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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Shades of Westfield

Hackensack PD & Westfield PD.......synonymous.
What happened there has happened here.  Harassment, retaliation, and retribution......and not to mention lawsuit payouts for an alleged corrupt police chief running amuck. 
While the circus might be in a different town, the clowns are all the same.........a rogue police chief going above and beyond that which the law empowers him to do. 
Who ends up paying in the end......the taxpayer. 
Click on the following link to read story:  can't help but substitute the names of disgraced Westfield police chiefs Barney Tracy and John Parizeau into the mix.   It's only a matter of time before current Westfield police chief Dave Wayman's back room, back door, and under handed tactics cost the town. 


  1. Tracy, Parizeau, and Wayman all have one thing in common.
    Town Assministrator Gildea recommended them for the job

  2. Way to go Jim.......