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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Theft in Elizabeth is a Free Pass in Westfield

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     Two Elizabeth police officers plead guilty to third-degree theft charges following an investigation by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office into no-show jobs at the city’s Housing Authority.  The two officers were charged with theft by deception.  The officers had clocked hours with the Elizabeth Housing Authority, and were paid for hours that they had never showed up to work.
     Too bad they didn't work for Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau and Captain Dave Wayman.
     Westfield Police Chief John Parizeau had issued an internal memo to all supervisors stating he had evidence of officers "stealing" time from the town by signing into work and leaving early and that "not one was a patrolman."  Parizeau had indicated he had evidence that those holding the rank of detective or higher were involved in the thefts.  The officers collected paychecks that included money for hours when they were not at work.  See TFoTM story to the right titled "Westfield Police Chief Covers Up Theft by Supervisor."
     A source has alleged that Detective Sgt. John Rowe was one of the officers "stealing" time, yet Parizeau elected not to charge Rowe or contact the Union County Prosecutor's Office to report the crime.
     In the memo issued by Parizeau, he stated, "Since I had just started as Chief, I opted not to charge those personnel even though I had been provided with more than sufficient evidence to do so."
     The question still remains the same......why didn't the chief law enforcement officer of the Town of Westfield report the crime to the Union County Prosecutor?  Answer: Probably because Parizeau and Rowe were good friends.  
     Parizeau compromised his integrity and subsequently went on to receive a vote of no confidence from Westfield's rank and file and the thieves were allowed to go unscathed without any disciplinary action or criminal charges filed.
     While Parizeau was police chief, Captain David Wayman was his "Right-Hand Man" often working behind the scenes as Parizeau's "hatchet man" often handling disciplinary issues for the department.  No surprise that Wayman refused to step in and seek disciplinary or criminal charges against John Rowe.....they were good friends.  
     Today, Wayman runs the Westfield Police Department and the vicious cycle continues in Wayman's "Elite" department.  "Elite" is the word Wayman used to describe his department at a recent mandatory meeting of all Westfield police officers.  Perhaps Chief Wayman should be asking himself why officers are leaving his "Elite" department for greener pastures and other police departments.  Not since New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's police pension and benefits reform which had many veteran Westfield officers retiring, has Westfield seen manpower reach an all-time low.  
     From a high of 59 sworn police officers, Westfield now has 45 with the latest exodus from Wayman's "Elite" department.  Westfield has paid for the training of officers now leaving for other departments.  Perhaps Mayor Skibitsky will label the exiting officers as "disgruntled" or "bad apples."  
     Skibitsky needs to look at the rotted roots sprouting from the apple seeds he and his town administrator planted years ago starting with the "Tracy Tree."   
     Don't forget Mayor Skibitsky's rally cry, his claim to fame......"Westfield is doing more with less!"  

Have property taxes gone down?    

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