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Monday, April 28, 2014

"Hoboken Huddle" Sacks Westfield Taxpayer for Free Services

     Westfield Mayor Andy Skibitsky continued with his "Doing More with Less" motto at last week's town council meeting.  More silence with less transparency.
     Skibitsky refuses to answer questions surrounding the use of the Westfield Police Department's $300,000 mobile command center in Hoboken, N.J. the week leading up to that city's attempt to cash in on the 2014 NFL Super Bowl.
     An event titled the "Hoboken Huddle" was staged on a pier leading to the Hudson River where alleys of ice were set up for the sport of curling to be demonstrated.
     Last month, Mayor Skibitsky paraded his police chief Dave Wayman in front of the town council and the public, to read a prepared statement detailing the "Experience of a lifetime" for Westfield officers that accompanied the police chief and Westfield's mobile command center to Hoboken.
     Wayman attempted to bolster the need for Westfield's attendance by claiming the joint exercise between federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies provided Westfield officers with hands on training assisting the cream of law enforcement with Super Bowl security.
     TFoTM is still waiting for answers from Mayor Skibitsky regarding our town's taxpayer funded mobile command center standing guard at a glorified street fair having nothing to do with the NFL or its affiliation with the Office of Homeland Security, the FBI, Secret Service, N.J. State Police, NJ/NY Port Authority, etc. etc. etc.
     When asked last month, why Westfield's mobile command center was taken to Philadelphia last Fall for the International Police Chiefs Convention, Skibitsky had responded, "Same as Hoboken."
     Are Westfielders being led to believe that a curling exposition took place in Philly?  TFoTM suggests that the Westfield Police Department, with the blessing of the town council and town administrator Jim Gildea, is serving as the East Coast  sales department for Power Innovations of Utah and its CEO, Robert Mount.  It was Power Innovations of Utah that supplied Westfield with the mobile command center last year during a questionable bidding process that was exposed by TFoTM.
     Regardless of TFoTM's conspiracy theory, the facts remain the same and the questions are still unanswered.
1.  Why won't Skibitsky answer simple questions?
2.  Why did Westfield, and not Hoboken, pay for the overtime of Westfield officers called into duty to cover the shifts of officers that worked in Hoboken?
3.  Why did Councilman Frank Arena attempt to categorize the presence of Westfield in Hoboken a "shared service agreement" when Westfield received no monetary compensation for the use of our equipment and/or manpower and no such legal agreement exists or is registered with the State of N.J.
4.  Why did police chief Dave Wayman pretend to be affiliated with the National Football League's security detail assigned to the Super Bowl when in fact, Westfield was on the outside, looking from afar, in Hoboken?
     Even some Hoboken residents questioned Westfield's involvement during the "Hoboken Huddle."
     TFoTM supposes Westfielders can expect the Hoboken Police to return Frank Arena's "Shared Service Agreement' claim this weekend during Westfield's annual "Spring Fling."
     Maybe Hoboken Parking Director John Morgan (ex-Westfield parking department employee) will make an appearance wearing his Westfield auxiliary police uniform and looking for free handouts.



  1. How many Hoboken officers were at the Spring Fling on Sunday??