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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

As Usual, Mayor Skibitsky Remains Silent. Reneges on Answering Questions

     Mayor Skibitsky refused to answer questions tonight, questions posed to him in December 2013, that he said he would have answers to regarding the operational costs associated with sending the police department's mobile command center "out of town" for non-emergencies.
     In addition to those questions, Mayor Skibitsky remained silent when asked if the presence of the mobile command center in Philadelphia, at an international police chief's convention, or in Hoboken during the week leading up to the Super Bowl, was a deal brokered during negotiations between Chief Wayman and the mobile command centers manufacturer Robert Mount of Utah.
Westfield Police Chief Wayman
in Hoboken on Saturday evening.
     Skibitsky remained silent when asked if the "showcasing" of the mobile command center at these various out of town events was listed in the bid specs during the contract bidding process.
     Previously, Councilman Sam Della Fera had praised Chief Wayman for his negotiating skills with the manufacturer of the mobile command center, so that Westfield could obtain a cheaper purchase price.     Perhaps Mr. Della Fera should educate himself in the area of municipal contract bidding.
     It should also be noted that Chief Dave Wayman and Captain Chris Battiloro received a free trip to Utah in 2012, by the manufacturer of the mobile command center, months before the Town Council ever passed a resolution appropriating municipal tax dollars towards the purchase.  
     TFoTM asks Mayor Skibitsky....Is negotiating between Police Chief Wayman and any manufacturer legal during the bidding process?  Never mind Mayor, we know the answer to that question.  Your silence is noted.

Once again, Skibitsky diverted from answering the following questions.

1.  Who, in government, agreed to supply the vehicles and manpower? (To Hoboken)
2.  What price was sought?
3.  What price was paid?
4.  What was the cost to maintain the men (police) in Hoboken?
5.  How many men were assigned to protect a very costly machine while it sat in a distant city?
6.  What arrangement was made to insure that Westfield was able to receive the instantaneous protection it paid $300,00 for? (Cost of the mobile command center and accessories)
7.  Why was Westfield PD left "light handed" during the absence of its chief and up to eight other men?

Skibitsky's answers.............silence.

     The following text was transcribed from video taken at last night's Westfield Town Council meeting.  Mayor Skibitsky requested his police chief, Dave Wayman, to approach the microphone and address the town council regarding the mobile command centers use.  Wayman read from a prepared statement.
     The video begins shortly after Wayman began to speak.  TFoTM will post the video when it is available on TV 36.

Wayman addresses Town Council
" so when when we do need it we know that it works.  Additionally you have our officers that continually train and learn the capabilities of our equipment.  We have assisted Hoboken in the past, by assisting Hoboken that allows our our administrators such as myself my captains to take part in the creation of operational tactical planning before planning large scale events attended by people by by attendance of 50,000 to 100,000 people or emergencies.  It allows us to see the implementation of these plans and their effectiveness.  It allows us to gain experience in emergency planning so we can bring this experience back to Westfield and have the ability to modify these plans to meet the needs of Westfield when the need arises.  Participating in Hoboken for the Super Bowl event was a unique oportunity and maybe the oportunity of a lifetime to take part in from a law enforcement or safe or public safety perspective.  It encompassed an unlimited number of concerns that had to be addressed in the implementation of preventative measures.  We developed working relationship of the municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies. Ah just just to name a few we ah homeland security, federal bureau of investigation, department of defense, the state police, New Jersey Transit.  In short, opportunities such as this provide the Westfield Police Department with the invaluable training and practical real life experience that can not be achieved in any other way and this training and experience is achieved while no additional expenses are incurred by the Town of Westfield.  What Westfield does get are more highly trained experienced officers".......(a pause by Wayman and Skibitsky thanks the police chief)  Wayman returns to his seat on cue.  


  1. "no additional expenses were incurred" is a very broad statement mayor. Another example of "Shifty Skibitsky".

  2. What a line of bullshit Wayman. Fess up already. You took your toy to another playground when John Morgan got you invited for a play date. Nothing more and nothing less. This is a gross misuse and quite frankly mismanagement from the mayor on down.

  3. This uneducated, stuttering, buffoon can't even speak properly when reading from a "script," which, no doubt, was prepared by someone else. This is what the town gets when they "select" someone who did nothing but rat out others, discredit others, and sabotage the careers of anyone that could leave him behind. I used to think how can the town be fooled, but they're not. They are just like him....

  4. How can Wayman say "no additional expenses were incurred"??? What about the officers that had to stay overtime 1700-1900 because the officers that were supposed to be working were assigned to Hoboken???

  5. He returned to his seat on cue.....LOL....what other tricks does that mutt do.....roll over????play dead...give a paw....speak......what a loser......

    1. Wayman was used as a "pawn" by Mayor Skibitsky to deflect from the Mayor having to answer legitimate questions. During Wayman's scripted appearance at the microphone, he read from a prepared statement. The "fluffy" puff piece did not answer the questions posed to Skibitsky at a previous meeting. The fact that Wayman stated that Westfield did not incur any additional expenses during the Hoboken festivities does not answer the question of how much did the mobile command centers use at all out of town activities cost the taxpayer. Furthermore, what event within the borders of Westfield will ever attract a crowd of people that Wayman and the police department need the "creation of operational tactical planning" for large scale events attended by 50,000 to 100,000 people?

  6. Andy's a DandyThursday, February 06, 2014

    I guess you haven't heard the news. Skibitsky petitioned the NFL for the Super Bowl to be played at Kehler stadium. He plans on floating a bond for $250 million to upgrade the stadium. Rumor has it that if the voters in Westfield vote the bond down, Skibitsky will close the southbound lane at the Clark border bridge to screw residents that don't support it.


    nice spin on a waste of money dave

  8. umm dah I the Chief
    Mayor tell me to say we save money, I like money
    umm Im the Chief me like Johns wife, want to see sexy pics of her on my police cell phone, the Mayor liked dem
    Im the Chief um ummm I forget oh yeah
    Im the Chief

  9. I am at a loss for it is 11 days and no new news......either Gregg is on vacation, the town council hasnt met or Wayman retired because if he was indited this blog would have lit up like a chirstmas tree with complete video coverage of the perp walk..........wonder which one it is.....

    1. Don't be dismayed. Working on two TFoTM postings. Confirming facts.

  10. Damn.......was hoping for the video of the perp walk.......figured there wouldnt be enough room there to get up close and personal....LOL.....