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Monday, November 04, 2013

Resident: Letter To The Editor

The following letter was sent to TFoTM.  Unlike a local newspaper, The Fact of The Matter does not edit the submissions of our readers.  

Dear Editor,
Skibitsky will say anything to win.
Andy Skibitsky sent a flyer today to the residents of this town accusing Dave Haas of “supporting the Hawk light and process”. This is another lie Mr. Skibitsky put on paper just to deceive Westfield residents.  Anybody who has followed the Council meeting during the last three years could confirm it.
I call on Mr. Skibitsky to apologize to Mr. Haas for the outright lies he is stating about him, this is certainly not Mayoral on the part of Mr. Skibitsky frankly it is a bit disgusting.  Mr. Skibitsky will say anything to keep his job as Mayor so he can further his own political agenda.  
Mr. Haas has been the only proponent of moving the Hawk light from its spot on Central Avenue on the towncouncil.  Mr. Haas expressed numerous times his opinion that the present location of the crosswalk, lights, and signs in the middle of the road are confusing and very unsafe,and they should be relocated to the intersection the way three expert’s reports recommended.
When our community presented a petition that was signed by 122 residents, 53 of them from immediate vicinity of my house (Cedar St, Cambridge, Clover, Frances Ter., Belmar, Rogers).  Mayor Skibitsky not only did not listen to the concerns of the community but he treated each of us with an incredible disrespect. He stated “I don’t spend more than a minute a week on this issue”.  The entire community does not count for him only his supporters count for him. He is the Mayor who only cares about 50% of Westfield not 100%
Dave Haas listened to people in Ward 3 on this issue and many others regardless of party affiliation, he has been a councilman for the people and he will be the Mayor for all of Westfield not just half.  
Mayor Skibitsky’s disingenuousness on the Hawk Lightand now Dave Haas’ record has made me feel ashamed that I voted for him in the past.
I won’t make that mistake again on November 5th.

Adina Eculescu


  1. Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky has stooped to an all-time low in Westfield politics with his most recent campaign flyer that was sent out to Westfield residents that attacks his opponent in tomorrow's election. Skibitsky has distorted the truth on his opponents stance on local issues in the hopes of fooling voters.
    Skibitsky has turned a local election for Mayor into a "mud-slinging" of his opponent often seen at the state and national level.
    We don't need a career politician running local government. Skibitsky cares about his political career/future first and foremost.
    When a candidate in local politics has to attack his opponent with distorted facts to gain votes, it's time for that "politician' to go.

  2. oh course skibitsky is going to win. He has all the slime balls in town wrapped around his finger. He has all the town council the chief of police and any other high ticket people in bed with him. that's why the police department gets what they want when they want. The chief of the fire department needs to grow a pair or they will never hire more fire fighters. Its the cold hard truth! I would have liked to see haas win but its not going to happen.

  3. just read the results for the elections in westfield.....looks like the cronies won....sorry town you are so doomed.....

  4. Skibitsky did not have any smear tactics he just stated the facts. Haas created a circus by having the Mayor's face next to Ted Cruz and Sara Palin attempting to align him with the tea party. Luckily Westfield voters are smarter that that, see through the charade that Kasko and company created.

    If Kasko is going to post a message under an alias, he should at least spell "Enculescu" correctly. You forgot to add an "n" by spelling it as "Eculescu".

    We are truly blessed as residents of Westfield to have Mayor Skibitsky and Town Council guiding us. Cheers to the Mayor and Council victors for a great election and win. Look forward to your leadership over the next two to four years.

    1. The letter was posted as it was received. Unlike a local newspaper, TFoTM is not in the business of editing a letter to the editor....whether it be the content of the letter or the spelling of a name. Thank you for your submission to this site.

  5. First, I misspelled my name. I missed an “n” as well as you typed a twice “that, that” missing the “n” from “than”.
    Skibitsky, in his flyer accused Dave Haas saying “Supported the Hawk light and process” and “Now attacking the Mayor for the same position he had”. Isn’t it a smear tactic? And all the other lines in his flyer are as true as this one. Listen to me! D. Haas for almost three years tried to convince Skibitsky that the location of the “Central Ave. improvements” don’t work and should be reevaluated. D. Haas is the only Council member who opposed and did not vote for Skibitsky’s resolution to refuse the offer made by the County to relocate the crosswalk and the Hawk light at the intersection. Since then your Mayor stated numerous time “it is the safest location” and “it works as intended”. Seventeen (17) accidents occurred in his safest location. THESE ARE FACTS and his answers are plain stupid. All the Westfield residents could see these things on Chanel 36. If he was smart he should take the example from Governor Christie but he did not. He is the most dishonest, deceiving, controlling, and despotic official I have seen in my life, including my first 40 years I spent in communist Romania. Actually, I haven’t even met anyone like him and some pals during the last 34 years spent here. Speaking of you being so blessed, I hope and I wish you to be blessed by him as he blessed me for voting for him twice. I wish the same to him. Westfield was a wonderful town long before your Skibitsky came in this town, and it will be after he will leave. For the time being he won the elections and half of the town (democrats, independents and enough republicans), despises him.