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Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Big Rig Bid Rig?

     At tonight's Westfield Town Council meeting the following question was presented to Mayor Skibitsky.
     "After my presentation in May (to the Westfield Town Council), regarding the purchase of the mobile command center and other vehicles, can anyone on this council explain how the Town owned one of the vehicles in February of 2013, a month before the bond resolution 2180 was voted on and bids were solicited?"
Ford F-350
     Mayor Skibitsky remained silent and Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea approached the microphone to respond.  After accusing this writer that I had "as usual" presented incorrect information, Gildea stated that the Town didn't own one then, and we don't own one now suggesting the "two vehicles remain in town on business."
     Note: Jim Gildea has a habit of waiting until after the speaker sits down to respond on the towns behalf; Gildea knows the speaker is barred from responding.  He then proceeds to give an explanation which appears to make the town seem innocent of alleged impropriety when in fact he is diverting attention from all of the misconduct about which people complain.

     Mr. Gildea does not want to answer questions concerning the law which requires the town to maintain an even playing field for all vendors.  How can any other vendor properly compete with a successful vendor who has, according to Gildea, allowed two of its vehicles to remain in New Jersey to be used by the town, to be lettered as police vehicles and to be marked with a Utah transit certificate as being owned by the town of Westfield.  How can any other vendor know they are competing against  these gifts when these are being kept secret.
     Does Mr. Gildea wish to point out where in the bid specifications he notified other vendors that two officers had allegedly already been courted with flights to Utah and hotel accommodations for unknown periods.  It might be interesting to find out what Mr. Gildea defines as "something of value" when the law prohibits something of value being secretly given in return for bids.
     It might be nice if Mr. Gildea would rise to answer questions before the speaker is required to sit down, thus once again leveling the playing field.
     If the two vehicles are here on business, according to Gildea, why were they hidden inside a local businesses garage until after the bond resolution and bid process? TFoTM will assume Jim Gildea is referring to the Ford F-350 truck (Emergency Mobile Power) that tows the mobile command center and the 2008 Ford Expedition marked "CSI" that TFoTM has obtained a copy of a Utah State Tax Commission 96-Hour Motor Vehicle In-Transit Permit displayed in the window dated 2-7-13 and expires on Feb. 11, 2013 according to the Utah Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division.
2008 Ford Expedition Utah 96-Hour In-Transit Permit
     Currently, the Ford F-350 is parked in front of Westfield Police Headquarters and displays New Jersey Municipal Government license plates.
     Whats more interesting is that the Ford F-350 had "Westfield Police" printed on the vehicle before bond resolution 2180 was passed by the town council authorizing money to purchase the command center and bid notice being advertised.
     Jim Gildea alleges that the document in the window of the 2008 Ford Expedition is an "In-Transit" certificate and not a certificate of ownership.  Right.
TFoTM asks Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea the following:  
1.  Mr. Gildea, why does a vehicle parked on municipal property, the Ford F-350 that tows the mobile command center, have New Jersey  Municipal Government license plates on it if Westfield does not own it?
Chief David Wayman & Lieutenant Christopher Battiloro
2.  Mr. Gildea, have you ever had "special" license plates registered to the town owned vehicle you drive that when run through police computers show a "Not on File" response?  Why the need for these plates on a "Municipal Government" vehicle?
3.  Mr. Gildea, why does the the Ford F-350 have "Westfield Police" markings on it in a photo data based as March 14, 2013 before bond resolution 2180 was voted on and passed?
Jim Gildea
4.  Mr. Gildea, why did Chief David Wayman and Lieutenant Christopher Battiloro allegedly accept free airfare, lodging, and meals from the manufacturer of the mobile command center sometime in 2012, months before Westfield purchased the mobile command center from the same manufacturer that surprisingly was awarded the winning bid?
Lieutenant Christopher Battiloro/Mobile Command Center
5.  Mr. Gildea, didn't a Westfield Board of Education employee lose his job, face criminal prosecution, and face public embarrassment after accepting free "gifts" (windows for his home) from an entity or company awarded Bd. of Ed. contracts?
6.  Why did the 2008 Ford Expedition (CSI), from the same company the MSOC (mobile command center) was purchased from, display a Utah State Tax Commission 96-Hour Motor Vehicle In-Transit Permit listing Westfield as the Owner/Representative dated February 7, 2013?

     TFoTM would like Westfield Town Administrator Jim Gildea to answer the questions so that we can get our facts correct in the future.
     Perhaps the manufacturer's owner Robert Mount can assist Mr. Gildea in answering the questions.
Mr. Mount certainly helped TFoTM.
Yes Jim, there is a Santa Claus.

Who is lying now, Mr. Gildea...........?  You, Wayman or Robert Mount?


  1. Looks like Gregg did his homework....again.....

    1. ... and an excellent job of doing his homework. Good work! Our politicians have some explaining to do.

  2. reading this, and knowing that the TFOTM is watching every move they make like a hawk, you have to wonder if the town official(s) are that ignorant, arrogant or just plain naive, or all of the above

  3. Very good and documented work TFoTM!
    So many issues and so many lies! By the way, the money spent this way came from our taxes. It is like living in a terrible place not in the lovely Westfield. I am wondering how come no authority starts to investigate these people who lead the town, who does not appear to work for the interest of Westfield residents but for their own interest. They might be arrogant but they are not innocent, and for sure they are not naïve at all. By contrary, they appear not to have any scruples.

  4. When a police chief (Barney Tracy) illegally runs computor checks on Westfield residents that oppose the Town's position on an issues (parking decks, etc.), a police supervisor steals time from the town by leaving work early and clocking a full day (Det. Sgt. John Rowe), another supervisor physically escalates the use of force on an individual not resisting the official's actions, and ultimately rises to police chief (David Wayman), all the while the Town Administrator (Jim Gildea) and Mayor (Andy Skibitsky) acquiesce, it should come as no surprise that impropriety, misconduct, illegal activity and the lowering of ethical standards is allowed and sometimes condoned.

  5. That's just the tip of the iceberg with Wayman. What about all the womanizing and racial profiling he engaged in ?

  6. Another question: Why the hell is the town purchasing vehicles that are 5+ years old?

  7. Cause Davey wanted a toy