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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Town Council Meeting Runs Late, Councilman Foerst, the Self Proclaimed "Volunteer".......Gripes

Dear Councilman Foerst,

"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
4th Ward Councilman James "Jimbob" Foerst
     Some believe that Westfield is not "Green Acres" after tonight's town council vote on ordinances concerning affordable housing.
     Councilman Jim Foerst responded to concerned and angry residents of Westfield, Garwood, and Cranford that had approached the microphone asking questions and expressing feelings of dismay about affordable housing zones being established adjacent to their neighborhoods.
     4th Ward Westfield Councilman Jim Foerst's response to residents insinuating that Westfield was responsible for the decision to build affordable housing......"It's not like the Town of Westfield is putting a pitchfork in the ground."
     When Councilman Foerst was asked whether or not the affordable housing units would have basements, possibly causing stormwater issues with water tables etc., Foerst responded, "No" then "Yes" then "No" then "Parking".  Perhaps Councilman Foerst should have deferred to former town attorney Robert Cochren who was present and most likely a bit more familiar with answering the question.  TFoTM loves it when Councilman Foerst attempts to impress with his "Know It All" attitude and then falls flat.    
     TFoTM wonders if Foerst meant to say "shovel" as in "shovel ready projects," a term often used regarding municipal capital improvement projects or private contractors ready to start construction.
     Perhaps Councilman Foerst was dreaming about working as a farmhand on a jackass farm.  He sure does know how to shovel the!t/manure.

     Due to the Westfield Town Council meeting running late, TFoTM will post coverage of tonight's meeting, tomorrow evening.

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  1. Pompous Ass with a pitchfork.