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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another Accident: Mayor Skibitsky, Stop the Madness!

Today at approximately 12:20 pm, another motor vehicle accident took place at the intersection of Central Ave. & Clover St.
The "hot spot" has seen a significant increase in northbound, left turn related accidents, since the installation of a pedestrian HAWK light crossing nearby that was implemented three years ago with the backing of Mayor Skibitsky.
Skibitsky has stated "The light is in the safest location" despite the fact that all the painted roadway markings, flashing signs, and confusing configuration of the light's location mid-block has motorists believing a residential driveway is a side street causing northbound motorists to play a game of stop & go, looking for Clover St.
Skibitsky's own engineering expert advised him that "left turn" accidents at Clover St, turning off of Central, is a safety issue in need of attention. That was back in 2005.
It's time Mayor Skibitsky swallows his pride and curbs his ego in the name of public safety.
More to follow as TFoTM obtains more information.


  1. It's going to take a fatality at that light for Skibitsky to see the light. No pun intended.

  2. I am surprised that no one has sued the town for placing that light there against the advice of the experts........

    1. With the increasing number of motor vehicle accidents on the 113 feet of roadway north of the Hawk light, It's only a matter of time. TFoTM was recently contacted by an attorney involved in the death of Mrs. Currie on North Ave. at the intersection of Tuttle Pkwy. It was at that location where engineering experts recommended improved lighting in 2005. The County and Westfield officials have yet to act on the recommendations of expert Traffic safety engineer Gordon Meth who made the recommendation in his 2005 report. The same report had recommended a light at Clover and Central where experts identified that left turns off Central onto Clover is an issue for motorists. The number of accidents involving vehicles making a left turn onto Clover from Central has nearly doubled in the three years since the Hawk light installation compared to the eight years prior to the install.