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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Westfield Maintains AA+ Bond Rating: Thank the Taxpayer Sam

     Recent stories by other news media have reported that Westfield Councilman Sam Della Ferra has praised his fellow town officials for the "stable" bond  rating given to Westfield by Standard & Poors which recently revised Westfield's previous "negative" outlook.
     Councilman Della Ferra should be thanking the Westfield taxpayers for the $1.7 million surplus in town coffers.   Two years ago, town officials levied a "sewer tax" on property owners while calling it a "fee."  Just another example of how linguistics, often used by politicians, clouds the truth.

1 comment:

  1. IN fact the report is not all that complimentary of the towns finances. The Standard and Poors report only raises the outlook from continuing decline to stable with no forecast for raising the rating back to where it was anytime in the next two years. It sites a number of continuing budget problems