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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Westfield Town Council Meeting

When: Tonight, Tuesday 11/19/13 at 8 pm.
Where: Municipal Courtroom, 425 E. Broad St.

*Will Mayor Skibitsky be a "no-show" once again?


  1. Not only will the mayor be a "no show" but everyone else will be too because the meeting has been rescheduled for next week!

  2. Skibitsky probably had another appointment to get his mug in the Westfield Leader, or had some patronage schedule conflict.

  3. What is going on up there....the mayor is missing, the Chief Captain and the desperately needed Mobile Command Center are on world tour....who's running that place???????......

  4. I don't have a big issue with his less-than-perfect attendance. The job of mayor is not a full time job and he has other commitments that are important for his work, family, etc. And I'm sure plenty can be done outside of the actual meetings. I do, however, have an issue with him being rude to those who disagree with him. And, I do have an issue with his unwillingness to admit and correct for his mistakes.

  5. Looks like Skibitsky didn't want to miss his buddy's stand up comedy routine in Atlantic City. Forego a town council meeting for some laughs. Same clowns, different venue.

  6. Send in the clowns......I am sure Dave and the Mobile Command Center were in attendance