca is just a joke.

  3. Why are there 2 sergeants in the detective bureau? Because Wayman had nowhere else to stick his two buddies Costanzo and Tango and just had to give them stripes. Now he is stuck so he needs another set of stripes to keep Walsh happy. Three supervisors in the DB supervising 3 "detective" grade employees. Talk about more chiefs than indians.

  4. If Wayman had half a brain he would give it to Matt...let him bump up his pension and the first chance Matt has he will retire and Zod could make another promotion....put a C note on Cassidy for me......

    1. Isn't that what Jack G. promised if he was promoted from Sgt to Lt.? He got his bars and never left until he reached mandatory retirement age.

  5. I will Dave consult with the ceiling tiles before making his decision??????...or will he just ask someone else for the information like he did on his promotional tests....wonder who he will sit next to this time...

  6. Battiloro's investigation went kaplooey when he was suspected of funneling info to TFoTM. Didn't want to have to indict himself.

    1. Thats a joke....Battiloro fueling TFofTM information......he is too busy mixing the Kool Aid.....Hey Chris whats the flavor of the month????

  7. Any update on the Race for the Bars?????

  8. They are in the home stretch. The Westfield Town Council unanimously voted last Tuesday night, on second reading, to change Chapter 18 of the Town Code which designates the number of positions at each rank in the police department.

  9. If the town is looking to save money why dont they do away with the Chief and bring in a Police Director for a fraction of the cost in salary and benefits.........